Burak Elmas: For the success of the sport, they have driven Galatasaray into an economic bottleneck.

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Having experienced one of the most unsuccessful seasons in Super League history, Galatasaray literally declared economic mobilization. Recently, President Brak Elmas and Vice President Bai Kam Kanik, Osgur Carrerioul, Board members Ahmet Ozan Shener and Sportif A.Ş. Ural Aküzüm, an independent member of the board, met with economic journalists. Both the president and the manager talked about what happened in the club’s kitchen and answered our questions. Burak Elmas explained that he had revolutionized Galatasaray in the following words:

We are implementing an example model.The world talks about the Galatasaray revolution

We are implementing an exemplary model of football in the world. Our goal is to be Turkey’s first debt-free, profit-free and loss-free club. At Galatasaray, we aim to create an economically model model for the world. I would like to achieve this result from next year. You have no choice but to act quickly and get quick results. The decisions you need to make are always postponed. We need to do a few things faster so that Galatasaray can get out of here quickly. “

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We should get together to find a collective solution It’s not time for a popular president

If there is a president who wants to be popular in football, it’s not the time. G. Saray, Beşiktaş, F. Garden, I say without splitting them. We need to come with the will to find a collective solution. This is an industry issue. No club can spend as much as it earns. Financial fair play could not be held in Turkey. The logic of “let’s borrow, let the next government pay” made the debt unpaid.

Martial law should be announced in football

Galatasaray President Burak Elmas said that at this time, there is no football club in Turkey that can pay interest on loan debt with its current income.

Of the 2.5 billion lira, you have to pay interest for every 350 million lira. Our debt increases every year.

We can’t go to europe

Unless we sit down and make a way to get Turkish football out of this shipwreck together, after a season or two, the Turkish team will play football in Europe because the rules of “financial fair play” are not followed. You will not be able to.

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We are facing a bankruptcy football industry that is in serious financial difficulty. This needs to be fixed for the future of Turkish football. For Turkish football, martial law must be declared.

there is no need

That is why we are actively standing at the table to solve things quickly in Turkish sports, including other clubs. In order not to repeat the mistakes of the past, we will continue to do the right thing even if there is a reaction. At the end of our tenure, we brought Galatasaray to this road. I emphasize it. It’s not necessary, it’s a duty!

Real estate team is in the field of 2 billion TL

An experienced team has been formed for the Galatasaray real estate project. Board member OzanŞener explains: As a team that includes Erden Timur and Avi Alkaş, we are working on a building evaluation formula in the best way for Galatasaray. If you go to a lease, you will earn 200 million TL in 10 years. But if we could turn it into a housing project and make it suitable for sale to foreigners, our income would exceed 600 million TL. “

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For FLORYA EMLAK residences at the table

G. Saray sat at the table with Emlak Konut and evaluated the location of Florya’s facility. Shener also said he expects to earn more than a billion TL from Floria and will build a phased facility in the 100 decare area allocated to Kemerburgaz. He said relocation costs could reach 450 million TL, Shener said: Taking Riva into account, real estate projects are expected to generate over 2 billion TL in revenue. “

Choose something that is difficult, not easy

Despite the sport’s achievements over the last decade, President Elmas argued that there was a huge unsustainable financial burden, saying that a major economic bottleneck was left for future generations for the success of the sport. rice field. Elmas also explained the formula of salvation.

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We do not put under a heavier load

We cannot act with populist concerns immediately and cannot put a heavy burden on this prominent club. I chose a difficult one, not an easy one. As management, we continue to be the subject of criticism, but tomorrow our Galatasaray will eat the fruits of this attitude. So we are comfortable.

Our profits are declining continuously

Club earnings and assets are provided to the bank as collateral. Income is constantly declining. The rise in currency is binding our hands. Restructuring contracts signed with banks should be reviewed. We have a very important responsibility that this framework agreement brings to us. You pay off your debt first, then you don’t lose the next year, and then you manage your loan costs.

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They say “we save the club” …

Bikem Kanık, Deputy Governor of Galatasaray, said of the agreement with the Bankers Association: So it is a stillbirth reconstruction. Other countries have supported clubs through pandemics. Aside from support, the 15 percent tax withholding has turned into a 40 percent tax. “

TORENT works scientifically

Burak Elmas is still behind the new director Domènec Torrent, who has been the focus of criticism.

It was necessary to train the player and proceed to a training mission that provided the player’s personal abilities and development. Torrent is a name that works scientifically, uses numbers well, and pays close attention to the tactical variations of the player.

Team growth

Here you can see his contribution and development to the team. Soon, everyone will start seeing positive results in the field. I think everyone will be pleased. When the coach first came, the average mileage of the team was 7-8 kilometers. It has now reached 9-10 km. More will come out.

The mileage has increased

The European average of mileage over 20 km per hour was 1-1.2 km per game, but our team was 600,700 meters. And 65-70 minutes after the match, they were physically down. Look at the last match. This time it increased from 80 minutes to 85 minutes, so it will be even longer.

Ready for clubs SUPER LIGINC and SUPER LIG TV

Brak Elmas said of the broadcast bid: “Overseas leagues have a corporate system and they are bidding. In fact, these are models of the transition to Süper Lig A.Ş., which should be done in Turkish football. The club has established a television channel and from there. Broadcasting the match was the most extreme decision. The club is ready for it. “