Breaking News: French President Emmanuel Macron has announced! Ukraine decision from NATO

French President Emmanuel Macron attended the extraordinary summit of heads of state and government of NATO and the G7 summit in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. At a press conference held after the conference, Macron issued a statement about the war between Ukraine and Russia, stating that allies would continue to support Ukraine with military, economic and humanitarian aid.

“Despite the calculation of Russia’s military victory in this war, we support the Ukrainian people who resist the occupation. We respond with decisive reaction and unity with our allies and European partners. And we will provide Ukraine with military, economic and humanitarian assistance, “Macron said. “Europe is already taking advantage of its unprecedented capacity to accommodate more than 3.6 million refugees. It is imposing unprecedented sanctions on Russia and putting pressure on the Russian economy,” Macron said. Said.

“The second issue that comes up from our top is the need to prevent the escalation of this conflict.”
“This morning’s NATO summit decided, among other things, to continue to provide Ukraine with the necessary defense equipment. Ukraine’s President Zelensky met with us via a video link to address the need for some offensive weapons. “Of course, we want to be more efficient,” he said openly. “But he insisted on continuing to work on a credible negotiated solution with the President of Germany and other European leaders. Second The problem arose. Outside of our summit, we need to prevent the spread of this conflict. “

“France is a clear contributor to strategic European weapons.”

At the NATO summit, Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron announced that he had decided to maintain and strengthen his military presence, “increasing his presence on the ground and adding several new aviation missions. France has added aviation. It contributes to the policy mission. ” Macron noted that additional French troops would be deployed within the mission of increasing NATO’s military presence, “France is now making a concrete contribution to the strategic European weapons calling on the European Parliament. I have. “

“Must be solidarity”

As an ally of the G7 talks, Macron said he would ensure that the mechanism for monitoring sanctions was agreed and that there were no differences between the various member states, ensuring transparency in the proper implementation of sanctions. “Of course, we will maintain the deterrent effect of sanctions and the economic effect on Russia. The outcome of the war is all. Since they are not the same in the country, they have agreed on a solidarity agenda among their members, especially the neighboring countries of Ukraine, which were the most affected by the war. “

Macron points out that solidarity should be strengthened in countries such as Moldova, which are neither alliances nor EU member states, and states such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Japan are Europeans.

“G7 members need to increase production”

“Because we do not produce fossil fuels, Europe is our main buyer and we rely on Russian gas and oil. However, we have diversified our supply and from Russia so that we are not subject to retaliation. We want to reduce what we get, so Russia’s oil and gas “we need to gradually eliminate our dependence on food, diversify our supply and increase the production of G7 members.” Said.

Macron also warned that Ukraine and Russia are major grain-producing countries, and food crises could occur in countries that depend on their products. “Several other countries in the Middle East and North Africa rely on those produced in Ukraine and Russia. Therefore, the war in Ukraine and the Russian elections affect countries in Africa, the Near East and the Middle East. It does. Therefore, this is humane in many countries. “Mr. Macron said,” It can cause a crisis and will have a big impact in many countries. Therefore, we face all of these and We need to react and take action. “