Breaking News: Tokat Airport Opens

The new Tokat Airport is in service!

Construction of the runway, terminal building and tower of Tokat’s new airport, which began construction next to the old airport in 2018, was completed three years later and opened today.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who opened the new airport, made important remarks on the investment in Tokat and the proceedings.

The highlights of President Erdogan’s remarks are:

-“From here, from Kumfriet Square, say hello to the brothers and sisters of the villages in all the districts of Tokat.”

-“Starting with my speech, I mercifully commemorate my brother Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, who received the news of his death when he was holding a rally in Tokat 13 years ago.”

-“With its ancient history and unique wealth, Tokat is more than just a city. In the 14th century, it was the third most populous city in the country. The trade route between east and west, north and south. At the crossroads, Tokat is the same city. At that time it was an important craft and production center. “

-“We need to get closer to each other. They can neither divide us nor tear us apart. At the NATO summit yesterday, we explained our position as Turkey.”

-“Today, we will officially open hundreds of works and services in this square with an investment of about 5 billion lira. These investments are suitable for Tokat.”

-“We believe that the new Tokat Airport is a symbol of our city’s future goals. Its investment cost is 1.02 billion TL. The annual passenger capacity is 2 million. For many, I We hope to meet the needs of the airlines in our city. For many years with its technical equipment. “

-“We have officially launched 25 different educational investments from different districts, from kindergarten to elementary school, middle school to high school and hostel. Solar power plants have officially started in different faculty and high school buildings. We provide services. Today’s college. “

-“Today, we have begun investing heavily in healthcare, including 150 beds Erbaa, 150 beds Turhal, 10 beds Artova, and 10 beds Pazar State Hospital.”

-“When making these openings, I close the healing. This bond of mind takes us further in your prayer for this healing. We are the service building of various facilities, Restoration work, and facilities built in our industry We are also officially launching the project realized by the city of Tokat. Good luck to Tokat. Congratulations to all concerned. “

-“These are the investments that just started today. I can’t finish it after hours of what I’ve brought to Tokat over the last 20 years. An investment of 47 billion lira has been made.”

-“We bring a cultural center and gym with a capacity of 2,500 people to our city. We believe this will add value to Tokat. With resources of about 3.5 billion lira, Tokat citizens We have helped. We have built up 46 health. Total facilities. For transportation, we will extend the divided road that we have taken over from 16 km to 294 km. We have delivered. “

“We will hold the Rebel Alliance Peasant Conference”

-“From an environmental and urbanist perspective, we built 5,000 homes through TOK0054. We are constructing 296 homes this year. Bringing a total of 6 national gardens to Tokat. Completed 9 dams and ponds. We will build three more dams. “

-“Opened 104,000 deca farmland for irrigation. At the completion level, Turhaldam will irrigate 44,000 deca land. Five irrigation facilities are under construction, totaling 202,000. Reclaiming big land. For irrigation. 159 facilities have been built for flood protection and 65 facilities are under construction. Tokat farmers have been provided with 1.5 billion agricultural aid. “

-“We will hold the People’s Union Peasant Conference. Today we have set up a techno park in our city, where a total of 39 companies are active in industry and creating innovation. “

-“Natural gas will be supplied to Shenyurt next year and Yeshyurt, Sursarai and Altova next year.”

-“Now, whatever the modern society of the world, my society will experience it. We have achieved this. It will be better. With your support in 2023. , We hope to continue to connect Tokat with greater service. “”

-“We are a country with thousands of years of national tradition and there are only a few people in the world. Let’s open the country. Mr. Kemal did not come. No one came with him. However, we opened the country with the country. We watched from Tokat anyway. We also overtook Japan in the middle open to become number one. “

“A proper future waiting for our federation”

“But we write our country and the success of our country in the field of economy, as we have successfully ended the struggle. Like every change, like every revolution, we have this We are experiencing the pain of the process and it. A prosperous future worthy of all our sacrifices awaits us. “

-“Currently serving 19 municipal hospitals. No more states without hospitals. The economic shock of the health crisis has not subsided yet, but we witnessed together how the crisis deepened. The war between Ukraine and Russia. Rising global energy and commodity prices will overcome the problem of living costs in a short period of time, just as Turkey overcame the crisis thanks to its strong infrastructure. “

-“We are working hard to grow the country. We have taken many steps to prevent inflation from overwhelming our citizens. We are well aware that high living costs hurt us. Increasing production costs and greed rest on our shoulders. We know that legal and administrative measures can reduce the burden of this process. We are patient and If we continue to work, if we continue to walk towards, our goal is no doubt that a safe, peaceful and prosperous future awaits us all. “

-“Economic turmoil is not only in Turkey, but all over the world. Our difference is that we have turned this process into an opportunity. We have made the highest minimum wage increase ever.”

Completed in 3 years

The terminal building is 16,200 square meters, and the runway length of the new Tokat Airport, which has 2 million passengers annually, is 2,700 meters. The apron has a parking capacity of seven, of which five are passengers and two are cargo.

Construction of the runway, terminal building and tower of the new airport, which started construction next to the old airport in 2018, was completed in about three years.

The airport, built in 1995 at the Pazar Junction on the Tokat-Turhal highway, was closed in 2001 due to several problems. Flights that were stopped at the airport in 2008 and resumed in 2006 were resumed in 2010.

Scheduled flights at the airport have not been operated since April 2017. The minaret of the mosque in the village of Kuchukbaral near the airport, where medium and large aircraft cannot land due to runway and infrastructure issues, was shortened in 2008 because it poses a risk in terms of flight safety.