Breaking News: Complete Violence!Four members of the same family were found dead in Edirne

The news of the atrocities came from Edirne! 4 people are dead

Last minute … In the district of Elmal, citizens reported the situation to the gendarmerie and health teams after losing contact with their families.

According to AA news, the medical team that entered the house with the gendarmerie was with his son Mehmet Gunner (55), who had the same name as Mehmet Gunner (76), and his wife Philis Gunner (47). Anıl Güner (26), the child of a couple lying on the floor. During control, it was determined that four people were killed by guns.

Governor’s announcement

Governor Edirne’s statement regarding the incident in the Uzunköprü district records:

“On March 29, 2022, military police were immediately dispatched to the scene after it was reported that four people were killed by firearms in a household in the village of Elmal in the Uzunköprü district. In the first investigation, four people were in the same family. Was shot with a firearm and died at the crime scene. A hunting rifle was found and investigations are ongoing. “

Mehmet Güner (76)

Mehmet Guner (76)

Relatives down

In this case, Philis Gunner’s sister, Lare Usal, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that no one was hostile.

The Usars described themselves as good people, saying, “They were always in power and caring for the animals. That’s it. My aunt called me and said,” The slaughter of Philis’ sisters. There was. ” Once here they didn’t put me in, I couldn’t even see my sister. ” Said.

Anil Gunner (26)

Anil Gunner (26)

Ramazan Keskin, nephew of Mehmet Güner, said he was very sorry that the whole family had died.

Hasan Arıcı also said they were not a hostile family, “We didn’t hear anything. They had no enemies. They were their own people. Maybe they. I don’t know if they have money or hurt them. I have 25-30 animals, but I don’t know if I have money. I bought a car soon. I have money. , Tie it to the car. Maybe I bought the car for 400,000 to 500,000 lira. “He said.

Shot in my head

According to DHA news, the bodies of his grandfather Mehmet Gunner, his son Mehmet Gunner and his wife Philis Gunner, and the couple’s child Anil Gunner, who was shot at their house in a horrific incident, were with prosecutors. The morgue of Uzung Kyopru State Hospital was taken for autopsy after the inspection of the Constitutional Corps.

In the morning, a person who came to buy milk found the corpse of his family. Officers who came to collect milk from the co-operative every morning called the Gunners by phone when they realized they didn’t bring the milk. A person who returned home under the guidance of a police officer who could not contact his family found Anil Gunner dead at the entrance to the open door and informed the villagers of the situation. The villagers who came home immediately reported to the gendarmerie the bodies of Anil Gunner and the three bodies of the single-family home.

It turns out that Anıl Güner sat in a village cafe last night, chatted with his friends, and returned home around 24:00. In her first investigation, it was determined that four people were killed after being shot in her head. Villagers who said the windows of the house were also broken said there might have been a brawl. The gendarmerie team also took some villagers to the district gendarmerie headquarters and applied for their information.