Bloomer: Thank God I’m here-TRT Spor

Portuguese player explaining his first days at Fenerbahce, “I feel very good and happy. I came to a big team like Fenerbahce. I’m glad I’m here now. I’m glad to be able to participate in team training as soon as possible. We I have to keep working hard because I have a lot of goals I want to achieve this year. I was very well received here. I played in Turkey before. I knew some of my teammates before. So I actually felt like I was home. Now we have to work hard. Of course, this time of year is not easy, but we will do our best for the rest of our lives. I will work hard. “ I used the phrase.

“Jorge Jesus loves to work”

In response to a question about Director Jorge Jesus and his pace of work, Bruma said, “Jorge Jesus is a world-famous coach. Everyone already knows him. You don’t have to talk about him. He really likes to work. He’s very diligent. We tell him I think we should give him some time, because he has to get used to the club, the players, and the country. It’s definitely a good season to get used to. At this stage of the season, the team is very fierce. We’re in the working tempo. We players are just out of vacation. We may struggle at this pace, but as we get used to it, it will get easier over time. ” Said.

“If we are a team, the rest will come anyway.”

A successful name that emphasizes the concept of the team and the characteristics of the players, “I’m not a soccer player who likes to make too many promises. I aim to play soccer on the field and enjoy playing soccer. Fenerbahce is a great team. I have Fenerbahce as its goal. We are here to help you achieve your goals. We want to reach our goals. This is the most important thing for us. If we are a team, the rest will come. You can make your club and fans happy. More importantly, be a collective team. When teams play together in football, they can be very successful. Don’t play together. And you can’t be very successful. Everyone on the team needs to focus on the same goal. They must want the same goal. Fenerbahce is a very big community and we have this awareness. You have to start working. Fenerbahce needs to win the championship. Fenerbahce needs to play and win every trophy it deserves in order to win every match he plays. Fenerbahce needs to play. You need to aim for the championship in every tournament. He said.

“Competition of shirts in favor of clubs”

Bruma said the jersey competition is in the club’s favor, saying: “I think this is a very good thing. If Fenerbahce gets more players, I think the competition for jerseys in the team will intensify because there is another player in your position as much as you. , Because it drives you to work harder, want more, and be more trained. I think this will also help the club. I think the jersey competition is always in the club’s favor. . “ Said.

The Portuguese player who reemphasized that he was a team while referring to his playing style “I think everyone knows my style. I’m a player who likes dribbling, scoring goals, assisting and supporting the team in the goal area. Everyone here is more or less my style. I know. With God’s will, I want to keep going well this year. As I said, the important thing is to play as a team. If you can play together as a team, your personal performance will also be It will improve. “ I used the phrase.

Bloomer tells the story of the beginning of football, “I was a kid who loved playing soccer. I used to play soccer with my friends as usual. Then I went to a soccer school and learned more about soccer there. I also started my career in Portugal. I did. My brother also played soccer. “ He said.

“Thank God I am here”

In praise to fans of the Turkish League and Fenerbahce, Bruma said: “I always tell my friends.” The Turkish league is a very good league. The fans are great and the stadium is beautiful. I moved to Germany thanks to the football I played in Turkey. I have taken such a big step in my career in the Turkish League. We appreciate. I’m relaxing here. The reason I’m at home here is because people love me. I love this country. My teammates can help me. I’m relaxing here. Fans’ interest in Turkish League football allows players to experience more motivation and passion for their profession. This is a really great source of motivation, especially if you’re playing on a big team like Fenerbahce with a great fan base. Thank you for being here. I want to enjoy playing soccer here. As I said, we need to work hard to reach our goals.” Said.

Bruma briefly explains the fact that he will play the first official match of the season with Dynamo Kyiv in the second qualifying round of the Champions League. “We need to think step by step. We are currently in the pre-season preparation period. The next official match is the Dynamokiif match. We need to make the most of the pre-season camp. The next focus is Dynamokiif. It’s a match. All of our focus is on the game. The important thing is that the team can join the Champions League. Fenerbahce wants to play in the Champions League, which is very important for teams, players and fans. I think we can achieve this if we work together. “ I used the phrase.

“Fenerbahce needs to return to the Champions League again”

Bruma emphasized that the Champions League organization is another source of motivation for football players, saying: “Every player wants to join the Champions League. This is a great motivation for both clubs, players and fans. Fenerbahce needs to return to the Champions League again. Fans need to return to happiness again. We’re working on this too. We have to think about each match. It’s been a long season, but we’ll do our best. “ Said.

“I feel like I’m at home”

Existence of numerous players with different cultures and different languages, “It wasn’t too long since I got here. The team has players who speak Spanish and Portuguese. Most people speak English, and I can understand a little Turkish. That’s why I’m at home. I want to have fun and please my fans. I hope I can reach my goal this year. “ “About the Turkish-speaking name of the team,” said Wing, who has been the focus of attention in his remarks.I have to adapt little by little. I speak a little Turkish, and I can understand it. It will settle down slowly over time. “ Said.

“Bruma is actually the name my dad gave me.”

Armindo Tué Na Bangna, the story of the nickname “Bruma”, “This is actually the name my dad gave me. He used to call it when I was little. Her best friend’s name was Bloomer, and I liked that name very much. So she used to call me that way at home, and that’s the way they called me at school. It’s the name I’ve always been called since I was little. “ He explained.

“I am devoted to my family and friends.”

Bruma said that the concepts of “family” and “friends” are of particular importance to him.

“I am very attached to my friends. I really like to entertain and make them laugh. I like to make jokes, be happy and make people happy. I spend time with my family. I enjoy my time very much. I am devoted to my family and friends. “

A Portuguese soccer player said he had rituals such as prayer and listening to music, saying: “I’m praying on my way to the stadium. Thank God. Similarly, I like listening to music on my way to the stadium, which I think motivates players.” He finished his speech.