Both staff and salaries are from the state.

Questions from Hakan Güldağ, Maruf Buzcugil, Hüseyin Gökçe in the Dünya newspaperIn answering the question, Birgin said:

At what stage is the 3600 additional indicator? Is there an election?

The president has announced that he will run later this year without waiting for the election. We will work accordingly and complete the 3600 technical work in May. I will publish it. Legal amendments are needed and all work will be completed in May and submitted to Congress to make the necessary decisions if Congress deems it appropriate.

Vedat Birgin, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

Is there a change in scope?

The president announced a specific group. However, it also has some features and status. For example, there are police officers, but they are not the same indicators as the state police chief. A nurse and a state health director cannot be the same. Cover all of this. Arrange 3600s that do not destroy the public bureaucratic hierarchy. The second is cost. This arrangement will bring additional burden to the public, but consider the burden it will bring when Turkey’s budget and economic problems worsen. There are three different scenarios in front of you, depending on the scope and cost. We have a table that knows all civil servants, their status, their wages and severance pay. I will give it to the president, but it will end in May, so my work is over.

We will give you a salary with the staff.

Another very important support mechanism to initiate pilot implementation is in place at Gaziantep. A direct employment project will be launched, with direct employment rather than corporate training. Many businessmen came today and said, “We can’t find such qualified people, we can’t find masters on CNC machines, we can’t find engineers.” .. In other words, we provide direct human resources, not training. We will cover 3 months’ wages, all insurance, etc. The process then continues its nine-month employment obligation.

What wage policy do you have as the state pays?

There is a new employment model with three levels of classification for elementary school students, those who have graduated from vocational school or high school, and those who have a college or engineering education. The name of the program will be “Participation in the production process”. Select six major sectors, depending on the nature of your work. A program that continues 3 months of support and 9 months of employment obligations. There are three differentiated wage levels, from the minimum wage to the first level. We don’t know how the employer decides what to do next. I think this project will bring the Turkish industry to life and meet demand.

Will the minimum wage be reconsidered?

Regarding the minimum wage, we must first say: This year’s minimum wage increase is over 50%, and it is very important to exclude the minimum wage from taxation. It is important that the minimum wage is exempt from taxation on all income. People who work on fixed wages, AGI has been abolished, the business they say lower wages is wrong. Labor law explicitly prohibits returning from agreed wages. The minimum wage should be viewed in terms of conditions. If Congress brings it to the agenda and does not change it, it will be decided in December, but if it is abnormal, of course, we will evaluate it by looking at these conditions. However, the legal situation indicates December. The statutory date for the new minimum wage is December.