Besiktas-Bashakush Hill Match (Live)-Besiktas (BJK) News

Beşiktaş and Başakşehir share the trump card in the 28th week of Süper Lig. The host is 6th with 44 points. The visiting team is fourth with 46 points. Besiktas wants to win at home and overtake his opponent in the rankings. Black and white fans showed great interest in tickets after the match was announced to be free for women and children fans. Vodafone Park will be fully packed for the first time this season. After four consecutive victories against Karagümryuk, Basakshehir is calculating to score 3 points and stand up again in a tough away game.


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The match has begun.

Başakşehir tried to create an effective attack in the 10th minute of the match. In Basakshehir’s attack from the left, Trezeguet remained on the ground after Ativa’s intervention. Referee Erkan Özdamar said, “Continue.”

Besiktas was very close to the goal three times in a row. Kenan Karaman did not have access to the two positions he entered, and Can Bozdoan did not have a clear chance with the goalkeeper.

Repeated attacks from Besiktas

18 minutes into the match, Besiktas was very close to the goal with Kenan Karaman. Basaksehill made a big mistake when he left. Grabbing the ball, Ghezzal saw Guven on a magnificent pass. Kenan’s shot came out in the middle of Guven.

Immediately after this attack, Kenan Karaman was unable to put the ball in place again in the net. Kenan Karaman’s shot, which entered the penalty area on Teisheira’s mid-pass, was again out.

Besiktas was unable to score a goal from a series of dangerous attacks found. In the 20th minute, Can Bozdoan couldn’t take advantage of a clear chance with the goalkeeper this time. In the third position captured by Besiktas, Guven saw Can Bozdoan during the break. When he faced a young soccer player, his shot went from the side of the pole.

Trezeguet on stage again

Goal | Basakshehir took the lead 1-0 with Trezeguet’s goal in the 35th minute. A carom occurred on a ball thrown into the Besiktas Penalty Area. The ball that Serdar Saatçı tried to remove fell in front of Trezeguet, scoring an Egyptian soccer player. The Egyptian star scored his fourth goal in the Super League. Three of the four goals of the Egyptian attacker escaped.

Guven Yalcin equalizes scores

Goal | Besiktas balanced with Guven Yalcin’s goal 41 minutes into the match. Güven Yalcin, who met the ball at the penalty arc, saw the right corner inside his foot and scored 1-1. Guven Yalcin scored five goals in this season’s Super League.

Basakshehir was on the dangerous side when the minutes showed 44 in the match. Belkai Ozkan, who met the ball with a Kaikara pass in the penalty area, failed.

Forced change in Besiktas

45 + 2. Besiktas made a forced change. Brazilian defender Wellington couldn’t continue and fell to the ground. Necip Uysal has replaced the experienced defender.

Okaka scores the first half

Goal | At the last moment of the first half, Basakshehir took the lead again. 45 + 4. Okaka scored away goals and Basakshehir took the lead again at the very end. The ball was thrown into the penalty area of ​​Besiktas, and Seldal Guller turned the ball inward from the right side. Okaka sent the ball to the net with a head kick.

The first half ended before the kick-off took place and the team headed to the locker room.

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Beşiktaş-Başakşehir 11s:

Besiktas: Ersin Destanoğlu, Rosier, Welinton, Serdar Saatçı, Umut Meraş, Atiba, Can Bozdoğan, Ghezzal, Alex Teixeira, Kenan Karaman, Güven Yalçın.

Basakse Hill: Volkan Babacan, Caicara, Leo Duarte, Ravil Tagir, Hasan Ali Kaldirim, Tolga Cigerci, Serdar Gurler, Aleksic, Berkay Ozcan, Trezeguet, Okaka.

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Notes from the match

Besiktas hosted Medipole Bashakshehir in the 28th week of the Sport Super League Armet Juruk season. Referee Erkan Özdamar blew the whistle in a match that began at 20:00 at Vodafone Park. Özdamar’s assistant was performed by Süleyman Özay and Bahtiyar First.

Besiktas Technical Director Ondel Caravelli made three changes in Kayserispor’s 11 games, but lost 2-1 in the cup. Caravelli appointed Serdar Saatçı instead of Montero in the defense, Can Bozdoan in the midfield instead of Necip Uysal, and Güven Yalçin in the striker instead of Batshuay.

Entrusting the castle to Elsin Destanoul, Caraveli formed the defense quartet of Roshie, Serdar Saatçı, Wellington and Umut Meraş. Lead Ativa-You can duo to the field in front of the defense. Ondel Caravelli played Ghezzal on the right side of the attack line, Alex in the center and Kenan Karaman on the left side at 11 o’clock. Caravelli’s choice in scoring goals was Guven Yalcin, not Batshuay, who has been the target of criticism for the past few weeks.

Serdal search at 11 o’clock after 9 games

Serdal Search started the first 11 games, with a black and white team hosting Medipol Başakşehir. The young defender started the game at 11 o’clock after taking a break of nine games in this game. Selder started the Altai match in the last cup at 11:00 am. Serdal Search played 11 games in the league, and Yucatel Kayserispor won 4-2 in the 16th week.

The stopper tandem has been changed

Wellington and Serdar Saatçı participated in the midst of the defense of the Battle of Medipole Bashakshehir in Besiktas. Besiktas coach Ondel Caravelli changed the middle of the defense in the Basakshehir match. Experienced technicians have appointed Seldal Search as the defender instead of Montero. In black and white, the defender’s name changed after two breaks. Wellington-Monteroduo in Besiktas’ match against Sivaspor and Kayserispor.

Two changes from Emre Belözoğlu

Emre Belözoğlu, Technical Director of Medipol Başakşehir, made two changes in 11 games of Fatih Karagümrük, who lost 2-1 in the 27th week of the Super League. Belözoğlu gave Ravil Tagir a chance instead of Epureanu and Aleksic instead of Pizzai.

Belözoglu, who commissioned the castle to Volcan Babakan, formed a fortress line from Kaisara, Duarte, La Birtagil, and Hasan Alicardilim. Belözoglu, who robbed Tolga Zielch and Belkai Ozkan in the middle, played Serdal Guller on the right side of the attack line, Alexander in the center and Trezeguet on the left side. It was Okaka that Emre Belözoglu scored the goal.

Ravill Tagil for the first time

Meanwhile, Ravil Tagir, a young defender of the Orange Dark Blue team, played for the first time in a league match under the supervision of Emre Belözoglu. Finally, the young defender who participated in the Battle of Bodrumspor in the Cup also joined the league in 2011 after a break of 19 games. Ravil Tagir played at the end of the league in the Fatih Karagümük match and played in the first half of the league under the control of Aykut Kocaman on the 11th.

A female audience replaced them

Besiktas Club announces that female fans and children aged 7-12 will play for free for “International Women’s Day on March 8” before the match hosted by the black and white team Medipol Başakşehir. Did. After this announcement, many female fans and children appeared on the stands. It is worth noting that many female fans followed the match from the stands.

Senorbilol is unforgettable

Shenorbilol, one of the key names in Turkish football, who died in the last few days before the match, was unforgettable. Before the match, a minute of silence was held for Shenorbilol, one of Besiktas’s unforgettable soccer players.