Besiktas’ surprise candidate following Valerian Ismael and Andriy Shevchenko! Break the record in 8 games

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Besiktas, who started the season at Sergen Yalçı, said goodbye to the bad results in the Super League and Giants Treeg and temporarily put Ondel Karaveli on duty.

Under the control of Ondel Caravelli, the black and white team has played a total of 17 games, including the Super League and the Turkish Cup, and decided to bring in a new coach instead of 47 years after the unsuccessful result of last week. -Old coach.

Valerian Ismael ranks first

Besiktas planned to train new coaches until the Trabzonspor match after the national tournament, agreed in principle with French coach Valérien Ismael, and decided to replace Andriy Shevchenko.

Sports director Seihun Kazanchi, who has been in talks for some time, has reached an agreement with Valérien Ismael and his team for € 700,000 a year, with President Ahmet Nuru Chebi making the final decision.

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Another teacher candidate

In light of these developments, black and white people were expected to soon announce their new teacher’s decision, but another surprising name came to the agenda.

Besiktas’ share comes from ÜmitŞahin, an assistant to Ibrahim Yuzulmez, one of the names associated with blacks and whites.

ÜmitŞahin shared a photo of וbrahim Üzülmez taken at Vodafone Park on his Instagram account and used the phrase “loading”.

His claim

According to Fanatik news; Ibrahim Yuzrumez, who was seeking a chance from President Ahmet Nuru Chebi, said: I won here. We have worked with dozens of teachers. I was a tutor. Just as Fenerbahce gave Ismail Karuta this chance, I am also a candidate. I would be grateful if there was a statement, but I am very assertive. He will break the record in eight games and show performances that coaches cannot see. “

The last words of Ahmet Null Sebi

After this sharing of ÜmitŞahin, allegations of transfer will increase, but the final decision is expected to be made by President Ahmet Nuru Chebi after tomorrow’s board meeting.

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Ibrahim Yuzulmez, one of Besiktas’ former captains, finally coached Ankaraguju in the 2019-20 season. Throughout his career, the 48-year-old coach has been active in Elazığspor, Gentirelville Rigi, Gaziantep Spor, Chaikl Rize Spor and Bursaspor.

Claims he has decided to resign

It turns out that Besiktas coach Önder Karaveli has decided to resign after losing to Kayserispor in the Zirat Turkey Cup, but the request for resignation by President Ahmet Nuru Chebi was not accepted.

According to the news of the Fanatik newspaper; after the match with Kayserispor, Caravelli was said to have decided to resign after discussing with Besiktas Sporting Director Seifun Kazanchi, who informed President Ahmet Nurchebi of the situation. The president also told Kazanchi: Set his forgiveness aside. I will support you until a new teacher comes. “

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President wants to wait

After Caraveli was unable to change the team’s trends to a positive one in the previous period, “Our work is not reflected in the field. This is hurting the club. Keeping in charge of the team. I don’t hesitate to face reality so that I can. I’m worried about my conscience. I want to take over the job. “The president said he asked Caraveli to wait, but If Onder gives a negative answer, he may continue with Assistant Professor Selder Topractepe.

KARAVEL ו returns to U19 team

After the transfer of Ismael or Shevchenko is complete, the black and white team will face the new coach and Trabzonspor on Sunday, April 3rd. Ondel Caravelli returns to coaching the U19 team.