Breaking News: It turns out that specialist Sergeant Ali Aradaul did not defeat Dr. Tahil Talima.

Flash development for sergeant doctors!

Breaking News … Sergeant Ali Aladar, 32, a specialist in charge of Mura’s Yatagan Military Police Command, was taken by ambulance to Yatagan State Hospital when he became ill around 23.00 on March 14. After intervening in the Mula Training and Research Hospital, Aradaul was transferred to the emergency room where he wanted to see him. He argued with Tahir Tarımer (26).

He claimed to have been abused

According to the news just before DHA, hospital guards intervened in the case. Tarımer claimed to have been abused by Aladağlı during the discussion. Talima, who said she had a rash on her body and her glasses were broken, filed a complaint against Aradaul after receiving reports of the assault. Ali Aladağlı was also reportedly assaulted. Aladağlı, who was diagnosed with appendicitis, underwent surgery.

“I didn’t allow it to end”

In a statement to the doctoral police, Talima explained the moment of the incident as follows: “The patient was transferred from Yatagan State Hospital on suspicion of appendicitis. He said he wanted to have an ultrasound. I told him it was impossible. Without blood tests or other tests. He I wanted to leave the emergency room with the paperwork. He wanted to chase him out. I didn’t forgive him. He got angry and pushed me to choke. “

“It was protested in the application”

Specialist Ali Aradaul, who was discharged from the general surgery ward after appendicitis surgery at the Mula Training and Research Hospital, was applauded in the slogan of a medical worker. .. Aladağlı, aboard a team vehicle, was taken to Commissioner’s Hamdibay Police Station for his statement.

Doctor’s complaint about the reason for the accusation

Sergeant Ali Aradaul, a detained specialist, became ill again at the police station. Unable to make a statement, Aladağlı was taken to Menteshe State Hospital by a police team complaining of severe pain in the area that had been operated on for appendicitis. Aradaul, who was discharged again after treatment at the hospital, was taken back to the Chief of Police, Hamdibay. In his statement, Aradaul stated that he was a real victim, “I did not insult or physically intervene in the medical staff. I was unjustly lynched and public. I was lynched on the spot, so I’m complaining about the doctor. “

Disclosure of precautionary measures

Aladağlı, who was transferred to court after police action, was released on the terms of judicial control. In addition, an administrative investigation has begun on Aladağlı, which was suspended as a precautionary measure.

It turned out that he was chasing and pushing

Doctor, claiming he was attacked by the security camera footage of the incident. There was a time when Talimar chased Sergeant Aradaul, who wanted to get the documents from the clerical staff, and then slipped and fell. After the image, Dr. Hospital Manager. He started an administrative investigation into the farmers. Meanwhile, Specialist Sergeant Aladağlı, Ph.D. He filed a criminal complaint with the public prosecutor’s office for deceiving himself about Tarmer.

I received a 10-day break report

Aladağlı, who had been suspended as a precautionary measure, has returned to his duty. Meanwhile, Doctor. Tahir Tarımer received a 10-day rest report from the psychiatry department of Muğla Training and Research Hospital on Wednesday, March 16th, and stated that he would start work on March 26th. It turns out that an administrative investigation into Dr. Tarımer is ongoing.