Bulent Uygun has been fooled!This is the flow of money-Besiktas (BJK) News

The last victim of the scam was the famous coach Bülent Uygun. It turns out that a person named Urash Billihan, who introduced himself as a DNA expert on a television channel, scammed dozens of people, including director Bülent Wigun, as “my relatives, national real estate manager.” He promised to buy the land.

It was revealed that Urash Billihan, who introduced himself as a DNA specialist and appeared on television, had deceived many people from millions of lira, including famous coach Bülent Korkmun.

According to Sabah news, Ulaş Birihan met Bülent Uygun through FIFA manager CemŞimşek, according to a complaint filed by the Istanbul Anatolian Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office. In an interview, Urash Billihan introduced himself as a person close to a high-level politician. Not satisfied with it, he even said he was a relative of the general manager of national real estate. He mentioned an important name and gave him confidence. He said the land belonging to the directorate-general could be sold in bids to help those who want to buy it.

Confidence and success in getting thousands of LIRA

In a conversation, Gem Simsek communicated the situation to former soccer player and coach Bülent Wigun and his friend Harit Olkan. All three names wanted to participate in a bid to buy land in the crow district of Sakarya. In fact, Bülent Wigun, who was a football coach in Qatar at the time, was doing business through his friend Kaffer Karademir. Urash Billihan took his so-called friend to the crow and showed him the land. He also submitted many documents on the location of the land to strengthen his trust. After that, under the guidance of Urash Billihan, the three names handed out a total of 300,000 lira out of 100,000 and participated in the land bidding. In the process of selling, he told them to wait outside and after a while he returned with a receipt indicating that the money had been deposited.

BÜLENTUY GUN’s second highlight

Urash Billihan, who believed he would own the land four to five months later, said, “Because of the tax amnesty, it is enough to pay 50,000 lira per person. I provide the land at a lower cost. I will. ” An additional 160,000 lira was paid manually. Not satisfied with this, the scammers suggested that Bülent Uygun buy two separate lands, Büyükçekmece and Çeşme. He was convinced again. Through his proper friends, he gave a total of 488,000,850 lira, $ 125 thousand in his hands, and 88,850 lira from the bank.

Even his wife

Victims filed complaints after learning that Urash Billihan was fooling others, even if he was late. Within the scope of the investigation, it was determined that there were proceedings against dozens of people in the same way, except that her suspect sold her husband’s house and even tricked her. I did.

DNA EXPERTISE is also a fake

The scam didn’t end there. The prosecution determined that the suspect had introduced himself as a DNA expert, but he worked for the company. However, the public prosecutor’s office’s most important decision was that the suspect did not have the expertise in this area and also harmed the company’s doctors. Therefore, it was determined that there was an investigation into him and there was a fraudulent proceeding related to DNA comparison activities.

He said I gave UYGUN a home, it turned out

The public prosecutor’s office has contacted the Directorate General of Real Estate. The results of the communication were not surprising, as no action was taken on behalf of the victim. Also, the receipts and contracts he gave to the victims turned out to be fake. Urash Billihan, who does not run a non-fraud business, did not accept the accusation in his statement, but he met the victim’s relatives for a land purchase request and some money from the victim. Said received. He claimed to have given Bülent Uygun a home. However, HM Land Registry has determined that no real estate has been transferred to Uygun.

Serious fraud from the public prosecutor’s office

After all these incidents, an arrest warrant was issued to Urash Billihan, who disappeared into the air. Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office said, “We claimed to have a close relationship with his senior executives, took money, and deceived the plaintiff with false documents,” revealing a phenomenal fraud.

Loss of millions of lira to prison for 26 years

Noting that Bülent Wigun lost 2 billion 481,000 lira, 638,000 850 lira, a total of $ 125,000, Gem Simsek’s 150,000 lira and plaintiff Harit Olkan 160,000 lira said about the suspect: Said. He filed a proceeding sentenced to a total of 26 years and 3 months in prison for “fraud that promised to perform his duties” and “forgery of official documents”.