Besiktas 2-Medipol Basaksehir 2 | Match Results

Basakshehir’s goal was 45 + 3, while saying that the first half would end with this score. Wellington was injured in overtime and Besiktas Bench did not change players. With the rest of the time, 10 people remained in Besiktas. Basakshehir scored a goal with Okaka and the guest team entered the changing room 2-1.

In the 55th minute Besiktas scored 2-2 with Kenan Karaman. Kenan Karaman, who completed the Teisheira ball back from the pole, put together a round leather net. Kenan Karaman scored his first goal in 26 games against Besiktas.

After this result, Besiktas scored 45 and Basakshehir scored 47. Başakşehir maintained third place. Besiktas, who entered the week in 6th place, decreased by one step.

Super League score status

♦ Precautions before the match ♦
In Besiktas, which hosted Medipole Bashakshehir, Ondel Caravelli made three changes in the first 11 games, according to Yucatel Kayserispor’s match at the Turkish Cup. Caravelli, who appointed Serdar Saatçı on behalf of Francisco Montero, pulled Necip Uysal into a midfield hut and handed the form to Can Bozdoan. With Michy Batshuay aside, Caravelli assigned Guven Yalcin to the forward end.

Defense changed after 2 games

After two games in Besiktas, there was a change in the defenders.

Rosier, Welington, Montero and Umut Meraş quartet played in the league’s Demir Grup Sivasspor, and Yukatel Kayserispor played in the cup. One of Besiktas’ young names, Serdal Search, finished nine games in Medipole Bashakshehir and finished 11th.

🏟️Minutes from the match

Güven Yalcin, who met the ball on the left side with Ghezzal’s pass in the 18th minute, sent a leather ball to the penalty area. Alex Teixeira’s shot bounced off Duarte and was left in front of Kenan Karaman, who was waiting in a vacant position on the right. Kenan’s shot, the ball disappeared.

At the same time, Ghezzal’s pass stretched his chest out of the penalty area and dropped the ball forward, and Kenan Karaman, who entered the penalty area, entered a round leather ball with a diagonal shot.

In the 19th minute, a pass behind Guven Yalcin’s defense became active and Can Bozdoan’s shot was shorted.

Medipole Basakshehir took the lead in the 35th minute. With the ball sent to the penalty area, Roshie intervened in the shot of Belkai Ozkan, who found the ball in front of him, while Okaka evaded the Serdal Search. While Serdar Saatçı was trying to get rid of the idling ball, he brought a leather ball in front of Trezeguet, who was waiting in a vacant position in front of the goal. Trezeguet also scored a goal with one touch: 0-1

⚽️Goal: Guven Jarsin
In 41 minutes Besiktas It was a draw. Guven Yalcin, who entered the penalty area of ​​Basakshehir with a pass from Can Bozdoan, kicked the inside of his foot and sent a round leather ball from the corner to the net: 1-1

⚽️Goal: OKAKA
45 + 3. By that amount, Basakshehir took the lead again. A long cake sent by Kaisara from the right Seldal Guller turned the ball in the penalty area, and Okaka sent a round leather ball to the net, shooting a decent headshot in front of the 6th pass. 1-2

The first half of the battle ended with a 2-1 advantage of Medipole Bashakshehir.

Latter half

⚽️Goal: Kenan Karaman

54’Rachid Ghezzal dribbles from the right side into the penalty area. Along the way, Teisheira’s shot came back from the post. Kenan Karaman completed the spinning ball and scored a goal connecting black and white.

60. ”Can Bozdoğan enter the penalty area from the right? Instead of revealing, he struck slightly diagonally and hard, the ball went narrow and forward.

65. ”Rosier made the middle of the penalty area from the right side. Ghezzal shot a hard shot near the front line of the penalty area left by Teisheira and returned the ball to the goal. The ball is back from the defense.

Besiktas: 2-Medipole Basakse Hill: 2

Startes: Vodafone Park

Referee: Erkan Özdamar, Süleyman Özay, Bahtiyar First

Besiktas: Ersin Destanoğlu, Rossier, Welinton (Min 46 Necip Uysal), Serdar Saatçı, Umut Meraş, Can Bozdoğan (Min 87 Larin), Atiba, Ghezzal, Alex Teixeira (Min 82 Emirhan ðlkhan), Kenan Karaman, Güven Yalçın.

Medipol Basaksehir: Volkan Babacan, Caiçara (minimum 75 Ömer AliŞahiner), Duarte, Ravil Tagir, Hasan Ali Kaldirim, Tolga Ciğerci, Serdar Gürler, Aleksic (minimum 84 Pizzi), Berkay Özcan (minimum 66 Chadli), Trezeguet (minimum 85 Chadli), Trezeguet (minimum 85) Sali.

Goal: Minutes 35 Trezeguet, minutes. 45 + 3 Okaka (Medipol Başakşehir), Min. 41 Guven Yalcin, Min 54 Kenan Karaman (Besiktas).

yellow card: Minutes 51 Serdal Guller, Minutes 63 Caiçara, Min. 79 Trezeguet (Medipol Başakşehir), Min. 70 Guven Yalcin, 79 Serdar Search, 82 Rosier (Besiktas).