Bayern Munich sign Fenerbahce I think it’s exaggerated, but…



Assessing Besiktas’ 3-3 draw with Aranyaspor, Frat Aidunus said: The backfield is empty. The problem isn’t just 3 or 4 defense. The main problem is mental. The 46-year-old succumbed to fear as one player was sidelined in a 3-1 lead. The mentality of pulling a bus in front of a castle and the fact that fear doesn’t help death. ” Said.

In Galatasaray’s 1-home loss to Giresun, some of the arrows of criticism have been at the defensive centre, some at centre-forwards. where do you think the problem is?

UĞur Meleke: I have problems with stoppers and attacks

At the end of the first two weeks of Galatasaray, two main problems became apparent. First, the defender rotation is narrow. Tandem has no alternative. One of his targets for the transfer is likely a defender. The second is that they cannot breed when attacking. Position generation is not at the expected level. It is not correct to read the issue only with strikers.There is no Galatasaray to constantly come to the 3rd region and ensure continuity of attack.They also could not make a replacement for Kerem Yunus. There is no misfortune. His face is always sullen. They need to find a winger who can play centre-forward.



MEHMET ARSLAN: Imprisoned by Individual Talent

Galatasaray made quality reinforcements. But those reinforcements aren’t the solution for a team that has a growing problem of not being a team. No game philosophy or character is born. A team emerges that depends on the individual talents of one or two players. In this case, it shows Galatasaray, which has limited production capacity and is looking for individual solutions. But the problem is deep-seated and Galatasaray needs a lot of patience and effort to solve it.

FIRAT AYDINUS: first we need to secure the defense

The added power becomes more obvious after Doris Mertens and Lucas Torreira get used to it. Ceferovic has fallen short of expectations in his first two weeks, but with the team’s game still undecided, it would be wrong to criticize him directly. Priority enhancements should definitely be in the defensive core. The region’s issues were evident in both games. The defense was shaken after Marcao’s departure to Seville. The team’s most cohesive line should be the defense. Defense takes practice. It means knowing where you are blindfolded. At the moment, the only quirk in Galatasaray’s defense is Abdul Kerim’s mistakes, which have persisted since the friendly.



Galatasaray failed to make the desired press in a proper manner. Okan Hoxha must find a formula for higher tempos, intense pressure and smooth passing games. We’ve seen Galatasaray fail to be productive enough in two goal passes. Kerem’s individual play, Emre Akbaba’s stagnation and Harris Seferovic’s poor ballplay are the main reasons for this situation. The attacking contribution of the wing-back is also insufficient.

2- Ismael’s changes in players and system in the second half were heavily criticized at Besiktas, who gave Alanya a 3-0 point. How did you find Ismael?

FIRAT AYDINUS: The late changes were wrong


Ismael’s choice of Nkudu, Sally and Gesar at the start of the match was right, but the three changes made to keep the score in the second half were just as wrong. Legs like Nkudu and Mureka with Sully holding the ball against the team coming above him as he makes his fifth defense and back he leaves the field empty It was unacceptable not to consider The problem isn’t just in 3-4 defense games. The main problem is mental. At the age of 46, he succumbed to fear when a player was absent in a match he was leading 3-1. The spirit that pulls the bus in front of the castle and the fact that fear doesn’t help death.

Guntekin Approves: No Such 45 Minutes in Besiktas History

I really liked Besiktas for the first 30 minutes. However, with 10 players left, Ismael’s trio, who played well and scored three goals, went 5-3-1 in a very radical move, with two defenders and Boyd in the game, to make it 5-3-1. and convicted a white man. The whole second half opened. There has probably never been a 45 minute period in Besiktas’ history where he played with the ball in his 84% ​​of opponents. Referee Yasin Kol’s misjudgment put Besiktas in a difficult situation, while Ismael’s intervention in the match forced the black and white teams into their own penalty area.


UĞur Meleke: Great teams shouldn’t play so much, even 10-11

I don’t think it’s just a matter of going from 3-0 to 3-3. Losing matches and losing points is normal in football. However, Besiktas’s ball play rate in the second half of the game he is 16%. Only 34 hits in the second half of 45 seconds. Here are the statistics. This attitude is amazing. Even if Turkey’s big team remains 11-10, many prisoners should not play football. The Besiktas genes should act like a large team in every situation. And I think Ismael doesn’t have that Besiktas gene.

