Brak Elmas announces election date

The highlights of the statement are:

After the regular General Assembly on March 26, I and my friends on the board, with the exception of the past, did their best to pave the way for Galatasaray and hold elections. I repeat, emphasizing those who want to use this for politics within Galatasaray. This is the election. Again, for those who don’t understand. This is your choice. I decided to choose the earliest date. We have done all the defenses with the candidates. In the process, I didn’t say that this election would never happen. Every time we say that this choice is made and the necessary steps are taken.

The decision must be made on Tuesday, March 21-28 at the latest. It’s new information that the board has learned, so at least I asked for permission to consult. We applied to the court for the signatures of all members of the board and demanded that the decision be revoked. There are elections, but we needed to get a lot of approval for their history. It is normal for Galatasaray’s president and board to make short-term requests. There are many details to get the required permissions.

BURAK DIAMOND announces election date

There are two dates. May 21-28. The other is from June 4th to 11th, when the members get together and support. I had to decide between these two dates. It will be decided from June 4th to 11th. We will also do it. There is an election in Galatasaray. I and my friends sit in these seats, as others do.

There were at least four to five disciplined speeches that I wanted to ignite at the council held today, forgetting what I had done in the past and going out and acting on President Galatasaray. It happened without any blush. After the meeting, I called the council chairman and condolences to him for the absence of speeches, accusations and ugly rhetoric interventions at the meeting.

You may have a personal grudge. You may have been greedy for power. Unfortunately, keep in mind that your speech comes to Galatasaray. In an environment where members of the council were lynched, they gave a speech without ever saying “don’t do it.” And they lied. They claimed that the manager did not attend the March 27 budget vote, which was attended by five or six of my friends. No one disturbed this lie.

Anyone who is a member of the Galatasaray Sports Club and does not stand up while his president is speaking or applauds when the president is criticized by a member of Galatasaray should not be told that he is a Galatasaray player.

“Let Fatih Terim get out and talk”
All former presidents need to come out and talk. Let me speak one of my calls to Fatih Terim, who is going to be used in Galatasaray politics without his will. Everyone needs to speak and tell what everyone knows. Relax in Galatasaray. Galatasaray Sports Club TV is open to anyone who wants to make these speeches. Mistakes and truths should be shared openly. Also, members who take disciplinary action in Galatasaray should be carefully monitored.

-Will he be a candidate for President Galatasaray? ――――

Galatasaray does not currently have such a priority. First, let’s announce the selection process. Take the necessary precautions to make this choice so that you will never have a problem again. In Galatasaray, no one can point to anyone. Even if such a presidential candidate appears, it should not.

If you want to delay this choice, there is a very easy way. Apply for postponement of public disclosure. There have been decisions in this direction in the past. After that, I ran for president. I didn’t rely on them. After that, it would be ridiculous to issue an injunction. I am very happy that I did not go to the board of directors. I am glad that I did not attend such a board of directors of Galatasaray. It will hurt me in terms of style.

Do you have a word for Floria? Have you considered resigning?

He never resigns from President Galatasaray, and resignation is an unnecessary method for a president who is willing to make this choice. Unfortunately, the other claim is about Fatih Altaylı’s claim. Mr. Altairi is a Galatasaray fan I am very close to. But after all, don’t forget that he is a journalist. There are three items he claims. It’s all a lie. Unpurchased land will be bid. We made all bids and all purchases transparent and followed certain steps. Just like making a promise to someone in Galatasaray, I don’t know how the promise was made. Ask the person making this claim to bring information and documents. Let’s apply to the court together. Galatasaray has already come here with these rumors.

Galatasaray needs to fight for ideas. I wanted to realize this sense of unity by truly cooperating without discriminating against everyone. It turns out that the only thing we have achieved is to unite the opposition within Galatasaray. Members who do not usually eat at the same table gathered. I hope they get together for Galatasaray. With these habits, I don’t think this is easy. In many sections of Galatasaray, there is no willingness to unite. I don’t think it will be unified in an environment where everyone has a will to power. There is a battle of ideas in Galatasaray. Any idea that has been endorsed by the members will be it. Some of our statements at Galatasaray were misunderstood.

Everything that needs to be done in Galatasaray is urgent, but the new administration will do something that is not urgent. However, it does not leave Galatasaray undecided on urgent issues. Currently, it is not possible to make long-term decisions. Ask this question to a speaker speaking in Divan and they will give you the answers you need.