Bodrumspor Statement from Bayburtspor President Caliskan-2nd League News

Defeating Zentrum Bayburt Private Administration Spor 3-1 at home in the first match of the TFF Second League Playoffs Semifinal, Bodrumspor will play away tomorrow with his opponent. The last few minutes between the two clubs were tense with mutual explanations after the first match, which was turbulent, but Bayburt fans went to the hotel where Bodrumspor camp before the rematch. I came and cheered. Bodrumspor’s soccer player, who had trouble sleeping, also saw the moment on his mobile phone. Cerrill Charskan, President of the Bayburt Private Sports Club, has issued a press statement on this matter.

Çalışkan, referring to what happened last night, said:

“I felt the need to explain based on the unfounded news of the press and some media. The Bodrumspor team who came to our city for the Bodrumspor match to play tomorrow was at the hotel where they stayed ( I live in the same hotel) protested by some of the fans. I don’t admit oaths or insults, but most of the fans around the hotel, except for some isolated cases. As it did before every important soccer match, it showed its own reaction to put pressure on its opponents.

However, they were not involved in any activities such as hotel raids, physical violence, or property damage, as written and depicted in the press. No matter what happens, we should not doubt that we will be courteous to Bodrumspor, like all the teams we have come to our city as guests.

However, after the incident last night, our guest team had a final training session and returned to the hotel without any problems.

I have targeted brothers who are members of the police who are tasked with ensuring the safety of the enemy and accepted the accusation as an insult to our police and fellow police officers working there by saying they did not intervene. Anyway.

The people of Bayburt have and will continue to host all guests within the framework of friendship and brotherhood. The city as a whole and my club cannot and should be responsible for individual cases.

I will repay the treatment I received in Bodrum in the fight in the green field at the tournament tomorrow. We do not allow anyone to create a psychological warfare atmosphere with atmosphere and confusing remarks, and we begin legal proceedings against these people who drive people into hatred and hostility. I will inform you that a false statement. “

“Bayburtspor is not a political rant”

In a second statement, President of the Bayburt Special Management Sports Club, Seril Charskan, said: Bayburtspor is not a political rant. No one guarantees, don’t talk about Bayburtspor or make it a political source. Bayburtspor is not in anyone’s political interests. It is advisable to do politics outside the green fields. To make it look cute to your fan group, we encourage you not to comment on topics you don’t know.

We want to fight in the green field. I believe there is no need to stress the people of Bayburt with political discourse outside the field. Now let our soccer player brothers talk on the field. It’s a shame to see that I regret it after the explanation. ” He made a statement.

“Criminal accusation from Bodrum spor”

Meanwhile, Bodrumspor, a guest of the Bayburt Special District in the semi-finals of tomorrow’s TFF Second League playoffs, has filed a criminal complaint against Bayburtspor’s Vice President Muhammad Ali Karaol. (UAV)