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Having won the first championship in the league held since 1959 in the 1959-1960 season, the black-and-white team finally took the championship trophy to its museum in the 2020-2021 season.

The Arbitration Committee of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), at its meeting on 9 May 2002, justified its request for recognition of the championship of the black and white teams for the seasons 1956-1957 and 1957-1958, I have considered these. Two successful Turkish Championships before the start of the First League in 1959. Decided to enroll it in the TFF record. The decision brought Besiktas’ number of championships to 16.

The black-and-white team finished 14 seasons second in league history and stayed third on 13 occasions. After four seasons in nine, Besiktas was fifth in five. Combined with last season, Besiktas finished in his sixth place in the league for the fourth straight season.

3 consecutive victories

Besiktas have won the league championship three times in a row.


Having won the league twice in the 1965-1966 and 1966-1967 seasons, the black-and-white team had their most significant success ever, taking the league cup to the museum three times in a row in 1989-1990. 1990-1991 and 1991-1992 seasons.

Besiktas won their final consecutive titles in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 seasons.

undefeated championship

The black-and-white team also holds the title of the only undefeated champion in league history.

Besiktas won the 1991-1992 season under the management of British coach Gordon Milne and was undefeated by their rivals as champions. The black and white team amassed 76 points with 23 wins and 7 draws from 30 games in the season.

nightmare season

Besiktas have not survived four bad seasons.

Having placed 11th in the 1975-1976 season, the black-and-white team had a similar performance in 1979-1980.

Besiktas finished ninth in the league in the 1969–1970 and 1978–1979 seasons.

year of longing for the champion

The black and white teams had to wait for the championship for several periods.

Having waited five seasons for this pleasure after the 1959-1960 championship, Besiktas experienced their longest ever championship yearning after finishing first in the league in 1966-1967. did. After this success Besiktas waited 14 seasons before he was champion again and from 1981 he ended his yearning in 1982.

After lifting the championship trophy in the 1994-1995 season, Besiktas waited seven years to repeat the same success to the 2002-03 season championship, followed by another similar success in 2008-09. After the 2008-2009 championship, the black-and-white team waited six more seasons before taking the trophy back to the museum for the 2015-2016 season.

4 times top scorer

The Besiktas footballer has scored four times in the history of the league.

The black-and-white team’s first top scorer was Güven Önüt, who hit the net 19 times in 1963–64. Faiyaz his Uchal topped the league with 28 goals in his 1989–1990 but Iran Mansuz had similar success in his 2001–02 with 21 goals. I got it.

Besiktas’ last leading scorer was Mario Gomez, who netted 26 times between 2015 and 2016.

Gordon Milne worked the longest

British coach Gordon Milne was the longest-serving manager in the league’s history played for Besiktas since 1959.

A three-time winner of the black-and-white team, Milne was in charge of the team from 1987 to 1993.

Achiba continues to extend record

Along with Atiba Hutchinson, who is in his 10th season with Besiktas, Liza Chalimbai, Fayaz Usal and Mario Gomes are among the players who have left their mark on the league.

Atiba, who moved to Besiktas for the 2013-2014 season, holds the title of foreign footballer with the most black and white jerseys in the Superleague with 265 appearances in nine seasons. .

With 494 league appearances for Besiktas, Liza Charunbai is the footballer who has played the black and white jersey the most. Fayaz Uchal was Besiktas’ top scorer in the league with a total of 170 goals, while Mario Gomes set a black-and-white team record for the most goals scored by a foreigner in a season with 28 goals.