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Real Madrid Club de Football.

After a loving childhood in Barcelona and Ronaldinho, this formation cries as loudly as possible to get the “world’s largest club”. Of soccer.

This time, the comeback team has eliminated one of the world’s largest machines, Manchester City, and marked it in the Champions League final arena.

Carlo Ancelotti, who I see on a character far from what he deserves in the history of sports, is one step away from the new trophy in his home.

These lines will consider pairing Real Madrid with Manchester City without hiding praise for the world’s largest club.

Difference between black and white: Casemiro and Kyle Walker

In the first leg at Etihad last week, seven goals and perhaps seven net positions increased, and both teams addressed each other’s defensive weaknesses.

The basis of these weaknesses was the lack of two players.

Real Madrid have included Kroos, Modric and Barberde in their midfield trio formed without Casemiro. There is only one player in this trio who can increase the distance between the two penalty areas to give them hardness, but this player could not be used as the only center before defense.

Toni Kroos, who stole the first ball, was forced into contact and couldn’t make the tempo, making it difficult for Real Madrid to leave, and Kroos and Modric were the best in this order, remaining in front of Back 4. The tip has weakened.

The taste of Ancelotti this season, which Zidane applied to the previous season, was not so in the first place. This choice resulted in aggressive infertility, but increased the midfield of the older Real Madrid and limited the left sideback of highly aggressive opponents. The Italian coach played Rodrigo, a wing-born athlete, against Zinchenko, but this preference also missed Casemiro and increased penetration.

Not surprisingly, Manchester City scored four goals, two of which were at the start of the match and missed more.

So why couldn’t Pep and his students protect their castle?

The absence of Kyle Walker is at the forefront of several factors that we will soon talk about.

Walker is one of the best transitional defenders in the world, but he won’t lose to opponents in the set, tripled his defense with a city set attack and allowed a backback and midfielder on the other side. It is a work to do. To stand out.

In the absence of Walker, Guardiola used the Stones on the right back, giving him a defensive triple task and giving Vinicius Jr. no space by keeping the British player deep. Fernandinho, who played in the match after the Stones were injured, was unable to perform this task, so the danger began and the match between Vini Jr. and Fernandinho scored a goal directly.

Also, the city took the field only in the center of Rodri. Rodri was unable to fill the central penalty area of ​​the side because he had to control the circumference of the arc. That’s how Real Madrid scored a goal and completed the trilogy with Laporte’s personal mistakes.

70 minutes lock

In the second match, Casemiro’s return to Real Madrid, Barberde’s move to the right wing, and Kyle Walker’s appearance in Manchester City’s Starting 11 created the opposite scenario to the first match.

Especially in the first half, it was difficult for both teams to form a position with each other. Real Madrid couldn’t carry the ball to Benzema when Vini Jr. couldn’t prepare a running area to compete with Walker’s excellent performance and used a non-winged origin player like Barberde on his right wing. bottom. As a result, Benzema had to move away from the penalty area and collect the ball outside the event zone.

Manchester City was unable to knock Jesus into the penalty area, both in his absence and in the presence of Casemiro, benefiting from a contactless play with the striker on David Alaba’s first leg.

Walker’s injury and Ilkay-Grealish fight Rodrigo-Camavinga

Kyle Walker’s injury meant two potential weaknesses for Manchester City. Cancelo both moved to the right, where his defenses were broken, and this shortage would be doubled by Zinchenko’s back left.

Guardiola has made a De Bruyne-Il Kay move to make up for the deficit that now results from a full back in the midfield.

In fact, Ancelotti’s Claus-Rodrigo change was on target and unlocked. He uses a real right wing against a weakened city fullback and has a chance to get out of the slow paced close and destroy the game. But within a minute, Ilkay’s move came to fruition.

Real Madrid, who has been accustomed to putting pressure on Rodri as the only center in front of the defense since the start of the match, was punctured by the parallel arrival of Ilkay. Bernardo’s service and Mahrez’s amazing shots, which found a big gap with Ilkay’s pass, turned the compass into a pep.

After Golden, Ancelotti decided to split the midfield and offensive lines in a 2×4 way. He sent the center to Camavinga-Barberde in two moves and threw Asensio behind front three. The numerical increase in crime and the risks taken will also bring space behind. Here came Grealish in August, sharing a question mark about transfers in another content.

The main reason Pep put Grealish into a match against one of the world’s most effective counterattack weapons, Sterling, is his insistence on the transfer, as can be seen from the economic interests. Grealish spent three games in the match, but was able to close it completely, laying the groundwork for a miracle.

Real Madrid’s first goal has been the chain so far. The place where Camavinga cut the ball was the area normally filled by Walker, but Cancelo could not be protected. While Benzema was spinning the ball, there was Rodrigo who increased the forward in the penalty area.

The same Rodrigo expanded the game from the right side in overtime, bringing in the ball he had with Benzema facing down, creating a penalty that brought the round.

All the moves Carlo Ancelotti made were rewarded in the field, although miraculous scenarios were included.

Remove oil from flies

Ancelotti left Bayern with dissatisfaction and collective criticism of the team’s training. With his adventures in Naples and Everton, we got the impression that he was in decline like Mourinho.

With an offer received from Real Madrid this summer, Don Carlos had the opportunity to give a special touch to his career, the fate of the club and the group of players.

Despite having great players, the Real Madrid team is a problematic team. The team does not have a defensive quartet. This is reliable and can accept the game behind. With the exception of Modric, the productive part of the midfield is losing tempo. A player who can provide this tempo cannot dominate the ball well.

There’s a great Vini Jr. Benzema duo on the attack line, but it’s not easy to expand the game from the right. The veil isn’t fully rotated, but Asensio doesn’t have to cover the distance with the ball. While Rodrigo is playing in the first 11, his opponent tries to lock Real Madrid by not giving space to the two wings with effective defense in depth, but it can also be successful. This scenario also represents the idea of ​​supporting a midfield trio with the Barberde on the right.

It is not easy for such a cast to define itself with a particular cult game identity. Good division of roles, maximum performance from an individual perspective, and high attention to coaching in almost every match. Real Madrid is destined to be in the hands of trainers by encountering various problems in each match.

Forgotten in the “best ever” class until a few months ago, despite all he has accomplished, Ancelotti is offering us all the coaching lessons this season.

We started with a match analysis, but let’s finish it as it should be.

Please leave these lines as a homage to Don Carlos …