Brak Elmas: Announcing Next Week’s Elmas Date-TRT Spor

Elmas provided information on the progress made at the annual meeting on March 26 and the subsequent press conference at the Arisamien Sports Complex Nev Stadium.

Elmas recalled the decision of the extraordinary general meeting after not being released from the executive branch at the financial council, and said some lawmakers brought the matter into the judiciary.

Keeping in mind that he continued to provide information on progress to presidential candidates Eşref Hamamcıoğlu and Metin Öztürk, Elmas held a selective general meeting as a precautionary measure by the 10th Civil Court following a proceeding filed by club member Fırat Develioğlu last week. I remembered that I decided to pause. However, this decision was lifted by an objection.

Explaining that Fırat Develioğlu has appealed to the Fourth Civil Assembly of the District Court of Istanbul, Elmas said:

“It’s interesting that there was no information on the day of the appeal, but at around 16:00, the Court of Appeals’ decision began to spread. The lawyer said UYAP had no such decision. The decision was made today. But knew who provided it the day before. After this decision, a serious reputational assassination and lynching began, suggesting that the business has grown and an injunction has been taken. The campaign has started. By me. While all this was happening, our club didn’t receive a decision until this morning. We found this morning. “

Elmas explained that he had met with presidential candidates Hamamuchul and Ozturk today after the decision, saying: “They told me they wanted to postpone this election from May 21st to 28th. Galatasaray was a difficult month. A very serious decision made by an unbudgeted government Yes, I’ll be leaving a month later. I was transferred to the amateur branch because I was worried about the budget I told them. By the way, today I applied to the court to lift the injunction, but that application too. It was rejected. “ I used the phrase.

“You don’t have to resign to pave the way for elections.”

Brak Elmas emphasized that the presidential candidate wants a fair election and is right in this regard. “Galatasaray is in serious turmoil. Our entire community must follow this and fight those who want to ensure its continuity. Our fans and some members, especially on social media. Seems to be misunderstood. If we resign, the club is blunt and unable to make decisions in very serious situations, to pave the way for elections. “No need to resign. We did everything we could to ensure that the elections were held. “” I made that evaluation.

Explaining that he has suffered many problems since joining the Galatasaray Club, Elmas continued:

“There was an indisputable issue in Galatasaray and I presented it to the members’ information. This confused a lot of people. We tried to stop it, but we didn’t give up. We were in Galatasaray. We made everything transparent about the future. We didn’t deviate from our path. There were some groups who struggled not to do this from the beginning. Unfortunately, this struggle continues at regular general meetings. It also happened during the Polat era. This problem was once again highlighted. In the era of Mustafa Jengis. “

Elmas explained that there was a serious struggle at the Galatasaray Club. “Galatasaray is the luckiest club to repay its debt today, but these projects were done by a group of people who didn’t want to be done and wanted Galatasaray to actually go to the trustee. I think. “ I used the phrase.

“I decided to make the necessary announcements next week.”

Burak Elmas said the Galatasaray Club cannot get out of this difficult process without elections. “We are not the Galatasaray people who intend to stay here for a long time, except against the will of Galatasaray. We have been requested by the candidates. Everyone makes a decision to us as soon as possible. But it’s not 24 hours. Since the court ruling, we also want to talk seriously. Galatasaray has an important veteran. Formerly I also want to meet the president. Next week. , Decided to make the necessary announcements to set the date in a way that does not lock Galatasaray. By consulting about the election. “ He said.

He explained that Galatasaray’s top priority was to get out of the turmoil and hold elections, and Elmas said the question of whether to become a presidential candidate: “This is not Galatasaray’s priority. You have to get out of here first. You have to get out of Galatasaray together.” I used the phrase.

In the process, Brak Elmas called Aykutalp Derkan and Chairman of the Board Fırat Develioğlu to ask them to withdraw the proceedings, but said he did not actively respond to these requests.

Galatasaray explained that he had repeatedly expressed danger, and Elmas said he would file criminal charges against some people in connection with what happened during the court process. “Unfortunately, some members make unjustified accusations. I do what is necessary for these accusations. People do the same to the next president after causing serious damage to Galatasaray. I’m waiting for you to do it, “he said. .. I made a statement.

In the process, they emphasized that they had the opportunity to participate in the election twice, Elmas said: “We were able to make the necessary objections, make preventative decisions, and participate in elections. We didn’t like them, so we wanted to continue this process. But when we got there, how much It didn’t happen when I wanted it, but I’ll do my best to get Galatasaray back to normal course. “ Expressed his opinion.

Elmas answered a question about the fact that some members are going to Galatasaray High School tomorrow to collect election signatures.

“I support this signing issue. In fact, I will go tomorrow and sign. My board friends will also sign. Galatasaray democracy is not interfered with for various reasons. Interference with Galatasaray democracy You have to be strict. From inside and outside. Members don’t have to worry. Despite Galatasaray’s will and future survival, there is no president or board of directors here to vie for power. Let’s calm down for him. Galatasaray needs to hold an election. Think for a few days, discuss and share the results with Galatasaray fans. “