Breaking news: An event that will remain in the history of women’s soccer! -Women’s Soccer News

An event that will remain in the history of the world was held in Turkish women’s soccer. The Ordu team’s Rusmat-04 Youth won the match between Adana-01 and Rusmat-04 Youth 2-0 in the last 16 rounds of the Women’s Third League Playoffs, while Adana was an Amateur Soccer Disciplinary Commissioner. I applied to the meeting and my opponent played two male players. Allegedly, D.Ö. And SA, a man, was applying to the court to get a blue ID. However, D.Ö. who has not received the blue ID yet. SA had a pink identity and had a female status.

The objection by Adana 01 was justified

The Amateur Soccer Disciplinary Commission has confirmed that the Adana-01 team’s objections are justified, but in its decision, “Adana 01 Women’s Soccer Sports Club Opposition was held on May 29, 2022 for women. 3rd League (Playoff) Adana 01 Women’s Soccer Sports Club-Rusumat-4 Youth and Sports Club Tournament, Rusumat-4 Youth Soccer Player D.Ö. SA is administratively cautious as of June 1, 2022. The investigation file will be sent to the TFF Secretariat for the purpose of being considered and referred to the relevant Board of Directors for the necessary discretion and execution. Oppositions will be discussed and decided by the TFF administration.

Can you call someone who has a female identity a “male”?

Rusumat-4 Youth confirmed that the two players had applied to the court to obtain a blue ID and added: There is nothing wrong with it. Can you call someone who has a female identity a man? I defended him. Adana-01 states: “The two players in question are men and have applied to the court to carry a blue ID card. It is clear that they are apparently men. During and after the match, the two players Everyone noticed that the player was a boy, and everyone, including the referee, was surprised. Our female soccer player played against her bearded sister. “

Two controversial soccer players shook the net a total of five times this season

Rusumat-4 Youth won all 10 games in the Women’s 3rd League Group M this season, but his opponent’s net was aired 40 times and only one goal was allowed. The Ordu team was eligible for the playoffs with this performance, but passed Mus Alpaslan Spor 10-0 in the first round. In this match, Rusumat-4 Youth’s first two goals were scored by SA and D.Ö. It will be sent to the net. In the match against Adana-01 in Malatya, where Rusmat-4 Youth won 2-0, the name in question started at 11. SA has 3 goals this season and D.Ö has 2 goals in total. Rusumat-4 went to the second league because of its status.

They have passed extensive testing

Those who apply for a blue ID to the court will take a hormone and psychological test. At the request of the court, experts will submit the applicant to gynecology, urology and psychological testing. Testosterone hormone submits a report to the court after tracking behavioral movements. After the court approves, the Ministry of Interior will apply for a blue ID card.

A debate arose for the famous athlete Semenya

South African athlete Mokugadi Caster, who won the gold medal at the women’s 800 meters at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, also asked, “Women or men?” The debate has long been on the agenda of the world. The International Athletics Federation (IAAF), which applied gender tests to Semenya, quickly noticed her strong physique among female athletes in athletics and later introduced new rules requiring athletes in the same situation as the world of South Africa. Announced-a well-known athlete taking medication to lower testosterone levels to compete in the women’s classification. (freedom)