Besiktas basketball team name sponsor


The Besiktas Club has signed a one-year deal with a real estate company to sponsor the name and chest of the basketball team, as well as the name of the BJK Akatler Sports Hall.

The Besiktas Club has signed a sponsorship deal for a basketball team. A promotional meeting was held at Vodafone Park for a sponsorship deal that included the team name, shirt chest ad and BJK Akatlar Sports Hall name. Ahmet Nurchebi, President of Besiktas, Founder and Managing Director of iLab, Mustafa Say, CEO of Emrak Jet, Torgay Diqat, Director of Besiktas, Basketball Players on his team attended the meeting. Speaking at the conference, President Ahmed Nur-Chebbi said the sport has now turned professional. success. I believe our basketball team will have a more comfortable season this year and will be even more successful. God bless you, God bless you more. I want to double next year, so let’s earn more. I also know that if I knock on the door later in the year, I will not be turned away. Good luck to both of you. I had a young child who bought from Bandirma last year. We have had an incredibly successful season with them. Our teacher Ahmet Kandemir also attaches great importance to infrastructure. His son Alperen, one of the young players he acquired from Bandirma last year, has been very successful and represents him well in the NBA. His brother Shems also contributed financially to his club by playing for Besiktas. Currently, his 14 to his 16-year-old young children from Bandirma stay at the institution and play sports. I am happy that each one is an Alperen and a Shems. “


“I am standing behind the teacher.”

Ahmet Nur Sebi, who also spoke of Valerian Ismael, the coach of the football team, said he trusts his teachers, saying, “I hope our teachers will help us win trophies. I We trust our teacher, we can come to a country, a team, have players, they can have a game system, we are in the process of implementing all of this, we trust our teacher. I feel sorry for the perception that is about to be created.I don’t know why they did this.May Allah guide the way of our teacher.I will be with him till the end and I trust him.When asked about a star player’s move to a basketball team, Cebi said: “They want to experience it. Trouble in the club. I have been implementing a different strategy for 2 years that emphasizes my own resources to get out of.Now I prefer to get 4 or 5 stars from the kids I host on Akatlar. Let’s play a star player even if there are people who pay extra, Besiktaş’s future is not in the stars of the year, but it was drawn from itself in the stars, we in all branches We are determined to do this and prepare the future of Büyük Beşiktaş.” Mustafa Say, Founder and Managing Partner of iLab, said today is an important day for them. said to Besiktas is a very large community. Making this deal with a community like this is a source of pride for us. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. We hope this partnership will add value to both brands. I hope this season will be a season full of victories. ” The meeting concluded with a group photo shoot.