Breaking News: President Erdogan has announced! Five Good News for Healthcare Professionals … Will Healthcare Professionals’ Salaries Increase Further?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the Medical Day event on March 14th at the Bestepe People’s Congress and the Cultural Center. The highlights of Prime Minister Erdogan’s speech are:

“We would like to thank our doctors and healthcare professionals for their efforts to maintain our healthcare system during the epidemic.

Health is our top priority in our culture. There are thousands of doctors, doctors, doctor-themed folk songs and thousands of idioms in our country. It is no coincidence that Suleiman the Magnificent, the greatest conqueror of his time, called the greatest happiness in the world “breathing health.”

WHO, on the other hand, covers the concept of health as complete well-being. In a world where information and data are of paramount importance, the health sector is becoming stronger and stronger. We want to take our country to the best place in my global healthcare system.

Drug error prices …

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to health is the doctor. Doctors and judges come from the same roots. A common feature of these two concepts is the ability to understand those who are experts in scientific wisdom.

The Rokuman story of the Qur’an and our country’s connection to medicine show where they put this profession.

The concept of a doctor in Western languages ​​is limited to those who deal with human physical elements. In our civilization and culture it is considered to be within the highest knowledge called “wisdom”. Doctors and representatives of religious values ​​were at odds in Western society, but they worked together in our civilization.

You are a member of a profession that is considered to be the highest level of human knowledge, not a profession. The price of error in medicine can be direct human life.

“We want to send the patient to our country to the world”

You can see the stories of noble doctors all over our country who value and serve humanity above all else. The doctors who named the medical institution during the epidemic brought these common features to the fore.

This country has both loyalty and the need for a doctor. We are in a position to compete with the world at 19 municipal hospitals. I will come more. We want the world to send patients to our country and find healing here.

Turkey is becoming a global health center with the potential and opportunities to increase the power of doctors that Turkey needs. As a result of efforts with a mobilization spirit, we have succeeded in building a system suitable for employees. Medical services are one of the most important areas of pride in our country, with 1.3 million employees whose infrastructure has been significantly improved. We have reached a level where we also need to focus on quality of health.

“It has eyes and ears outside …”

We still have health problems and shortcomings. The attacks we have been experiencing uninterrupted for some time as a country have changed our priorities. Nevertheless, we never ignore the benefits of the services we provide to our country. We have always endeavored to facilitate the work of doctors by improving them.

We believe that we should make the best use of doctors trained with great sacrifice and patience. In the field of health, some people may lose their eyes and minds beyond staying in their own country. I hope that those who understand and act on this will return to their own country. We would like to thank all the doctors who chose to serve their people, even if they had the opportunity.

5 Gospel

Despite our efforts, we recognize the expectations of physicians for problems that have not yet been resolved. Preparing the package. Today I would like to share an overview of this package.

Our first gospel is about how to resolve attacks on healthcare professionals. Intentional injuries committed during work are included in the catalog within the scope of CMK. Therefore, there is no evidence of such a crime and it will be visible to judges and prosecutors. With regard to medical services, penalties for this crime have been strengthened.

Next, set up a relevant expert responsibility committee. The initiation of criminal investigations by medical procedure and practice depends on the permission of this Commission. This committee decides whether to reimburse government officials for public institutions, organizations, and employees working at state universities. If there is an intention, a redemption request will be made.

The third good news is that we have significantly improved the payroll system and financial rights of healthcare professionals. Fixed additional payments are included in the central government budget and their salary is guaranteed to be paid in a single salary. The Ministry of Health Revolving Fund system will be launched. Additional funds will be remitted from the central government budget to pay for performance, and additional payments will increase.

The fourth good news is that improved wages for health care workers will be reflected in retirees as well. We are pleased to inform you that they are included in the range of 3600 additional indicators, especially nurses. During this survey, the salaries of retired doctors will also be discussed.

The fifth item is raising the wages of family doctors.