Bloody murder in Kirsehir!Images of a car kidnapped by Sheima Demir and Hasan Iduan

The horrific incident occurred in the Ağbayır area of ​​Bağbaşı Mahallesi around 16:00 on March 25th. Hasan Aydoğan, who reportedly works for a private company, and his girlfriends Şeyma Demir, Şefik Ekici and Sami Aydoğan, who are students of the Aged Care Department of the Ahi Evran University Vocational School of Health Sciences while sitting in the car. I have been working as a security guard in the city of Kirsehir for eight years and have come to them. Guards Sheima Demir and Hasan Iduan, who introduced themselves as handcuffed police, demanded that they get out of the car. Hasan and Şeyma reacted to the situation after getting out of the car. Two guards then handcuffed Aydoğan and Demir upside down and put them in the car. He then arrived at the Kizılımak River near the village of Kortur in the central district, about 50 km away from the area. The guards who killed Hasan Aydoğan and Şeyma Demir for unknown reasons threw their bodies into the river. After cleaning the car, the murder suspect left the village.

They confirmed the murder

The family, who could not reach the child, reported the situation to the police. A team from the State Police Department’s Public Security Bureau has been notified of an abandoned car in the woods of the Ağbayır area in the Bağbaşı district. Upon inspection, the car was determined to belong to Hasan Iduan. A police search found a coat and bag containing the couple’s cell phone, Sheima Demir’s belongings, in the car. Therefore, the team strengthening the work in this area investigated the images of the security cameras in the surrounding area. As a result of the investigation, it was found that a white car came to the place where Hasan Iduan and Sheima Demir were and ran the car after a while. The team, which tracked the vehicle extensively, determined in the MOBESE image that Hasan and Şeyma were inside the vehicle. Then, Shefik Ekichi and Sami Iduan who were in the car were detained. The cross-examined suspect confessed to the murder. Two security guards suspected of murder were arrested by a court taken out after proceedings at a police station.


HASAN search continues

Police, gendarmerie, health, AFAD, and underwater search and rescue teams began operations after the murderer confessed that he had thrown his body into the Kizılımac River. Sheima Demir found her body washed ashore three days after the incident. Demir’s hands were handcuffed backwards, her legs were tied with a rope, and her neck was shot with a gun, and she was determined to have been killed. She was taken to the morgue of the Kırşehir Training and Research Hospital, where Demir was sent out on her final journey after her funeral prayer was held in Axar village after her autopsy procedure was completed. I did. The search for the missing Hasan Aydoğan on the Kizılımak River continues. The idgans searched in the area until this evening have not yet been found. Due to bad weather, the team has suspended work today. Teamwork will resume early tomorrow morning.


Image of the car where Hasan and Seima ran

Meanwhile, a close investigation by the police team revealed footage of the murder suspects Sami Iduan and Shefik Ekichi. After driving to the area where the incident first occurred and taking Hasan Aydoğan and Şeyma Demir, security camera footage of the suspected murderer driving away from the area appeared. In the image; it was noted that after the white car arrived in the area at high speed, it waited for a while and then returned to the same road to drive.



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