Bayraktar TB2 Statement from British Prime Minister Johnson! “One of the most important contributions”

Due to the Russian-Ukraine War, the NATO-G7 meeting is on the agenda worldwide. After the meeting, the leaders made important remarks. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Belgium met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of the NATO extraordinary summit. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an important statement at a press conference after the G7 meeting with NATO. Johnson also issued an important statement about Bayraktar TB2 in Turkey’s statement on support for Ukraine. “One of Turkey’s most important contributions (at the time of its support to Ukraine) is the (Bayraktar) TB2, which I think is of great value,” the British Prime Minister said.

Support from the United Kingdom to Ukraine

“Today, Britain has sent (to Ukraine) another 6,000 missiles and has provided deadly weapons so far,” Johnson said, saying Britain will work with its allies to increase deadly weapons aid to Ukraine. Will more than double the missile aid. Ukrainian troops. I have announced that I will raise £ 25 million. I used the phrase.

Johnson also shared information about the increase in British troops in both Poland and Estonia, as well as the deployment of new troops in Bulgaria.

“No-fly zone announced in Ukraine”

Johnson emphasized the need to support free and democratic Ukraine in the long run: “This is the message (Russian President Vladimir) Putin can receive. Ukraine is not alone. We are not alone. Kiif, Mariupol, Liviu, Democracy. “

Johnson reiterated his assessment that Ukraine would not declare a no-fly zone, stating that no country within NATO would declare it.

“I’m not anti-Russian”

“As for Johnson, I see him as the most active participant in the anti-Russian competition, which is a stagnation in foreign policy,” said Dmitry Peskov, British Prime Minister and Kremlin spokesman. It will be connected. ” When asked about his remarks, he replied that he was not anti-Russian.

Johnson expressed sympathy for the Russian people, not Putin, saying, “Putin has done a complete disaster, the invasion of Ukraine is inhumane and barbaric, and this invasion has been seen by us. I agree that it has changed to no action. 80 years of the European continent. “

Asked how specific the Ukrainian nuclear threat is, Johnson is “distracting” from the fact that the debate over the use of nuclear weapons is actually happening, “innocent people by traditional means. A brutal attack on “.

Description of Bayraktar TB2

Johnson, who returned after the press conference, said he wanted to answer another reporter’s question and said he remembered him from his years as a journalist.

British Prime Minister Johnson said, “I met (President Recep Tayyip) Erdogan. Turkey and Britain are Ukraine’s best friends. He said he could supply Ukraine with more weapons, but did not mention it. Air defense. What are the weapons? What does Ukraine need? “He gave the following answer to the question:

“One of Turkey’s most important contributions (in support of Ukraine) right now is (Bayraktar) TB2, which I think is very valuable. The UK has provided us. It’s air defense. It helps Ukrainians understand how to use them. I think it makes perfect sense, but I don’t think it needs to go beyond what I’m saying. ”

Explanation of the ERDOĞAN-JOHNSON conference from the United Kingdom

In a statement from the 10th British Prime Minister’s Office, Johnson and Erdogan, who met in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, shared deep concerns about the increasingly cruel conflict as part of the NATO Extraordinary Leaders Summit. Ukraine.

“Prime Minister Johnson welcomed Turkey’s strong diplomatic leadership and humanitarian response,” the statement said. The statement was included.

“Johnson meant more trade and investment opportunities between the two countries.”

In a statement, leaders said they discussed ways to strengthen support for the Ukrainian government trying to protect itself, as well as strengthening the security of areas facing new threats, including the Black Sea.

In a statement, Johnson said he was looking forward to increasing cooperation between the two countries, paying attention to more trade and investment opportunities between the UK and Turkey, including renewable and nuclear energy. rice field. (AA)

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