“Big Four” is also competing on social media


Turkey’s most fan-filled, so-called “big four” clubs, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Trabzonspor, are competing with followers and interactions on social media accounts, as well as in the sports arena.

The Internet, which spreads around the world every day and is indispensable for people, has become the field of sports where people interact most. In today’s sports world, few clubs do not have a social media account and do not explain statements, transfers, or events from this channel.

Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Trabzonspor are Turkey’s most established clubs with both fan numbers and history, competing with social media accounts to take advantage of the popularity of the internet and competition in the field. increase. ..

Pre-season social media accounts, followers, and interactions with these clubs from 2022 to 2023 were statistically summarized by AA correspondents.

Galatasaray is top on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

One of the most important social media channels, Garatarasai’s leadership on the number of Twitter followers chosen by the club to explain statements, innovations, transfers and events is the focus of attention.


The yellow-red club had 11.5 million followers on Twitter, while Fenerbahce had 9.4 million followers, Besiktas 5 million, and Trabzonspor 1.9 million.

On Facebook, Galatarasay seems to be ahead of other clubs with 11.5 million followers. Following Fenerbahce, Fenerbahce has 8.6 million followers, Besiktas 5.5 million, and Trabzonspor 997,000 followers.

With the availability of video sharing, large teams continue to compete on Instagram, one of the more popular social media networks these days. In this area, Galatasaray is No. 1 with 11.4 million followers, Fenerbahce is No. 2 with 8 million followers, Besiktas is No. 3 with 4.9 million followers, and Trabzonspor is No. 4 with 1.1 million followers. It is a place.

Fenerbahce leads on Youtube and Tiktok

In the video sharing area Youtube, Fenerbahçe is the club with the most subscribers, with 2 million 290,000 subscribers.

In the region, Galatasaray followed Fenerbahce with 2 million 60,000 subscribers, Besiktas with 1 million 10,000 and Trabzonspor with 292,000 subscribers.

Competition between teams is one of the latest video sharing areas and continues at Tiktok, which is widespread around the world with short video sharing capabilities.

Fenerbahce, Galatarasai and Besiktas have official accounts in the area, but Trabzonspor does not yet have an official account.

Fenerbahçe has 956,000 followers on Tiktok, while Galatarasay has 638,000 200 followers on Fenerbahçe and 359,800 followers on Beşiktaş.

Mesut Özil and İrfan Can Kahveci break record of interaction

Social media has made it possible to measure interactions between fans and the general public, as well as the number of club followers and subscribers. Videos shared on social media platforms set a new record for viewership. Fenerbahce has the greatest interaction in this regard.

In a statement made on the Twitter account of “Deportes & Finanzas” known for social media research, Fenerbahçe’s official Twitter account received 25.3 million interactions in January 2021 and set a world record based on the sports team. It was announced that it was updated.

The most interactive of Fenerbahce’s posts was a video of Mesut Özil and Ilfan Kang Kavechi announcing their transfer.

The video post dated January 24, 2021 when Mesut Özil’s transfer was announced received over 295,000 likes, over 95,000 retweets, and over 11,000 citations at the time. The video, which announced the transfer of Ilfan Jean Kavechi, received over 225,000 likes and 43,000 retweets and was quoted about 8,000 times.

At the same time, for Fenerbahce fans, tracking the location of the plane carrying Mesut Özil every minute after taking off from London was also considered a world record. The most followed flights on the “flightradar24” website, which provides detailed flight information, were stated to be flights of “KOC10” planes carrying more than 300,000 Mesut Özil.

Trabzonspor celebration video played 12.2 million times

This success of Trabzonspor, which ended at the top of the Super League last season, became a hot topic all over the world at the celebration of the championship held by fans.

The championship celebration video, first shared by Anadolu Agency and quoted by the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, was spread by word of mouth after being quoted by FIFA.

In a video shared on the official FIFA account on May 2, 2022, “When I won the title for the first time in 38 years … it reached 12.2 million views worldwide.

Currently, we continue to work with sports club initiatives to gain interaction in the social media arena with the addition of monetization capabilities.

Broken: “Social media is a great digital marketing tool”

He made a statement to AA correspondents about the use of social media by sports clubs and is the Dean of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Communication Studies, Marmara University. Dr. Ali Murat Kirik, “Social media and apps are the perfect digital marketing tool for sports clubs.” Said.

Emphasizing that increasing followers is an important benefit to the club, Kırık said: “Sports club promotions, transfer announcements, live game narration, and news dissemination through social media channels will inevitably attract fan attention and significantly increase subscriber numbers. And influence media, leadership to fans, and an important role in sports marketing. I used a phrase.

Fans interacted with each other on social media, emphasizing that content not reflected in the media can be communicated to the public, Kırık said. “At the same time, social media channels have become a new generation of communication environment for athletes and are also earning commercial revenue. Especially the collaboration of soccer players on social media and the sponsored content they share has made it a commercial sector. It is clearly shown. “ He said.

Emphasizing that the club’s ability to become a brand through social media, launch products and services to its target audience, and develop relationships with its fans is particularly promising for sports managers in today’s competitive environment. Did. “The percentage of interaction on social media is very important, especially in sales. The share that takes place on social media during the sale of combination tickets has a psychological impact on fans and plays a major role in ticket sales. . “ I made that evaluation.

“You can’t be insensitive to social media.”

He also needs to pay attention to the posts created, that posts can pose a major crisis in a virtual environment, and that this situation can put the club in a difficult situation. Warned.

“Sports clubs can use tags created on social media accounts to perform agenda analysis, which is a great advantage in determining expectations, especially news and transfer announcements via video sharing. Creates a viral effect and creates competition between clubs. ”It is no longer possible to be insensitive to social media, but critical communication should also be taken into account. It is very important that social media management is in the hands of professionals to resolve the crisis in the virtual environment. Manage shared video and content and anticipate possible reactions. “