Biden warned: Putin’s new goal in war is clear!

Since Russia declared war on Ukraine, the whole world has questioned Putin’s true ultimate goal and how he would take the next step in the war plan. According to US experts, Putin’s new target could be a large-scale cyberattack against the US … this is an amazing detail on this subject.

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According to US President Joe Biden, who has issued a statement about Russia and Putin since the first day of the war and has announced a sanctions package, the cyberattack is: US espionage agencies believe Putin’s new next target is a very powerful attack on the US and US agencies.

It was an expected development that Russia sought to respond to US support for Ukraine and the rewards of the sanctions it imposed on them. Now it’s a little clearer what this response will be.

New front during the war: Cyberfront

Putin, who is expected to open a “cyber” front in the war, sends a cybercrime gang linked to his own intelligence or state to the United States. It is not unreasonable to try to direct it towards the country’s most important institutional structure. Nuclear threats and missile attacks on Ukrainian citizens are expected to take the form of cyber attacks on the United States.

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But the problem here is that Russian leaders can tolerate a full-scale cyber conflict with Washington that could defeat Russia’s arsenal and devastate Russia’s critical infrastructure. Whether or not. The Kremlin is capable of this (cyber attack) and is therefore equipped in the United States as well.

Biden first warned in a written statement yesterday that it was time for the private sector, which owns many of the country’s key cyber infrastructure and is not always paying attention to government warnings, to immediately strengthen its online defenses. did.

Russian cyber attacks are beginning to be recognized worldwide

Biden’s next words were even more horrifying:

“The range of Russian cyber capabilities is spectacular and they are coming. He hasn’t used them yet, but it’s part of his playbook,” Biden said.

Anne Neuberger, Deputy Cyber ​​Technology and National Security Adviser at the White House, announced that Russia had detected a cyber movement that could be called “aggressive” and briefed both the private sector and national institutions. did. The White House has warned about this since the beginning of the war, but no specific attacks have yet been identified.

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Why does Putin want to attack America?

In the event of a potential cyber war, state intelligence is extremely sensitive and it is difficult to actually name the threat. However, as this threat is approaching, it is estimated that Biden’s final statement was made to send a message to Russia.

Putin has his reason for wanting to target the United States and afflict Americans.

Sanctions of unprecedented scale have had a devastating effect on the Russian economy. As long as these sanctions are in effect, the difficulties of ordinary Russian citizens will increase. In addition, Russia’s banking system was separated from the rest of the world, and Russia was declared a persona non grata.

Biden warned: Putin's new goal in the war revealed

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Putin’s army, on the other hand, failed to show the expected success in Kyiv. Thus, it is not unreasonable for Putin to abandon his military goals and begin to threaten the world with other trump cards. Moreover; Putin does not deny that he has been at war with the West for years. Russian intelligence interference in the 2016 and 2020 elections has already been proven …

It seems that Russian leaders may want to take revenge on the western weapons sent to Ukraine.

Biden warned: Putin's new goal in the war revealed

Chad Wolf, a senior Home Office employee on the team investigating the “SolarWinds” attack, was on his way to meet with then-US President Trump.

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Old tactics with cyber attacks

Cyber ​​attacks are a customary Russian tactic.

Russian intelligence is responsible for the “SolarWinds” attack that invaded thousands of organizations around the world, including multiple divisions of the US federal government, and caused a series of data breaches in 2020. A Russian hacker group called the “Dark Side” is responsible for a cyberattack on the American Colonial Pipeline last year.

At a meeting in Geneva last year, Biden said at a meeting with Putin that some important state structures should be exempt from cyberattacks and presented a 16-item list. The majority of energy and water companies were on the list.

Biden warned: Putin's new goal in the war revealed

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Russia is now capable of attacking submarine cable lines and industrial control systems, according to a joint “Annual Threat Assessment” report by US intelligence agencies. This may give Russia an opportunity to gain an edge in times of crisis such as the current war.

After the destruction of civilians caused by the war he declared, Putin lost all credibility and credibility at home and abroad. Russian leaders who never accepted the possibility of losing this war may be planning cyber-attacks to strengthen his hands, as well as nuclear and biological attacks.

America wants to make up for mistakes

The fact that US intelligence wanted to make up for the Iraq War and its failure on 9/11 may explain its take seriousness in these cyberattacks. In addition, the United States is opposed to the Russian government. There is also special interest from the Cold War era.

Putin, a former KGB agent, should not ignore his experience in psychological warfare. But Putin is also very sensitive to US agents who can invade Russian intelligence beyond their espionage capabilities.

According to information in the region, Russian hackers have so far made small attacks on Ukraine’s banking system, energy infrastructure and transportation networks.

Biden warned: Putin's new goal in the war revealed

Experts regularly assess the risk of cyber attacks

Serious warning from Biden

Some experts believe Putin cannot launch a major cyber war against the United States. They believe they know they are lagging behind the United States in this regard.

Meanwhile, Biden has revealed that large and small US companies facing numerous cyberattacks every day need to be prepared for the threat from Russia.

“You have the power, ability, and responsibility to enhance the cybersecurity and resilience of important services and technologies that Americans trust, and you must achieve that.”

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