Basakshehir and Galatasaray draw-TRTSpor

The yellow-red team, which had a bad season in the Europa League, was a guest of the orange dark blue team, who was struggling to compete in the Europa League.

The match at the Başakşehir Fatih Terim stadium was overseen by referee Fırat Aydınus.

Galatasaray was unable to change his score because he found a position in the first 10 minutes of the match. After that, the home team, which emphasized the game, could not score a goal and entered half-time without scoring.

In the latter half of the game, Medipole Basakshehir launched dangerous attacks one after another while the yellow-red team struggled to acquire a position. The home team, with Egyptian attacker Trezeguet on the left side, failed to pass goalkeeper Fernando Muslera. Galatasaray, who entered the position in the last few minutes with Barıs Alper Maz and Bafétimbi Gomis, could not find a goal. The match ended 0-0.

After this score, Galatasaray raised the score to 48 and remained in 13th place. Medipole Bashakshehir, who is fighting for the Europa League, finished fourth with 61 points.

Lose points in a row from Galatasaray

The yellow-red team scored only one point in the last two games of the Super League. Galatasaray lost points in the Medipole Basakshehir match after the Demir Group Sivaspor, who lost 3-2 on the field in the 35th week, due to bad seasons in the league and rough graphics. ..

Basakshehir has not lost in 5 games

Galatasaray was undefeated in five games against the recent informal team Medipole Bashakshehir.

The yellow-red team, who experienced their final defeat against the Orange-Dark Blue team in the first half of the 2019-2020 season, ended up with 2 wins and 3 draws in the next five games. Galatasaray, who scored seven goals in the above match, saw two goals in his castle.

Galatasaray did not lose in the last four games against their away opponents. Yellow Red got 1 win and 3 draws in the outer field match.

An important moment in the match …

In the 6th minute, the ball hit by Mustafa Mohammed, who went up behind 6 passes from the right in the middle of Taylan Antalyar, went sideways from the top with a narrow margin.

In the 8th minute Babel centered the ball from the right and Belkan Ktor stood in the back post. After the fix, the defender who intervened in this player’s hit prevented the leather ball from entering the net.

In the 11th minute, an attack from the left met Belkai Ozkan, who entered the penalty area with Trezeguet’s pass, diagonally to the left. Goalkeeper Muslera lay at the bottom of the pole on a hard shot by Belkai Ozkan. And he entered the corner.

In the 39th minute, Taylan Antalyar’s pass mistake caught the ball, and Deniz Chulch went backwards from the round leather side in a long range shot.

In the 41st minute, Muslera, who responded to Belkai Ozkan’s break, confronted the goalkeeper, but Muslera, who came out on time, lay down and became the owner of the leather ball.

In the 44th minute, Sicardau’s shot from outside the penalty area proceeded slowly, with goalkeeper Volcan Babacan controlling the leather ball.

The first half of the match ended with a goalless draw.

In the 55th minute, Deniz Türç shot from the right side outside the penalty area and the ball turned sideways.

In the 56th minute, a ball struck by Belkai Ozkan, who went up in front of the lower right in the middle of Dennis, came out of the far post.

In the 64th minute, Basakshehir stole a corner from the right side and the ball the defense tried to remove was in front of Torga Zielch outside the penalty area. With a hard shot of the player’s arrival, goalkeeper Muslera jumped into the corner with difficulty.

By the same amount, when entering the penalty area from the left, Trezeguet fired from a narrow angle, but the ball went backwards from the bottom of the far post.

Trezeguet took the ball in the opposite wing of the central penalty area created from the right side in the 67th minute, paving the way and shooting. Goalkeeper Muslera and then Nelson’s defensive intervention prevented the leather ball from entering the net.

In the 69th minute, Belkai Ozkan’s shot from diagonally left outside the penalty area, goalkeeper Muslera lay down and became the owner of the ball.

In the 77th minute, Muslera struggled to hit the ball into the corner as Muslera entered the penalty area from the right side.

Gomis fired a shot from outside the penalty area in the 89th minute, and goalkeeper Volcan Babacan pushed the ball into the corner at the last moment.

90 + 3. Burak Yılmaz, who played in the match about a minute ago, shot after hitting the ball on the left side, but the ball was slightly off the side.

90 + 4. Galatasaray managed to pass the opponent’s penalty area at the last minute, and the ball was finally left in Van Aanholt, the front line of the penalty area. During the kick of a Dutch player, goalkeeper Volcan lay to the right to prevent the ball from entering the net. Burak Yılmaz, who chased the ball that had fallen to the bottom of the ball, hit a round leather post and left the field.

After the position was over, referee Fırat Aydınus blew the final whistle and the match ended with a goalless tie.

situation: Basaksehir Fatih Terim

Referee: Fırat Aydınus, Erdem Bayık, Özgür Ertem

Medipole Basakse Hill: Volkan Babacan, Caiçara, Efe Arda Koyuncu, Epureanu, Lucas Lima, Mahmut Tekdemir (Min 90 + 2 Aleksic), Tolga Cigerci, Berkay Özcan (Min 79 Chadli), Deniz Türç (Min 79 Serdar Gürler), Trezegue

Galatasaray: Muslera, Boey, Nelsson, Alpaslan Öztürk, Van Aanholt, Taylan Antalyalı (minimum 80 Halil Dervişoğlu), Berkan Kutlu, Babel (minimum 90 + 2 Barış Alper Yılmaz), Cicaldau (minimum 68 Pulgar), Kerem Aktürkoğ. 80 Maltan), Mustafam Hamed (minimum 68 Gomis)