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Dele Alli was expected to become one of the biggest stars in English football, but his career was on the decline, but he made a huge impact on both Turk and Ada. Only time will tell if the black-and-white team, which brought in Mileram Pianic from Barcelona last season, can bring a world star to the squad. So who is Dele Alli? The unknowns of the 26-year-old footballer whose market value has increased to his 100 million euros and now he has decreased to 16 million euros are:

Mauricio Pochettino admired him

Mauricio Pochettino was one of Ali’s fans who was named the Premier League Young Player of the Year in 2016 and 2017. Pochettino, who wanted to buy Ali when he took over PSG, said of him: Desire, energy, hunger. I could find everything in it. ”

Guardiola’s relationship with daughter on the agenda

Dele Alli, who has also made headlines for her love of nightlife and different hairstyles, has recently been on the agenda of the British press for her relationship with Pep Guardiola’s daughter Maria. Seen together, Ali became one of the stars of the tabloids, not the sports paper. expression was used. So you can share this experience with loved ones who have never touched a medal. ”


Mourinho: ‘Someday I’ll regret it’

Portugal manager Jose Mourinho met with Dele Alli when he took over Tottenham in 2019 and explained what he expected from him in the following words: I came to 56 without knowing what it was. Time flies. And I think I will regret it someday. Dele Alli’s decline continued as Mourino left Spurs in April 2021.

Conte cuts tickets, says ‘no one can take revenge on me’

After having his best season at Tottenham in 2016-2017, with 18 goals and seven assists, Ali has scored just one goal in the league since last season. Ali signed for Everton after Frank Lampard handed over to Everton after failing to capitalize on the opportunities presented by Conte’s arrival. “I don’t remember any players who took revenge after leaving the team,” Conte said of the players he sent at the time.

The main reason for criticism is aggressive drops.

One of the main reasons why Dele Alli’s performance has become such a hot topic is the increasing turnover rate. At his best, the 26-year-old footballer played with two turnovers per game, but last season he surpassed 10 on these stats. In defense, Premier League runners-up Ali have been identified as one of the biggest culprits in player career decline.

Valerien can find himself with Ismael

The 4-2-3-1 system, which was mostly played during the Pochettino era, was the year Ali reached his peak performance. Ali, who formed the team’s attacking force with the duo of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, is expected to find an environment to return to his old days with Valerian Ismael’s transition to this system.

true fortnite fan

A fan of the non-football video game Fortnite, Ali often draws inspiration from the game in his expressions of joy after scoring a goal. An ambassador for many technology brands in this sense, Ali is known as a great gamer.

Named England’s Young Player of the Year

He was born in Milton Keynes on April 11, 1996. He joined the Milton Keynes Dons youth team at the age of 11. He was promoted to the first team for the 2012-13 season. He attracted attention with 24 goals in 88 official matches. He was named England’s Young Player of the Year in his debut season at Tottenham Hotspur. In January 2016, he was ranked eighth on the World’s 50 Under-20 Players list organized by his Gazzetta dello Sport.

Everton don’t want to pay transfer fee

Dele Alli, who joined Everton from Tottenham in an article titled ’12 million euros for 20 appearances’, made a total of 13 appearances for the Merseyside side. Everton want to send the player out before 20 games.After his performances at Tottenham during Mauricio Pochettino’s tenure, Ali’s testimony was valued at €100 million, and the drop is particularly likely to come from Jose Mourinho and Nuno. – Reached its peak when working with Espirito. (freedom)