Best Guess men’s watch model that can be used comfortably in any environment

Is your birthday approaching? Didn’t you get promoted here? The value of buying a gift for yourself without expecting anyone is always different. One of the best gifts you can buy yourself is a wristwatch. For Guess lovers, we have written the best Guess Men’s Watches!

GUESSGUW1167G2 Men’s Watch

If you are interested in sports and have a sports style in your daily life, your wardrobe will be shaped to fit your lifestyle. The sports watch is arguably the best complement to your sports outfit! The GUESS GUW1167G2 men’s watch features a 46 mm diameter steel case and a silicon strap with black anthracite details.

Uses mineral glass. The GUESS GUW1167G2 Men’s Wrist Watch is an analog watch with quartz technology and is water resistant to 10 bar. So you can swim or play water sports with your watch on.

GUESSGUW0366G4 Men’s Watch

Designed in rose gold and navy blue colours, the GUESS GUW0366G4 men’s watch looks like a sporty watch with a case and silicone. The rose gold details are also great for wearing when going to a night party.

The GUESS GUW0366G4 men’s watch is a 43 mm diameter steel case with a 10-minute time zone engraved on the outer and inner circumferences of the dial. Uses mineral glass. It works with quartz technology and is an analog clock. You do not need to remove the GUESSGUW0366G4 men’s watch, which is water resistant to 10 bar, when entering the sea or pool.

No watch brand manufactures navy blue straps. I’m very happy that Guess uses navy blue and rose color together. Especially with the rose details of the watch, you will receive a compliment every time you wear the watch. A watch that is more suitable for everyday wear than formal wear and fits everything you wear!


Are you one of those who prefer to wear jeans instead of fabric trousers in everyday life? If your answer is yes; the GUESS GUW1171G4 complements your outfit in the best possible way, primarily in dark blue colors.

The GUESS GUW1171G4 Men’s Watch features a rose gold and navy blue 44 mm diameter steel case and a navy blue silicon bracelet. It’s an analog clock, powered by batteries, or quartz technology. Made using mineral glass. Since it is equipped with a 10 ATM water resistant function, you can swim with confidence while wearing the watch on your wrist.

GUESSGUW1299G6 Men’s Watch

People who wore digital watches as a child or in the military are familiar with the fun of using digital watches. First of all, it’s really another pleasure to illuminate your watch in the dark with the push of a button and use features such as stopwatches and alarms.

The GUESS GUW1299G6 is the perfect watch for those who can’t give up on using a digital watch or who have a digital watch with an analog watch. Comes with a silicone case and strap. You can use the dial time and calendar to hold the stopwatch and set an alarm at the time you want to wake up. There is also dial illumination for the night.

On the other hand, the guess written on the silicon band nods to the 80’s watch with its font selection. The GUESS GUW1299G6 men’s watch, a digital watch, works with quartz technology. In addition to all these features, you can swim while wearing this 5ATM water resistant watch.

Guess GUW0673G3

For those who are naked when they don’t have the watch on their wrists, or who don’t take it off while sleeping, watch preferences are shaped not only by eye joy but also by habits. As with the working principles of watches, the choice of band material is part of these habits. People who use leather bands continue to wear leather watches, but those who use steel generally continue to wear steel band watches.

The Guess GUW0673G3 Men’s Watch is one of the must-see products for watch lovers who use leather bands. Comes with a cognac-coloured leather strap and a rose and navy blue steel case. Uses mineral glass. You can follow the time and calendar from the dial. You can swim with the Guess GUW0673G3 Men’s Watch, which is water resistant to 5 bar, but it is recommended that you remove the watch when taking a shower or swimming, as the leather strap will wear out when in water.

A perfect fit, the stitching really stands out in the band. The wrist watch isn’t bulky, but it’s big enough to notice. Blue stands out compared to rose gold. Wearing this watch will compliment you wherever you go. One of my favorites!

GUESSGUW1264G1 Men’s Watch

Guess a men's watch

If you’re looking for a simple yet striking style, you’ll love the GUESS GUW1264G1 Men’s Watch! For a good design, you don’t need much detail, but few. The GUESS GUW1264G1 Men’s Watch is a very well-designed watch with a black silicon strap, a gold-coloured case and a black dial. The clock face with golden hour and minute hands has two golden squares at 6 and 12.

The GUESS GUW1264G1 is an analog clock that works with quartz technology. It is recommended to remove the 3 ATM water resistant watch when taking a shower or swimming.

A beautiful watch that can be worn by both men and women. It was a good purchase and I am very happy with it!

GUESSGUW1302G1 Men’s Watch

Guess a men's watch

The GUESS GUW1302G1 Men’s Watch is 47 mm in size and features a steel case and a red silicone bracelet, making it the perfect model for anyone looking for a sports watch.

Screw details around the steel case reinforce the sporty style of the watch, while a bright red-tone strap accentuates the watch. The 10ATM water resistant feature of the GUESS GUW1302G1 Men’s Watch allows you to swim with your watch or play water sports other than professional diving.

Guess the Men’s Analog Quartz Watch W0971G3 with Silicone Strap

Guess a men's watch

The W0971G3 Men’s Analog Quartz Watch with Silicone Strap features a 44 mm diameter steel case in rose and navy blue and a matching navy blue silicone bracelet. The clock has a tachometer. Mineral glass is used for the dial glass. You can use the dial to track the time and use the stopwatch function.

Use of quartz technologyI think the W0971 G3 men’s analog quartz watch with a silicone strap has five ATM water resistant features.

Good product, quick delivery!

GUESSGUW1305G3 Men’s Watch

Guess a men's watch

Featuring a steel case and bracelet, the GUESS GUW1305G3 Men’s Watch is not only stylish but also durable. Designed using anthracite and indigo blue. Around the case is a herringbone circle that matches the indigo blue details of the dial.

Uses mineral glass. It is an analog clock equipped with quartz technology. With the 10ATM water resistant function, you can swim with confidence without removing the GUESSGUW1305G3 men’s watch.


Guess a men's watch

Lovers of classic design will love this watch, the GUESS GUW1109G2 men’s watch! With a blue silicon band and matching blue dial, alloy steel case, and red bezel around the dial, this watch is ready for any outfit or occasion.

GUESSGUW1109G2 You can follow the time and calendar from the dial of the men’s watch. Uses mineral glass. Works with quartz technology. In addition, the five ATM water resistant features allow you to swim in the ocean or pool while wearing the GUESSGUW1109G2 men’s watch.