Brak Elmas: Leaving the Club Association

There are also serious problems here in Turkey. Some clubs are serious about building teams that cannot be built with balance sheets and income. We are looking at clubs that have more debt than we spend more.

In that case, FFP does not occur in the field. Clubs must not spend more than their income on lending. If you extend your spending limits to a team, that team will be in debt, but if you have higher staff, another team will lose and compete with you.

Great measures are being taken against them in the world. Clubs with foreign and personal capital entry … Sponsorship agreements over market capitalization are being seriously considered … Turkey also needs to do this well. All federations are obliged to implement UEFA’s FFP system. As Turkey, we closed our eyes. These damages were invisible. Inspection … Both us and our competitors need to undergo the strictest inspection.

“SUPER LIGINC. Cannot be established with the association and management of existing clubs.”

Süper Lig AŞ cannot be established with existing Clubs Association and management. There is no unity and integrity in the current structure of the club coalition. There are significant disagreements within the club association. If you continue as it is, consider not belonging to the club association. TFF has asked the club association for the latest postponement decision. We hadn’t played a Barcelona match yet when he asked the club association. That day, he said, “This kind of weather is coming. The fields may deteriorate and get injured.” Some clubs say, “If he wants it, don’t do it.”

Publication bidders

The current publisher has won a $ 500 million contract. He received a discount every year. That’s down to $ 200 million. He gets a discount when he can’t pay. You sign $ 500 million and spend accordingly. You give up that number, but my creditors don’t. Publisher revenue is also a serious force for the Anador team. We must uphold the rights of those teams. There will be development in the coming weeks. The Saran Group made an offer, they made the best offer. The 1A package is still unknown.

The truth must be told here. You have to make a fundamental decision when bidding for live broadcasts. All income has decreased. We are at the bottom. It’s also dangerous for clubs where broadcasting bids is the biggest source of income.

Our view of the pool. Galatasaray, Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Trabzonspor, we are in this pool for the benefit of Turkish sports. We are sacrificing much of what we need to get from the broadcast. If the corrupt system of club associations and football management continues, we can think of radical things. Our club has a great obligation to football in Turkey. We will not give up on that mission.


We didn’t enter the young player system to sell. I decided on a strategy. Its main goal is to bring young players serious income to Galatasaray by training young players, adding value to them, and, in line with their aspirations, taking the next step, including experienced players. Have the same project infrastructure. We are also working on a full-scale structuring of the infrastructure. “We are in the first year of this project. We can’t do this all at once. As Galatasaray, we can say we’re even slower to do this. Players should be considered commodities that can be bought and sold. No. Players are human, some don’t want to go, others want to.

Election subject

We were in this position knowing that we would make difficult decisions. To date, there are no additional debts. I used to borrow when I was running out of cash. After the Bankers Association, you need to operate with serious discipline. We are preparing Galatasaray for the future. There are small groups that make this a habit, are not worried about Galatasaray’s future, want a change in power, or want to see themselves in power. Galatasaray has a very serious common sense. He said Galatasaray has a pole that brings balance of power and battle. We said we would leave these poles as a minority. I trust the will of the wise majority. I think they are seeing what they really are. Recognition began a month after he won the election. Anyone with 3-5 cents in their social media pocket can participate in these perceptions. Some media members agreed that saying good things would give a lower rating than saying bad things. If you can talk about you, you have to be comfortable. We are doing the right thing for Galatasaray and will continue to do so. We are not to win the election, but because it is right.

No worries about being released. There are groups who want to see themselves in power or are delighted not to be acquitted. The General Assembly elected us for three years. We continue what we know. We will endeavor to manage it appropriately. Do you have a difficult moment? is happening. We are trying to go the right way without giving up on our strategy.

Arrival of Domenek Trent

Trent came at a very difficult time. He had a lot of matches in the short term and didn’t have much time to change or change his team. Following the legend of Galatasaray is not easy. He was exposed to serious and unjustified criticism and pressure. Trent and team. I have a very good team. They work seriously. A serious report is coming. There are also significant improvements in players. I think the effect will be clear from next year. He knows Galatasaray from the outside. The most famous Turkish sports brand overseas. He taught me the history of Galatasaray. When he explained that he brought a great ideal here, he said, “We call Barcelona more than a club. That’s a bit of a nationalist reason. You really are more than a club. . ”Laporta did the same. Maybe for the first time. Take President Laporta of Barcelona to Galatasaray High School and show where we were founded. I am very happy with the process of working with Torrent.

Not only Barcelona, ​​there are many clubs that appreciate certain features. It is important for Galatasaray to work with these clubs at a high level. Barcelona is one of them. When we left for Barcelona, ​​four friends from Infrastructure visited the Barcelona Academy. We don’t go to the game. I wanted to go to a friend and get information. We think about what it brings to us. We can’t say anything without their good intentions, but we aim to work together.

Actually, Galatasaray Island could not be used due to a mistake. Many people in the administration, especially those in Galatasaray, have made great efforts without expecting a loan. When we took office, we had already said that we should follow this case. We have tracked our case very closely and well. Looking at the Turkish judicial process, I submitted a petition to take the lead in the appeal. It was Galatasaray’s success that the litigation process was approved by the Supreme Court in such a short period of time. No one should try to accomplish some of this positive work. Good luck, Galatasaray. The failure is mine. There are several zoning related works on the island. There is a detection case. We look forward to the results. If all goes well, it will open as a social facility in the summer. We have a positive idea about the island.

We thank all the fans for their support. We may not agree, but we are asking for a coat of arms. There will be a huge number of fans in the match against Barcelona. I want to reach the quarterfinals.