Besiktas Victory Words from Galatasaray’s Domenek Trent

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Domènec Torrent emphasized the importance of winning before the match in Barcelona, ​​”I knew it was a big derby for the fans. It was important to win before the match in Barcelona. Kerem Akturkoll Play like a teammate. The goal scorer comes to the fore .. The whole team was good. “He said.

After the match, Trent congratulated the players one by one, saying, “I’m a calm person, but sometimes I’m emotional. I hugged at the end of the match. We’re still young players and he’s always himself. I’m trying to improve myself. We always talk. He’s a modest player and I know he has some aspects to improve. “

The Spanish coach said he had made a lot of effort in the last two games, saying, “We have made a lot of effort against Barcelona and Besiktas. We need to come back and fight Barcelona with all our might.” He said.

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Trent press conference

At a press conference after the match, Torrent first remembered the medical staff, saying: “We start our speech by celebrating the medical day of all healthcare professionals in Turkey. They definitely deserve it, so I hope they have a good day.” Torrent said they He said he had a very busy week and said: We came from a long journey. I couldn’t go back to Istanbul directly. We left here on Wednesday and could only return to Istanbul last night. We had to make a lot of physical effort on the court in Barcelona, ​​and today we have made a lot of effort in our own field. In the first half, I came to the scene with a very clear idea. We had more balls against Besiktas and had more chances during their defense. In the second half, Feghou got sick and removed him from the game. All my players did a really great job in terms of concentration. But in the second half, I didn’t have much time to get on the ball, so I can’t say that I played a very good match. This team should have been able to play much better in home games. You need to play a better game, which turns out to be the result of physical fatigue. The more tired you are, the better the ball. If you have the ball, you can rest. However, this didn’t work very well, but I worked hard to win the match. “

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“I believe this team will play better.”

The Spanish coach said it was a very special week for Galatasaray, saying: I would like to pay tribute to the efforts of the players in the second half. But I believe this team will play much better as one of Turkey’s top teams. He can play better, especially in home matches. You can see how tired Barkan, Kerem, and Patrick have finished the match. So don’t look at your shortcomings. But what we really wanted was to attack fast, get the ball, and be able to react to the turnover, just as we did in the first half. “

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Trent states that printed football is the way to work in the last 11 years of his sporting life, saying: At this point I was tired and the team had to play a lot of games. The team can fight normally until the last 20 minutes. I’ve been playing games with Guardiola since the days of Barcelona. Some are in a small area, others are in a large area. These are called position games. When you have the ball, you have to open, and when you lose, you have to react quickly and close. Therefore, there is a migration. We play games in tight spaces and do a variety of exercises. All of this can be created with a training sheet, “he said. Trent points out that Barcan is a very energetic player, “I didn’t play Barcan in the future, but because of the energy, I can move forward if I have the ball. We 4- Playing 3-3, due to his quality, Barkan is a player who can play from the penalty area to the opponent’s penalty area and hit the gap. The opponent went into Cicaldau twice violently. Blood was bleeding from the player’s mouth. He used to be very helpful to this team. It has helped and will continue. “

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“When we went with Bavarian, we ate three and lost in the city.”

Domènec Torrent said he did not consider the mental distress of the players to be pressure, saying: The team continued to develop in small steps. I made a mistake in a Konyaspor match. Parger was trying to back up and assist the start of the ball, and he appeared to be playing three centre-backs. While Pruger and Tyran were playing, there was a lot of space between them. I played a little better in the second half of Konya. It’s not about Parger, it’s about who plays it. When attacking with 5-6 people, when he lost the ball, Konyaspor successfully filled the backspace. But nothing can be improved without work. You will find that the player is mentally ready and focused. We see it as a team. We must be happy with the match against Barcelona. In the next match, he beat Osasuna 4-0. I lost 3-0 when I went with Bavarian and lost when I went with City. We value the games that players play there. “I think playing this game with one of my top five teams in Europe will allow me to play against other teams,” he said.

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“It was the team’s efforts that were indisputable today.”

Trent said the team is enthusiastic about the match and said: I thought I wouldn’t postpone it yesterday because the weather was calm. I told the players, “The best way to prepare for the Barcelona match is to win this match.” If you think of a Barcelona match and play this game, you can’t win this game. I think it was an effort that was truly indisputable. They show me this every day. Kerem is also an actor who grows himself step by step. He strives to solve problems such as playing open and winning positions. We take care of all players. It’s too early to comment on him for now, but he could play for Europe’s largest team. As coaches, we do not see the moment when the player has the ball. We take care of him having the ball and what he is actually doing. You need to find out how attentive he is, how humble he is, and how great he can be in the world of football. “