Breakthrough research! Women need to exercise in the morning and men need to exercise in the evening …


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Apart from weight management for regular exercise; it is known to have many benefits, from radiant skin and good posture to improving endurance and even reducing pain and pain. In addition, many experts emphasize that exercise helps minimize stress and regulate sleep quality.

Exercise timing is just as important as the type and intensity of exercise. Many people who want to exercise regularly in their daily lives do not know when to play sports. In general, everyone sets the time according to their schedule and proceeds to that routine. The results of research published in the last few days seem to be breaking the game at this point.

The study, led by experts at Skidmore College in the United States, evaluated sports data for 27 women and 20 men, all active and healthy, between the ages of 25 and 55 for 12 weeks. During the experiment, one group exercised for 1 hour before 8:30 am and the other group exercised between 18:00 and 19:00.

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Stretching exercises, sprinting, endurance, and strength training were also recorded during this period. During the experiment, body fat percentage and blood pressure of all participants were measured regularly. In addition, a specially designed diet program has been applied to everyone.


At the end of the 12 weeks, it became clear that women experienced more fat loss when exercising in the morning and men exercising in the evening.

This order prevents many illnesses!

Paul Arcerio, a professor of health and human physiology who spoke to Daily Mail and led the study, shared the following information and provided data showing that ideal exercise times for women and men may differ: I emphasized.

-Especially women who want to get rid of lower back and tummy fat and lower their blood pressure should aim for morning exercise. This is important because the fat around her abdomen and hips surrounds the internal organs, including the liver. Therefore, it is dangerous.

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-For men who want to improve their heart health and metabolism and boost their morale, the ideal time to exercise is in the evening. Healthier metabolism also means reducing the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Professor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist. Dr. Özden Özyemişçi Taşkıran found that this study is based on the idea that factors such as hormones, body temperature, enzymes, and intramuscular energy system can have different consequences for exercise at different times of the day. Emphasized and shared the following information:

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-This study suggests that some genetic differences between men and women may be affected differently by daytime changes. Exercise performed in the morning and evening hours has been observed to result in positive development in both men and women.

―――― In women, morning exercise appeared to be more effective in reducing body and abdominal fat and lowering blood pressure. On the other hand, for men, there was no significant difference in exercise between morning and evening, but it is interesting that the fat burning rate in the evening is high.

“Differences in male and female results due to biological rhythms between genders”

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialists Association. Dr. Emrullah Hayta said: “The most important reason for different results for men and women may be the difference in biological rhythms by gender. Sleep quality is also very important during the exercise process. Sleep quality times differ between men and women. The fact that it was, may have influenced this result, “he said in detail.

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―――― Looking at the survey data, women have better sleep quality in the morning than men (men are less refreshing during the day than women), so women are better off participating in the morning exercise. I think so.

―――― Another factor is that morning exercise can have different effects on men and women in terms of low calorie intake during the day. Many studies have also found that women exercising in the morning consume less calories than women exercising in the evening.

“The positive state of men in the evening is related to differences in body temperature.”

Also, Assoc. Dr. Emrullah Hayta commented on the positive situation created by the men’s evening movement:

There are many scientific studies showing that aerobic exercise in the morning and strengthening exercise in the evening are more beneficial to men. This may be related to high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and testosterone secreted in the morning hours.

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―――― In addition, happiness begins in the afternoon, not in the morning, for most men, so the best time to motivate exercise is in the afternoon. In fact, evening exercise may be more beneficial to men, as the temperature difference is maximal in men between 16.00 and 18.00.

Breakthrough Study Women need to exercise in the morning and men need to exercise in the evening ...

When should you exercise for adolescents and the elderly?

The study draws conclusions from data from people between the ages of 25 and 55. At this point, the following question comes to mind: “Can such a situation be effective in different age groups?” For example, when do you need to exercise in adolescence and men and women over the age of 60?

Dr. Emrullah Hayta of the Association shared the following information using a statement that “enough scientific evidence has not yet been published to make exercise types and prescribing recommendations gender-specific.”

“Adapting these data to other age groups requires scientific research in a similar group formed of larger samples. The response of children and the elderly to exercise can vary significantly due to different biological rhythms, sleep patterns, and the potential for comorbidities in the elderly.

Professor Dr. Özden Özyemişçi Taşkıran also emphasized that the generalization was incorrect and added:

“It is not correct to generalize these results to adolescents, adolescents under 25, healthy people over 55, and people at risk of cardiovascular disease and sick. More in different ages and disease groups. Increasing the number of similar studies conducted on people in the world will allow us to increase scientific data and make recommendations in this direction. “

Breakthrough Study Women need to exercise in the morning and men need to exercise in the evening ...

How do nutritional habits affect this table?

In addition to regular exercise, eating habits are also very important. So how does eating habits affect this painting?

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nutritionist Nilay Topçam“When assessing exercise time and food consumption in the light of scientific research, three parameters need to be considered: exercise intensity (low / medium / intensity), exercise time, and exercise goals (performance / fat burning / muscle). Augmentation). In other words, time to play sports is not always the only determinant, “he said, detailing each of these determinants one by one, regardless of the time spent playing sports.

Exercise intensity: For low-intensity and medium-intensity exercise, hunger / satiety does not significantly affect performance, but if you are practicing high-tempo exercise and focus on performance, you should always eat before exercising. So if you’re training in performance, don’t get hungry. However, if you want to burn fat and your body allows it, exercise on an empty stomach.

Exercise time: Don’t get hungry during a workout that lasts more than an hour. In particular, high-intensity, long-term intake of nutrients has the effect of suppressing muscle destruction.

Exercise goal: If you want to support muscle building and do weight / resistance exercise, it is more appropriate to be full before exercise and to consume moderate amounts of carbohydrates and protein within up to 30-45 minutes after exercise.

If your goal is to burn fat, you can lose weight faster if you get hungry while exercising. Studies have shown that this effect is especially strong in the morning, as a more pronounced increase in insulin sensitivity.

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