Burak Elmas: A revolution is happening in Galatasaray

“If you have a president who wants to be popular, it’s not the time.”

“If you have a president who wants to be popular in football, this isn’t the time. Don’t divide it into Galatasaray, Besiktas, and Fenerbahce. We need to be willing to find a collective solution. Is a sector issue. No club can spend as much as it earns. Unfortunately, there is financial fair play in Turkey. It couldn’t be implemented. Limits have been set, but clubs have expanded it. I’m trying. The restrictions haven’t been fully enforced. “”

“We are talking about the bankrupt football industry.”

Debts are no longer being repaid due to the logic of “borrow, let’s leave it to the government after we pay.” He is talking about the bankrupt football sector, which is in serious financial difficulty. Soccer that has to fix this for the future of Turkey. Acting outside the solidarity in which Turkish football participates is not easy. Turkey I’m talking about soccer. We need to declare a sectoral martial arts law … that’s why we are actively working to solve things quickly in Turkish sports. .. We will continue to do the right thing despite the reaction so that the mistakes of the past will not be repeated. At the end of his tenure, he will bring Galatasaray to this road. I emphasize it: it’s not necessary, it’s obligatory! “

“Turkey does not have a club that can pay interest on loan debt.”

Currently, there is no football club in Turkey that can pay interest on loan debt with its current income. Turkish football work is really difficult. All international sectors are affected by the pandemic. This includes soccer. The main problem that sports clubs experience is not a pandemic. A pandemic has occurred. There was no pandemic, but our sports club had financial problems. It is impossible to maintain this system in the habits of the past. For example, someone has a debt of 3.5 billion TL and mine has 2.5 billion TL. It cuts the same for both of us. Why put both of us in the same category? Our debt is the lowest at 2.5 billion TL and in return there is a project. We pay interest of 350 million TL of 2.5 billion TL every year. Every year, our debt grows automatically and our balance sheet swells … we have to develop new strategies in our minds. I’m a 23-year-old manager of Galatasaray. We are a successful team that has made a name for itself in the world. We dream of an auditable and transparent football management system. You need to achieve this with Galatasaray. The most important issue here is infrastructure … “

“A revolution is happening in Galatasaray”

“A revolution is happening in Galatasaray. We are implementing an exemplary model of football in the world. Our goal is to be Turkey’s first borrow-free club that is continuously profitable and lossless. At Galatasaray, an economically model model for the world. “I want to get this result from next year. I have to act quickly and get a quick result. All the important decisions needed have been postponed. We need to do a few things faster so that Galatasaray can get out of here quickly. “

Does the club have a joint television channel?

“The live bid was sold for $ 500 million. Then came a pandemic discount. Broadcasters actually wanted a discount every year. Recently, this number has dropped to about $ 220 million. The club is willing to decide for themselves. “The club really agrees. We are on the same ship. We have a good union and we can talk. Next year, the match will be seen again. But the clubs are enthusiastic. Do the right thing here for the future of Turkish football, as Turkish football is not just an option. Don’t leave their future to the will of a single broadcaster. “

“Our federation will also be decided and we will decide together. It will be revealed in a week or two. Together we will establish a TV channel, broadcast our own games on this TV channel and I Our decision to cut our own rope was the most extreme decision. Clubs are ready to respond. In fact, overseas leagues have a corporate system and are bidding. We are doing brand communication. In fact, these are models of the transition to Süper Lig A.Ş. “