Besiktas wins in Izmir with nine players-TRTSpor

Besiktas played against Goztepe in the 37th week of the Sportto Super League in an away game in Izmir.

After seeing two yellow cards in the 9th and 17th minutes of the match, Rossier lost one player to the team.

Besiktas led 2-0 in Izmir, scoring a goal with Larin in the 27th minute and Joseph in the 32nd minute.

Nine Valérien Ismael students remained after Joseph de Souza received the red card in the 37th minute.

In Goztepe, Yahovic, who played in the match in the second half, was kicked out in the 75th minute, and the Izmir team finished the rest of the match with 10 players.

With no other goals in the rest of the match, Besiktas beat Goztepe 2-0 in a long-playing match with nine players.

After this result, Besiktas increased his score to 58, surpassing the game and average to 5th place.

Goztepe, who had previously been demoted from the league, was left with 28 points for his defeat on the field.

Highlights of the first half

In the 11th minute, two Besiktas players couldn’t escape and the ball hit Belkan Emile’s right side corner kick. Two kicks from Di Santo, goalkeeper Emre Birgin missed the leather ball.

Loiser, who saw his first yellow card in Besiktas in the 9th minute, was punished with a second yellow card after fouling Baku in the 19th minute and was excluded from the match with a red card.

Besiktas took the lead in the 27th minute. When Ghezzal hit the ball with a free kick from outside the penalty area, Larin sent a round leather to the net from outside the penalty area: 1-0.

Besiktas increased the lead to 2 in the 32nd minute. Montero, who met the ball in the penalty area on Emilhan’s right wing pass, met Joseph at the penalty spot. This player brought the ball to the net and gave the team a 2-0 lead.

Josef, who fouled Berkan Emir in the 36th minute, received a yellow card from referee Ümit Öztürk. The referee Ümit Öztürk, who watched the position again after being warned by the video assistant referee (VAR), canceled the yellow card and showed Josef the red card directly.

The first 45 minutes of the match ended with a 2-0 advantage of Besiktas.

Highlights of the second half

In the 66th minute, Tijanic’s hard shot in the penalty area blocked goalkeeper Emre’s ball and the defender was sent off.

Jahovic was punished with a yellow card after playing Necip Uysal in the Besiktas Penalty Area in the 74th minute. Following a warning from the video assistant referee (VAR), the referee Ümit Öztürk canceled the yellow card and showed Jahovic the red card.

90 + 1. Goalkeeper Emre entered the corner with a leather ball on Ege’s shot when he met the ball on a Baku pass in the penalty area.

Besiktas won the match 2-0.

situation: Gulcel Axel

Referee: Umit Ozturk, Mehmet Emin Tugral, Hakan Karabalcik

Goztepe: Arda Özçimen, Murat Paluli (Min 46 Kerim Alici), Mihojevic (Min 63Ege Özkyimoğlu), Kahraman Demirtaş (Min 46 Jahovic), Berkan Emir, AtakanÇankaya (Min 84 EfeCan Saçıkara), Arslanagic, Yalçın Kayan

Besiktas: Emre Birgin, Selder Sahtu, Wellington (minimum 12 Necip Uysal), Montero, Roshie, Josef, Emirhan Ilkan (minimum 46 Hutchinson), Ghezzal (minimum 64 Can Bozdoan), Umut Meras, Larin (minimum 64 Batshuay) ), N’Koudou (Min. 22 Kenan Karaman)

Goal: Minutes. 27 Laline, min 32 Joseph (Besiktas)

Red card: Minutes. 19 Rosier, Min. 36 Josef (Besiktas), minutes. 74 Yahovic (Goztepe)

yellow card: Minutes. 25 Murat Paluli, Min. 31 Atakan Chankaya, Min. 55 Disant, Min. 60 Yalçın Kayan, Min. 83 Ege Ozkyimoglu, Min. 86 Kerim Alıcı (Goztepe), 45 Emre Bilgin, 87 Batshuay (Besiktas)