Mehmed Arslan: The 3-0 we didn’t defend was a mistake for the team and the technical man


I remember the Champions League final between Liverpool and Milan. His giving the match 3-0 is a dramatic end for the team. Referees vs. Hiding behind excuses like this is like sticking your head in the sand trying to explain this result.Failure to defend 3-0 is team and technical failure. But for this reason, it would be unfair to tell Ismael, “You’re not a coach or anything.”

3- How much hope does this 6-0 win against Kasimpasa and this match against Austria Vienna bring? Fenerbahçe ready?

Mehmed Arslan: Fenerbahçe on track to become the second Bayern behind this lag

It may seem exaggerated, but Fenerbahçe are becoming the Bayern Munich of this league. They turned Kashin Pasha’s away game into a friendly. Talented quality footballers work with quality coaches. They have their flaws, but they have their own game philosophies and characters rather than individual talents like Galatasaray. They turned this philosophy into a show of individual talent this week.

UĞur Meleke: A memorable Jesus reference from the previous season

Of course, it’s not easy to analyze an 11-10 75-minute match sanely. However, it can be said that Fenerbahçe has some positive developments. Most importantly, the spine, which was successfully completed last season, is at the wheel. Goalkeeper Altay, defensive leader Saray, center Seitz and attacking leader Valencia are the backbone. It is logical that Jesus mentioned the memory of last season in Kasim Pasha’s match. That memory should be enough for Vienna, Austria, which can be considered modest under normal circumstances.

FIRAT AYDINUS: I hope the score 6-0 doesn’t beat FENERBAHÇE

It’s clear in every match that F.Bahçe is making progress towards a better game, but he needs time to find his own consistency regardless of the strength of his opponents. 6-0 is great morale, but he hopes F.Bahçe doesn’t mislead before Austira Wien’s game. Players such as Emre Mol, Joshua King and Valencia are well deserved performances against a weak Kasimpaşa defense of 10 remaining men. Lincoln and Zaitch will be more important in the game against Vienna. I’m one of those people who believe Arda will make a difference when he hits the field. The fact that European trains are not running is important for both the country’s score and F.Bahçe. On the other hand, Wien’s formless performance in the league is promising.


Fenerbahçe scored half a dozen goals and missed as many as they scored. This match was important for the Yellow Navy team in terms of morale and confidence. How much that should be measured, however, will be known in the coming weeks. Jorge Jesus is an experienced coach and down to earth. Fenerbahçe will develop further, but the important thing is to secure the stability of the staff.

4- There were 5 matches that ended 0-0 and 1 match that ended 0-0 in the Superleague. Referee debate and plenty of play are also the leading role. What’s your evaluation?

UĞur Meleke: He led the game with white in hand and card in hand

Unfortunately, after the first two weeks, the Super League seems to be returning to a normal season. Last week’s match between Fenerbahçe and Umraniye was played at gross 101 with just 41 minutes at net. This week, in the Alanyaspor vs. Besiktas match, Yashinkor whistled his 30 fouls in his 60 minutes. With a whistle in one hand and a yellow card in the other, he always tried to control the game. Unfortunately, this is the league’s biggest problem. He stays in front of the screen for two hours, and watching football for 45-50 minutes is difficult. Every game night he takes an hour out of our lives.

FIRAT AYDINUS: Maintaining the habit of winning without looking good

Knowing the opponent, setting up a system, and trying to close the gap paid off. However, there were also games where he scored goals above the league average. I think we’re going to see handicaps around referee decisions and game interruptions throughout the season. Nwakaemé left, Hamsik out, Bisca injured. Trabzonspor have failed to show the enthusiasm and desire they had last season, but they have maintained their stability and discipline. In this way they managed to make a 2 out of 2. Although he did not play well, he was able to maintain his winning habits.

MEHMET ARSLAN: Amazing teams and results coming to this league every week

Frequent game interruptions, referee whistles for the slightest contact, and high numbers of injured footballers on the field are some of the reasons the league hasn’t crossed the $150 million mark. If they say “define the Superleague” this he three sentences is enough. Anyway… the matches played in week two showed amazing results and teams appearing almost every week in this league. Umrani Yespor was that team last week. Giresunspor was successful this week. Which team will be playing next week?

GÜNTEKIN ONAY: Fouls are paid in every dual fight, no ground left behind

Overall slow tempo. The game stops very often and the referee whistles true or false fouls in almost every duel. Players lying on the ground will not get up. Also, a lot of time is spent using free kicks and set plays.