Big competition for 3 kits


Rear Five Unchangeable

The F. BAHÇE back quartet was the subject that Jesus did not focus on most. Who, Szalai, Osayi, Ferdi are in their best form, Note as the most compatible name I pulled it. With the participation of Altay and Serdal Aziz next week, the most problematic areas of dark blue in front of Kyiv are castles and defenses.
Altay: The only problem is that there is no experienced alternative. Ertururu makes good use of luck, but the region needs reinforcements for a long season.
WHO: After meeting Jesus, he decided to stay on the team. To research Difference as soon as you join felt. He reassures his friends in front of him with his timing and intuition.
SZALAI: One of the people who entered the season with Kim in the absence of Selder … Ball handling skills That makes a difference. But sometimes, inaccurate long balls slowed the team’s tempo.
Individual: He plays great on both the left and right. Come out with the ball Such a back Existence of player Great comfort in the field Offers. The job of a new transfer to the left back will be very difficult.
OSAY0054-SAMUEL: He turned into a real right back. He improved his knowledge of his position and improved his performance when his position became apparent. that’s all I was unlucky in the last game I was injured.

Things are mixed first!
Fenerbahce Offensive lines are the most competitive region. At this point, Jesus wants to give each player equal time. Rossi and Valencia are one step ahead of the competition. Bloomer is a name that couldn’t cause the previously expected explosion.
ROSSI: He can play both as a second forward and as a wing, strengthening Jesus’ hand.
Open your wings while playing the forward to expand the game. It seems as if Jesus’ whereabouts on the 11th are guaranteed.
Valencia: Despite rumors that he’s leaving, he joined the camp early on. He took advantage of the opportunity. He is very competitive with Serdar. Speed ​​and the benefits of speed.
Berisha: He was one of the longest given names in Istanbul by Jesus.
He has never played in Austria.
The future is doubtful.
Seldal Dulsan: His greatest advantage is to be more confident and finish at the goal points. He competes with Valencia for a jersey next to Rossi.
0054RFAN: He used his time to get well. I’m glad he didn’t get hurt after an unlucky season.
The front right is the 11 most promising candidates.
EMRE MOR: He was able to raise the stand in a short amount of time. The injury he suffered in the Fehelber game made him very sad. When he recovers, he will be a strong candidate for 11.
BRUMA: One of the names Jesus gave the most time.
The explosion did not occur as expected. But Jesus still has great expectations from him. That’s why he never gives up.

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