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Governor Düzce announced that the activities of all education and training institutions were suspended for one day on Monday due to the snow in the city.

The Governor’s Office of Düzce, which took action due to the heavy snow that affected the entire province of Düzce and had a negative impact on people’s lives, was taken a day off by educational institutions on March 21 due to the snowfall that affected the city. Announced that. Governor Cevdet Atay of Düzce said in a vacation decision announced on his social media account: “Weather data show that due to heavy snow and bad weather that can occur throughout the state. It was decided to suspend education on March 21st.

In addition, pregnant and disabled employees working in public institutions were said to be eligible for leave during their vacation.


Bus education was suspended for a day throughout the state due to snowfall in Amasya.

In a statement from the Governor’s Office of Amasya, it was announced on Monday, March 21, 2022 that bus education was suspended for one day due to heavy snowfall.


In Bol, bad weather closed schools throughout the state for a day.

According to the information obtained, effective snowfall in Bol has suspended public and private schools for a day. In an announcement made on Governor Bol’s official website, “Due to bad weather, March 21, 2022, official and private. Kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school, rehabilitation, public education center educational institutions. Educational activities were suspended for one day, and on the same day, people with disabilities and pregnant civil servants will also consider taking a leave of absence.


In Kastamonu, education was suspended for one day in nine districts due to snowfall.

Kastamonu Department of Education suspends bus education in all schools and Cide districts in Ağlı, Azdavay, Şenpazar, Doğanyurt, Seyçiler, 0054nebolu, Küre and Pınarbaşı districts on Monday, March 21st. Announced that it was done. It can occur after heavy snowfalls that are effective throughout the state.

Pregnant and disabled persons working in public institutions and organizations in the above districts were considered to be on leave for one day.


Training was suspended for a day due to snow in the center and district of Ardahan.

In Ardahan, it has been snowing for about a week in the center and districts. Training was interrupted tomorrow due to snowfall, which adversely affected transportation. A statement from the Governor’s Office of Ardahan said, “Due to heavy snow and bad weather, it was decided to suspend education for a day throughout the state on Monday, March 21, 2022, and consider disability and pregnancy. Civil servant “


It was announced that education was suspended for one day in some districts due to snowfall and icing in Ordu.

According to the Governor of Ordu, education has been suspended at all schools in Akuksh, Ibasti, Chamash, Chatarpinal, Ibash, Grugentepe, Gerkoy, Ikizse, Kabatas, Kabatas, Kolgan, Kumuru and Mesdi. .. In the statement, “Transportation-based schools and student education within the scope of transport education in the districts of Altunordu, Faza, Gulyial, Chalchamba and Yunje will be on Monday, March 21, 2022. It was suspended on the same day as an administrative leave on the same day.


In Sinop, high-altitude snow interrupted education for a day in two districts.

In a statement by Sinop’s Governor Türkeli and Dikmen, it was announced that education on the bus was suspended for a day on Monday, March 21, due to continued snowfall and icing in the highlands of the district.


Schools were closed tomorrow due to snowfall in the Turlu and Kurtun districts of Gümüşhane, giving disabled and pregnant civil servants a leave of absence.

According to a statement by Governor Gumushhane, heavy snowfall, heavy icing and frost can adversely affect health and transportation, including health and transportation, education of all degrees, public, private, formal and informal educational institutions. Special education and rehabilitation centers in the Torul and Kurtün districts. It was noted that there was a one-day break on Monday, March.

The statement states that persons with disabilities and pregnant civil servants in both districts will be subject to leave on designated days.


Training was said to have been suspended for one day on Monday, March 21, due to bad weather and the danger of freezing roads in the Domanic district of Kutahya.

In a statement by the governor of the Domanic district, “Educational activities in the district were suspended for one day on Monday, 21st, due to the prediction that bad weather and icing on the road would pose a danger.”


Snowfall in Samsung disrupted schools in many districts for a day.

The Samsung Department of Education has announced schools that will be suspended tomorrow due to snowfall and icing. A statement stating that all schools in the Asarcık, Ayvacık and Ladik districts would stop face-to-face education tomorrow gave snow holidays to various schools in 13 districts except the Ilkadım district.


Heavy snowfall in Ari interrupted one day of education by bus and village schools in the city center and four districts.

In a statement by Governor Ağrı, “Due to heavy snow, education including schools in the villages of Eleskirt, Diyadin, Doğubayazıt and Taşlıçay was suspended for a day on Monday, March 21. Students receiving bus education. “