Barely … Ukraine announces: regained from Russian troops

The Russian attack on Ukraine continues on the 27th day. As Russian troops approach Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, the intensity of the bombing is increasing day by day. Explosions are heard in the capital Kyiv and many parts of the country.

This is what’s happening in this area, every minute …

09:15 Russia has paid $ 2029 in government bond coupons.

08:00 Ukrainian troops have announced that they have regained the town of Macarib near Kyiv. The Ukrainian Army General Staff said in the latest updates on the conflict that the army had expelled Russian troops from a town about 60 km west of the capital.

06:17 Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Russia’s decision to suspend peace treaty negotiations in the face of Tokyo’s Ukrainian policy after World War II was unacceptable and strongly protested Russia’s measures.

04:25 The Ukrainian Azov Battalion has released footage of a ranged attack on Russian soldiers resting in tanks. The Azov Battalion, a special military unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, has released images of attacks on Russian soldiers. The footage records that the Azov Battalion launched a rocket with a group of resting and chatting Russian soldiers at the forefront of the tank, believing it was not dangerous. In the surrounding area. Some Russian soldiers were found to have fallen to the ground in the attack, but no official statement has yet been issued as to how many Russian soldiers were injured or killed in the Azov Battalion attack.

04:14 Ukrainian intelligence captured a person directed by Russian intelligence while preparing a team to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

04:02 Russian troops attacked the Ukrainian cities Kharkov, Rivne and Makiivka with missiles and fighters at night.

03:10 Interior Minister Suleiman Soil said that 58,000 Ukrainians have come to Turkey since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

03:07 At a press conference, US President Joe Biden issued a statement about Russia’s attack on Ukraine and announced that Russia had used hypersonic missiles to attack Ukraine. “Russia launched a hypersonic missile when it noticed,” Biden said.

02:54 In an interview with the Western media, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and touched on issues related to Russia’s demand for Donetsk and Luhansk in Crimea. He said he was ready to discuss. Donbus area.

02:25 Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has announced that Russian fighters have been shot down by Ukrainian soldiers in the city of Chuhuiv in the country’s Kharkov region.

02:00 The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced that post-WWII peace treaty negotiations with Japan will be suspended after Japan joins the Western world with sanctions imposed in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

01:17 Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereshuk has announced that more than 8,000 civilians have been evacuated from the humanitarian corridor opened in Ukraine today.

01:08 The Swiss government has announced that it will not send ammunition to Poland to provide arms support to Ukraine.

00:39 John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesperson, said he saw Russia committing war crimes in Ukraine and helped gather evidence about it.

00:10 Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal bin Felhan was said to have discussed with Russia’s Sergeń≠ Viklov on the issue of Riyadh’s “mediation” in resolving the Ukrainian crisis.

23:39 US President Joe Biden was reported to have talked over the phone with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Prime Minister Olav Schortz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

23:30 White House spokesman Jen Saki said US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan was the Russian Foreign Ministry after Russia attacked civilians indiscriminately and US President Joe Biden spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said that the world’s perceptions of being summoned to were unique. .. He said it was his job.