Braquelmas Management has not been released-TRTSpor

The activities of the late Mustafa Jengis and Brak Elmas, who served in 2021, were financially and administratively announced at a conference held at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center Anador Auditorium, closed to the press and broadcast live on GSTV. rice field. Members vote for two separate terms in the eight ballot boxes that are set up.

The activities of the late former President Mustafa Jengis, who took office from January 1st to June 16th, and his administration have been liberated both financially and administratively.

Of the votes cast in administrative activities during the Genghis era, 918 were released and 421 were unreleased. Thirty-two of the votes were abstained and one of them was considered invalid.

Of the votes used to liberate the Mustafa Jengis administration, 958 voted for and 377 voted against. This vote had 36 abstentions and 4 invalid votes.

Braquelmas management failed to get executive approval

Between June 16 and December 31, the current Speaker of Parliament, Burak Elmas, and his administration were released financially, but were not administratively approved.

Of the votes cast in financial activities during the Brak-Elmas era, 718 were acquitted, 638 were acquitted, and 29 were acquitted.

Of the votes cast for the administrative release during the diamond period, 566 were in favor and 801 were against. 16 votes were cast as abstentions.

Therefore, the activities of the Brak Elmas administration were financially liberated, but not administratively.

On the other hand, the Board of Corporate Auditors of both terms was acquitted by an open ballot.

Brak Elmas has announced that they will make a special election decision

In a speech after the announcement of the vote, Galatasaray Club President Braquelmas said he would make an extraordinary election decision in accordance with the legislation.

Elmas wanted a decision to benefit the yellow-red community, saying, “We have tried as much service as we can today. Let’s get ourselves right. Next week, by meeting the following requirements: We will carry out the decisions you have made. Article 87.22 of our decree. “He said.

According to Article 87.22 of the Galatasaray Club Act, management who has not been released financially or administratively must make an extraordinary general meeting decision within 30 days.

The relevant parts of Article 87.22, which determine the duties and authority of the Board of Directors, are as follows:

“Convene an extraordinary election general meeting within 30 days at the latest in case the general meeting is financially and / or administratively acquitted.”

Mustafa Jengis administration released

The activities of the board of directors, led by the late Mustafa Jengis, from 1 January 2021 to 21 June 2021 were financially and administratively approved at the 2021 Galatasaray Sports Club Regular Meeting.

The 2021 regular meeting of the Galatasaray Sports Club was held at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center Anatolian Auditorium. The meeting was closed to the media.
After the speech, the Board of Directors, chaired by Mustafa Jengis, passed a vote on the financial and administrative liberation of activities for six months. Voting was held privately.
The activities of the Board of Directors, led by Mustafa Jengis, were announced financially and administratively. The financial release received 1372 votes. There were 958 votes, but 377 votes. In addition, 36 abstentions and 4 invalid votes were cast. On the administrative side, 1372 votes were cast, and in the case of release, there were 918 votes, 421 abstentions, 32 abstentions, and 1 invalid abstention.