Breaking News: A flash statement from Labron after the historic Russian-Ukraine summit in Antalya!

Statement from Viklov after the historic summit!

Barely … Russian Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov spoke after the Russian-Turkish-Ukraine Trilateral Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in Antalya in Turkey’s mediation.

Highlights from Viklov’s statement;

“We held a tripartite meeting after meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Chabshuol. This meeting was held at the request of the Turkish side. After a meeting between Prime Minister Erdogan and Russian President Putin, it was decided to hold this meeting. The type of contact for resolving the crisis.

“Nothing is negotiated”

As a result of today’s meeting, it was found that there was no alternative to negotiations. In particular, we talked about humanitarian issues. We discussed what measures could be taken to prevent harm to the military and civilians.

We repeated the proposal for the opening of a humanitarian corridor. I don’t want to leave the story on paper, so I need a solution. We hope that negotiations on Russian soil will produce results. We want a collective solution to the crisis in Ukraine. We want to solve the problem in the interests of all parties.

“EU promotes deadly weapons”

We consider the supply of weapons abroad to Ukraine a dangerous act. The EU is encouraging the invasion of deadly weapons into Ukraine. It does not attack other countries or Ukraine. Ukraine has set up laboratories in the country, which may be used for biological weapons in the future, and Ukraine has publicly denied them. Europe said in one word, “We don’t have the information,” and the UN representative said, “We don’t have the information.” This does not surprise us. They need to be able to send weapons to Ukraine, which is responsible for their actions. “

“How do you explain the bomb’s attack on Ukraine? Russia is in a state of being unable to repay its debt. How do you explain it?” He answered the question: rice field.

“In fact, there are many allegations of atrocities by the Russian army. Data that all nurses and doctors were fired in this maternity ward were submitted to the United Nations three days ago.

In any case, no one is interested in parties that provide objective news and information. Both our president and our government are working on these issues.

“Zelensky has begun to understand us.”

At that time, the Institute of Biology appeared on the territory of Ukraine, appealing to the conscience and reason of our Western partners, and we wanted to reach an agreement. At that time, they understood us, but said, “Don’t interfere with NATO membership.” So how can NATO determine issues that affect our safety and interests? We are not trying to justify our work in Ukraine. We have articulated our purpose. We do not want a new Nazi government. We are ready to discuss Ukraine’s security and Zelensky has begun to understand us. Putin and Zelensky can meet, Putin does not oppose it.

Our people are facing difficulties, but we want to get out of this crisis in a healthy way. I would like everyone to consciously get out of this crisis. I don’t want to depend on Western countries.

“Putin never avoided contact”

Putin has never avoided contacts, so he doesn’t want to leave these contacts in words. I talked with Mr. Kreva, and I would like to meet you to create added value. In recent years, Ukraine wants to hold discussions for discussion, not for concrete results. None of the promises expected of Kyiv were fulfilled. Interviews are held to resolve the issue, but why do we need to hold a meeting when there are no results?

Claims for biological weapons

There are claims that biological weapons were used during the attack. The Military Biological Laboratory was established in violation of the Convention on the Ban on Biological Weapons. It is clear that these trials were not held for peaceful purposes. “

“You said we wouldn’t attack Ukraine, you attacked the hospital. How can you trust you?” Mr Viklov answered this question, “I wanted to work hard to stop the military action. I communicated the request to the United States with UN information. I would like you to incorporate your opinions in making decisions. ” President Putin made it clear why he decided to take military action. You can understand the logic of our actions. “We want Ukraine to be an independent country. The new Nazi government does not want it,” he said.

“Russia is waiting for death and life”

Viklov continued. “There is an attack on all of Russia’s origins, so the Western reaction to our activities is very fierce. Here is the battle between life and death. Russia is living and considering the legal interests of Russia. Fighting for death. Political map of the world.

“We didn’t come here to change the way the process works.”

We are not here to change the course of the process. The process is actually underway in Belarus and there is discussion on this subject. It is desirable to establish a new format here rather than holding a parallel meeting. But at today’s meeting, Mr Kreva said, “I couldn’t agree on a ceasefire.” There was no such goal here. It is said, “Let’s declare a ceasefire and establish a humanitarian corridor.” He says all this to tell reporters that our good intentions didn’t work. Here, research on instantaneous perception is done, and the main elements are ignored. “

“We solve the sanctions issue in that way.”

Regarding the sanctions, Mr. Viklov said, “We will solve the sanctions problem so that we will not depend on Westerners. We will take measures to prevent the same situation from happening again. We do not depend on it.” In the west, no sector can make the economy worse. We left all this to the conscience of our western colleagues, supplied oil and did not use gas as a punishment. “

“What is your red line on Russia’s military aid issue?” Answered the question, Viklov said.

“As for the countries that are armed with Ukraine, we believe that these countries pose a great threat to them. The Ukrainian government distributes weapons without documentation or registration. This is also a problem. . We didn’t say there was a plan NATO countries. Liz Truss’If Putin is in Ukraine, he said there is no limit to his passion if he doesn’t lose. We say so I’m not. “

Nuclear war?

Viklov, “Is there a nuclear war?” “I don’t believe it. These arguments were raised by Western representatives,” he said.

When asked if there was another meeting, Viklov replied, “We can hold meetings in any format, but these meetings should not be held solely for the purpose of the meeting.”

“We want to do things in good faith”

“Is Russia aiming for a solution through negotiations? When will the ceasefire occur?” In response to Viklov’s question, “”Citizens are dying, I will tell you a third time. This maternity hospital has been mentioned three times and there is an operation here. No one can provide security to harm another country. No one should try to play a dominant role. Individual countries, not the EU, must fulfill their obligations. See what happened to diplomacy. It is said that all problems can be solved by diplomacy. Ukraine needs to be disarmament because the threat posed here is directed at Russia. There are civilization threats, and there are all kinds of threats. It has become concrete and attractive. We want to do things honestly. If so, we would have come up with a solution. No partner wants to run the process honestly with us. “