Battargazi sports field begins at the ceremony-Maratya News

Tennis courts, basketball courts and volleyball courts brought to the district by the city of Battargazi in Malatya were opened to serve the citizens at the ceremony. At the opening ceremony, Mayor Battargazi Othman Gudder said, “We are justly proud to bring such a beautiful facility to Battargazi, the center of civilization.”

Malatya -Mayor Othman Gudder of Battargazi, along with Battargazi, one of his election pledges and the center of civilization, has put together an investment in another youth that is very important to youth. The opening ceremony of the “tennis court, basketball, volleyball” field brought to the district by the city of Batalgaji, which is said to have carried out many projects for young people from elementary school to university, was held. Within the framework of youth sports investment, the sports field, which was completed on the side of the Social Life Center, was opened to serve citizens and young people at the ceremony. AK Party Malatya Deputy Hakan Cartal, Governor of Battargazi District Abdul Kadir Duran, Mayor of Battargazi Ottoman Gudder, Mayor of Yesyurt Mehmet Tunal are in the sports field where the opening ribbon was cut after a prayer by Mufti Weissel Isil, Malatya. We played the first match.

“Has a strong infrastructure for sports investment”

Emphasizing the strong infrastructure of the Batal Ghaj region in youth investment, Eve Bekir Kaihan, director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, said, “Today we will open a beautiful facility together. We will open a beautiful facility together. Our Batalgaj region has a strong infrastructure, especially in investing in youth and sports. Our Mayor of Batalgaji would like to thank Ottoman Gudder. “

“We are increasing the number of facilities every day.”

Osman Güder, Mayor of Battalgazi, said he is increasing the number of areas where citizens of the district can find comfortable sports opportunities. Young people value, invest, and confidently look to the future. “The future and future of countries that ignore youth is bleak. Today we are proud to provide good service to youth. Investment in youth and service to the future. A society that turns its back on youth. The future is always dark. “” Our youth who guarantee our future is the crown of our head. From the day we took office, we have sleeves and sleeves for our youth. We have collected a lot of investment with them. We have not left an untouched place in our district. Youth Centers, Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, Tennis Courts, Hundreds We have Pools, Soccer Fields, We have collected a lot of investment, such as libraries, with young people. We have opened many facilities to serve our citizens, and we will continue to do so. “

“The most eccentric and most beautiful facility in Malatya”

Mayor of Yeshyurt, Mehmet Tunal, emphasized that they have opened a beautiful sports facility, “Today we will work together to open a sports facility built by the city of Batalgaj. The cities of Batalgaj and Yeshyurt The two sister cities of our city. The city to the east of our city and the city of Yesyurt to the west will revive their work. We have made great strides in investing and servicing for young people. With the support of our youth sports minister, Maratia has become a youth city. We have provided sports activities to our city. We pave the way for youth. We continue to do so. We stood by Mayor Battargaziosmanguder and said, “We have brought one of the most airy facilities in Turkey to our youth. All that has contributed. I want to thank people. “

“Thanks to everyone who contributed.”

The city of Battargazi points out that it is making a serious investment in young people, said Abdul Kadir Durand, Governor of the Battargazi district. Governor, we support our city of Battargazi with the services and investments we can make for our youth. We are trying to do so. Facilities where you can spend your free time with the future are very important. Our city of Battargazi recently opened a youth center and several sports facilities in the district. In this sense, Battargazi has been instrumental in opening these facilities. In particular, our Mayor of Ottoman Gudder contributed. “

“Batarugazi is another beautiful place for young people to invest.”

Battargazi said investment in youth and sports is improving day by day, and AK Party Malatya Deputy Hakan Cartal said, “After our youth sports minister visited Malatya, we received serious youth investment. Here is the Social Life Center. Our city of Malatya and these facilities next to it are huge. Our district of Malatya is growing and improving day by day. We are pleased to see this change. With the investment of young people, our Malatya is a beautiful president. Congratulations to the president. This facility has become an integrated facility. Citizens are always engaged in sports. “At this point, the mayor of Malatya. Ottoman Gudder is enthusiastic about these efforts of our mayor. As a government, we are with you and our support is with him. To our Malatya and Battargazi. Good luck, “he said.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Mayor Hakan Cartal of the AK Party, Deputy Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Cebudet Atalan, Governor of Battargazi District Abdul Kadir Duran, Mayor of Battargazi Othman Gudder, Mayor of Yeshyurt and Vice President of the AK Party. bottom. .Basri Kahveci, National Movement Party Battargazi District Chairman Ilhan Ilhan, AK Party Battargazi Women’s Branch Chairman Evre Inanchi, Battargazi District Gender Marie Lieutenant Mustafa Chetin, Youth Services and Sports Director Ebbekir Kaihan, Malatya Mayor Galip Sökmen, Director of National Education in the Battargazi district, Ali Kaçmaz, representatives of non-governmental organizations, chiefs, and many citizens attended. Source: UAV