Brak Elmas: I’m not a candidate-TRT Spor

As the elections approached in Galatasaray, President Burak Elmas announced that he would not be a candidate for the June 11 presidential election.

The headings of Brak Elmas’s remarks are:

“When we took office, the cost of the team was 50 million euros. We reduced it to 27 million euros. We have completed the legal proceedings on Galatasaray Island and have ensured that we have regained ownership.”

“We have obtained all the permits required for the Kemelburgaz project. New management will also find land that has been approved for the project and has a permit for Kemelburgaz. It has been vacant for a long time, so the lease We have a preliminary contract. “

“We managed costs by increasing the difference between income and costs in the first 6 months from 12 million TL in the first 6 months to +12 million in clubs. These are issues that no one cares about. But it’s important for the future of Galatasaray. “

“I insisted on having an election and said many times. Then another game started. We took the whole process in good faith, but they pulled it to the other side. Attempted. Another council chair announced an extraordinary council meeting, where the council chair was insulted in a way that did not follow Galata Sarai’s values. We saw an uninterrupted meeting. . “

“Metin Ozturk abused my good intentions.”

“Metin Ozturk accused me of being the” Chairman of the Council. ” He abused my good intentions, even though he revealed he didn’t know Galatasaray at all. “

“Floria has agreed with Emlak Konut to buy privatized land, three times as much land as ours, to repay Galatasaray’s future debt and create a project to earn working capital. .For the future.”

“Mr. Abdullahim Albayrac confused my family with this issue. If they submit after he was not released on April 16, 2019, he has two prejudices and malice. The speech he did not give was charged twice. Thank you for managing the council council well. “

“Let’s see what the people who ignored the General Assembly’s administration and tried to get believers in the” stance, not penny “faction … they were silent about our brother Lynch. I did. Oujan, who they call “we got it for free,” caused serious material and moral damage in the incident with Rizepo. After that, they made endless claims in court as if nothing had happened, confusing my family. “

“We couldn’t do everything we wanted to do in the short term, but there’s a lot we did. I told the candidate,” I’m not a candidate, don’t ruin me, I won’t ruin with you. “

“I don’t participate in this game, so I will continue to struggle with this game from the outside.”

“People who cooperated with illegal betting gangs were also revealed by our judiciary. We opened a topic that was much discussed in our time, but no one dared to open, and was transparent with the members. I shared and discussed with. I took office in Turkish football from that moment and we participated in the fight against this system. No clubs are borrowing money. “