Became a Turkish role model for sports investment


The Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan, Tahir Büyükakın, gathered with successful athletes and sports clubs throughout Kocaeli. The program was accompanied by President Büyükakın, Director of the State Youth Sports Bureau İbrahim Aktürk, President KASKF Murat Aydın and Director of Youth Sports Services Şemsettin Yıldırım. President Buyukakun, who took care of the athletes and the team separately and took pictures, said in a speech at the conference: But with this dynamism and consciousness, we can become our locomotive in the field of sports. ”

“We are a big family of sports”
Mayor Büyükakın emphasized that they are a very large family and that sports clubs are supported throughout the city, saying: In addition, there are 67 sports clubs for the disabled and over 1,000 athletes. This is another success of the sports city Cocaeri. At a meeting with a successful athlete with a large number of participants, Mayor Buyukakun said: ”

“We can be a locomotive in Turkey”
“In fact, our university has a BESYO department where we can conduct academic research in the field of sports,” said President Büyükakın. This field. As a metropolitan area, we also have the opportunity. By integrating these opportunities and institutions, we will be a Turkish locomotive in the field of sports, which is a Turkish role model, and in sports and sports achievements. He takes action with us in other cities. We can work with athletes, clubs, metropolitan areas, ASKF and the State Youth Division to make this sport a success. “


“The spirit is a success”
Success depends on many factors, President Buyukakun said: “Unless there are athletes who build their lives in sports to earn world and Olympic degrees, there are no coaches to raise them and no families to support them. Offering great opportunities for all clubs. If you do, you won’t be successful as an athlete. All of these exist and the facilities will not disappear. There are facilities, but no money. Even if they are all together, they will succeed without the heart and soul. No. For example, without the spirit, there is no war of independence. It is not the spirit, you cannot repel terrorists on July 15. That is why the soul is the most important of all. Our The country is a soul-free country. Believe in and contribute to the vision of this city, the center of sports. If you don’t contribute, if you don’t work, we are ourselves as managers. It has nothing to do with. I want you to take responsibility for this vision. “

“When you wave our flag, you do it.”
President Buyukakun emphasized the importance of sports competitions to countries on the world stage, saying: The moment you successfully flew the Turkish flag, you would have done the best service in this country. As Turkey achieves sporting achievements and our flag flies around the world, you will actually contribute to the promotion and fame of our country. You will contribute to that strength, and this is our soul. KASKF Chairman Aydın said: We want to let you know something about our respected athletes and managers. Over the last two decades, Turkey, especially Kokaeri, has come a long way in establishing facilities.

AYDIN: Under the leadership of our President TAHIR
Aidin said: “Today, this hall is full of successful athletes. If new young people continue, the club managers and families who make sacrifices at this point are very important. We are with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s sport. We are familiar with the support and interest in athletes. If our country reaches this point, there will be a really big effort. Of course, there is development in our city. This development is still going on. And the biggest contribution to this is under the leadership of President Tayyip. I am very grateful for his work and service. As ASKF, I would like to congratulate the athletes and clubs who earned a degree here today. “