Besiktas maintained their leadership after a 3-2 win over Ankaragucu.


Leader Besiktas returned from Ankara defending his seat. Kurowashi continued to score a large number of points against his opponent during his three consecutive wins. Besiktas beat Ankaraguçu 3-2 in the last place.

Besiktas maintained their leadership after a 3-2 win over Ankaragucu.


Ankaraguçu played Besiktas in Week 5 of the Sportoto Super League. Black and White maintained their lead with a 3-2 win at the Elyaman Stadium. Besiktas, who have scored at least three goals in four games in a row, fell back for the first time this season but responded after four minutes. While newcomer Dele Alli was delighted for the first time, Weghorst again contributed to the goal with an assist.

Ankaragücü took a 1-0 lead in the 26th minute for Belize before Muleka fought back in the 30th minute. At 35, Dele Alli took the situation to 2-1. Belize returned to the stage early in the second half to bring balance to the scoring. After monitoring their positions with VAR, Nkoudou sent a penalty into the net in the 74th minute to carry Besiktas 3-2.

Joseph Returned, Gedson Wounded

Emre Bilgin replaced Besiktas’ goal in place of Ersin Destanor. Joseph De Souza, who survived injury, entered the game in the 66th minute. Gedson, who was injured during the match, was out for the game in the 82nd minute. At Ankaragücü, Marlon was given his second yellow card for his 90+4 and left the team with 10 players left.

Following the result, Besiktas continued to lead with 13 points, leaving Ankaraguçu, who were on the back row of the league, with one point.

Besiktas will host Basaksehir in week 6 of the league. Ankaraguec will play Aranyaspor away.

Weghorst flag up!

In the 12th minute, Besiktas striker Weghorst sent the ball into the net to celebrate the goal, but this joy was interrupted. Halfway through Nkudu, Mureka reached out to his opponent. The ball went to the Dutch striker in front of goal. The goal was disallowed because Wegor was offside when he sent the ball into the net.

Ankaraguguk takes the lead

Ankaragücü scored with their first accurate shot in the 26th minute. A headshot near the penalty spot by Belize, a headshot from the central wing by Torgasierci, put the ball into the net and Ankaragücü took his 1–0 lead. With this goal, Black and White fell behind in the game for the first time this season.

Answer in 4 minutes

Besiktas reacted to his opponents four minutes into the match and fell behind. In the 30th minute, Nukudu cut to Weghorst, who was moving at the front post. The Dutch striker sent the ball into goal with his heel kick. He ricocheted the ball off goalkeeper Bahadir and sent it into the net with a headshot by Muleka on the mouth of the goal to restore the balance of the game to 1-1.


Beşiktaş managed to take the lead after nine minutes behind Ankaragücü. Weghorst dropped the ball in front of Dele Alli in the 35th minute, when Masuaku threw in a free-kick from the very edge of the midfield line. The English star used the opportunity to put Besiktas ahead 2–1 with him.

BERIDZE returns to the stage

Despite taking the lead, Ankaragücü, trailing 2-1 in the locker room, scored to start the second half. In the 47th minute, when Tolga Sigercz saw an elegant pass from Belize, who slipped beautifully behind Rosier from the left flank, the Georgian player had a comfortable shot in the penalty area, giving him and his scored the team’s second goal.

Besiktas WINS Penalty

Besiktas scored a penalty in the 73rd minute. Black and white players objected when the ball hit Eren in an airball fight between Salih Uçan and Eren Derdiyok in the Ankaragücü penalty area.

When the match came to a halt, referee Mete Carcaban followed suit and pointed to White Point after a warning from VAR. Nukudu, who headed the ball, scored from his spot on penalty to put Besiktas ahead 3–2.