Breaking News: “Administrative Permit” Statement from the Istanbul Governor’s Office! Will there be a leave of absence in Istanbul tomorrow? – the latest news

Governor of Istanbul: Banned until further notice

According to the preliminary report, Istanbul Governor Ali Erikaya will be on leave tomorrow, provided that civil servants, workers, other civil servants, pregnant women with disabilities and persons with disabilities have the lowest level of personnel. He said he would consider doing so. And motorcycles will be in traffic as of 19.00 today. Announced that it will be banned.

Announcement of measures taken by Governor YERLIKA

Ericaya evaluated the city’s snowfall and announced new measures at a press conference held at the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency’s (AFAD) Hasdal campus.

“We will continue to take measures.”

Governor Ericaya held a snow combat preparatory meeting last Tuesday at AFAD with the participation of district governors, metropolitans, district mayors, military police, police and coast guard officers, AFAD, AKOM, Turkish Red Crescent and related agencies. I remembered what I did.

According to a comprehensive weather forecast presentation by the Regional Meteorological Bureau at the conference, Yerlikaya said he evaluated all possible measures against the negative situations that could be caused by heavy snowfall in the city. rice field. In light of data from the Regional Meteorological Bureau, they have taken all necessary administrative measures, especially for the health, security and peace of their citizens, he said, they continue to receive it.

“All local governments work with 22,377 staff.”

Yerlikaya emphasized that all relevant agencies are working 24 hours a day against bad weather, snow and freezing, and provided the following information:

“754 personnel and 209 vehicles on the 473 km road network of our first regional highway bureau’s responsibility area, 215 people and 215 people on the 148 km road network of the North Marmara Expressway ICA operational area. Personnel personnel, 117 vehicles, 170 personnel on a 92-kilometer road network in the area of ​​responsibility of the North Marmara Highway Authority, 73 vehicles, 22,377 personnel in cities, towns and villages in the metropolitan area and all districts, 4,457 vehicles, 87 points, 435 teams, 2,554 personnel, Gender Marie Command, 240 points at the police station, 373 traffic, 1917 security team, total 24,000, 520 personnel, Coast Guard Command So, we have taken the necessary security measures with 13 floating, 1 flight elements, and 106 personnel. “

“Relevant ministers follow the process”

Istanbul Governor Yerlikaya has 207 employees and 78 vehicles, AFAD works 24 hours a day in bad weather, and Turkish Red Crescent has a total of 317 employees and 160 people. He said he continues to provide catering services to the public. Among them, volunteers, 90 vehicles with 37 points.

Recalling that education in schools, universities, kindergartens, day care centers and nurseries was suspended until Monday, March 14, Yerlikaya also decided to take leave today for employees working in institutions other than security, health and transportation services. I remembered that.

Yerlikaya said Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, and Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş were following the process.

“Controlled Permits to Trailers and Trucks”

At 04:00 from Thrace and Anatolia, they remembered that they stopped the entrance of trucks heading towards the city in the direction of TIR and Istanbul, and the trucks and trucks in the city stopped the exit to traffic, Yerlikaya I said I want a truck. A moving truck will stop at the nearest parking lot.

Yerlikaya said that in light of the data received from meteorology, these vehicles will be allowed to pass in a controlled manner at 10:40 today and will continue to be allowed to pass as long as weather conditions permit. rice field.

Yerlikaya appreciates all drivers who have followed the warnings and measures taken in the parking lots shown, hopes that all drivers will have a safe, accident-free and informative journey, safety is a priority. Said.

Turkish Red Crescent hot soup

Yerlikaya also thanked the Turkish Red Crescent. Turkish Red Crescent did not miss water and hot soup in the highway service and parking lot all night long.

Yerlikaya emphasized that he would continue to take the necessary steps in bad weather, which is said to last for several more days, in consultation with scientific data, and said they shared them promptly.

Motorcycles are banned

Governor Ericaya explained that the evaluation made two new decisions, saying:

“First, civil servants, workers and other employees have decided to be considered on the leave on Friday, March 11, except for security, health and transportation services. As today, civil servants, persons with disabilities, Employees with disabilities will be on leave on Friday, March 11th. Next, I would like to point out that as of 19.00 today, scooters and motorcycles are impassable and there will be no motor courier service until the next announcement. . “

“Don’t go to traffic unless you need it.”

According to breaking news, Governor Ericaya urged citizens not to go to traffic unless mandated, and to prefer public transport.

Yerlikaya also warned citizens to install winter tires on their cars, saying that the 112 Emergency Call Center will serve citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Governor Ali Erikaya thanked all employees who worked day and night due to snow and bad weather.