Bodrumspor Attack on Hotel-Sports News Just Before

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In an ongoing playoff match in the second league, Bodrumspor defeated 3-1 on the field of Bayburt Özel Administrationspor in the first match of the semifinals. Bodrumspor, who achieved a favorable score before the second leg on Tuesday, issued a statement after the match on the phone from Bayburt’s second president, Muhammet Karaoğlu.

Karaoğlu claimed in a statement that Bodrumspor fans threw stones with their feet, invited a group of Bayburt supporters to the match, and called on the Bayburt shopkeeper to close the store. After Muhammet Karaoğlu’s statement, it was discovered that Bayburt supporters’ posts on social media could face a chilling situation.

Bodrumspor went to Bayburt on Sunday night for the second leg match on Tuesday. A Bayburt fan who came in front of the hotel where Bodormuspor was staying at night tried to enter the hotel with soccer players using sparklers and fireworks twice. In the video that appeared, we found that the guards were having a hard time removing the attacking group.

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The Bodrumspor Club issued a written statement today, paying attention to this danger, stating:

Our Bodrumspor professional soccer team won the first match of the 2nd League Red Group Semifinals of An Zentrum Bayburt Private Administrationspor 3-1 on Friday, May 20, 2022 at 16.00.

Bodrum, the Turkish window open to the world, the diamonds of our tourism, the mirror of the cultural richness of our country, with a very kind attitude with its management, supporters, people and police members. With guests, our team is in the same gentlemanly field. In fact, this hospitality was highly appreciated by TFF officials.

Although there was tension between the players during the match due to the importance of the competition, these actions that could occur in each match were successfully completed with the authority and disciplinary action of the referee of the match.

But we regret having said that. After the tournament, some managers of the Bayburt representative made false statements and statements on social media that could be considered a surprise to us.

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If attention is paid; the fan’s exemplary attitude, which has been appreciated with a gentlemanly attitude towards all teams since the beginning of the season, is due to the efforts of police members, private guards and club staff. Ignored. Attempted to end the match in a statement and sound manner. Subject; It has been removed from the unity of football and has come to use politics as a tool.

As football fans, we provoke our supporters and have an atmosphere of hatred for the second match they play on the homefield by swearing our stands with fans of all political views. I saw the statements of those who tried to make it in horror.

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Those who could not find a place to pay the price of the 3-1 defeat call on those who said they used politics with feelings of lies, overruns, resentments, hatred, and revenge to prove it. In fact, we encourage you to go one step further and fight with these “fictitious people.”

At the end of the match, the manager’s revenge, which constantly invites supporters to the match at Bayburt, is an unsuitable expression for a sportsman.

We have already warned the General Directorate of Security, the Turkish Football Federation, and everyone involved in this issue. The relevant manager is responsible for all events that may occur after these false and sneaky remarks.

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It is against the normal flow of life for the supporters who won 3-1 to act instead of showing joy. It was also determined from a post-match investigation by tournament officials, as there were no similar incidents claimed at this tournament or that could remind us of these claims.

We have this respected manager who tells these lies to provoke fans and tell them how they greeted them in the stadium parking lot and how they accompanied the Protocol Tribune. Expect to provoke fans and seek every possible means to skip the lap. How to say goodbye to his car as well at the end of the match.

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But common sense people, especially Bayburt football fans, do not give opportunities to those who try to use football games as a political tool in their own way, those who try to create casualties, those who try to provoke. We know that it stimulates ourselves and their revenge, and we hope that the people of the Black Sea region will host our team with true hospitality. Our faith is eternal.

We know that losing is as much as winning in soccer. But we also realize that all of this needs to remain in the field.

Together with the Bodrumspor and Bayburtspor communities, we make an announcement in honor of the precious football world.