Barely: Separation at Galatasaray! Diagne has left the camp, her new team …


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Mbaye Diagne, who Galatasaray transferred from Kasimpaş with a transfer fee of 13 million euros during the half-time of the 2018/19 season, seemed to break up again.

A Senegalese star who spent the 2019/20 season in Club Brugge and rented out the second half of the 2020/21 season in West Bromwich Albion was away from the team for a long time last season due to an injury.

Mbaye Diagne, who participated in pre-season camp activities, will move to Fatih Karagümluc. A Senegalese striker who has left the Austrian camp will join his new team after his medical examination.

Half of the salary will be paid

The two clubs pay half of Diagne’s salary, which earns € 2.4 million annually. With Diagne’s dispatch, Galatasaray’s salary burden will be reduced and this budget can be spent on new transfers. Diagne, whose contract with Galatasaray expires in 2023, will end his adventure with the yellow-red team by spending the season at Fatih Karagümük.


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Waiting for transfer

Harris Seferovic’s name is still at Galatasaray’s table and will be stepped up with a striker transfer after Diagne’s departure. Yellow-red people are expected to formally announce the agreed transfer in the near future.

He said “Galatasaray doesn’t need FOVETE”

Mbaye Diagne recently made a definitive statement about the new season in an exclusive interview with DHA.

A Senegalese striker stated that six months had passed since he was injured and said, “It was a very difficult process. I went to Senegal with my family in this process. I studied with the help of them. Then I came here and continued. It was a very difficult process, not an easy one. I didn’t have to move much, especially during the first three months, but Alhamdu Liller, now I can work again. I will train with the team. I have never missed. I want to continue training like this and start a good season. “

“We will see new diagnoses in the new season.”

Recalling that he had a good start last season, Diagne said:

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“I got off to a good start in both the league and the Europa League, but of course our coaches decided who would play and who wouldn’t. Of course, from my own point of view, I I tried to do my job well .. The other strikers are the same. Three of us are always working well in training. We were trying to show it. But thanks to our teacher There is. Soccer is like that. You can be mentally and physically prepared. You have to keep up and you are doing well with the team anyway. After this period, a new page opens. As the new season comes, you’ll see a new diagne. Physically and I’m mentally preparing for the new season. “

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“I want to return to the top form again”

“We have new coaches, new presidents, new sports directors, new players. But when you see it, you have experience here. You need to keep working on these experiences. I have a job. I’m trying to continue studying, and I want to go back to a higher level. Of course, the Turkish League is the league I’ve been playing for many years and I’m familiar with this league. I couldn’t. I’m still doing my best because of my injury, but I’m still studying. And, of course, the coach will ultimately decide who will be on the field. “

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“As a head, mentally I am now devoted to Galatasaray in every way.”

“If you have five strikers here, don’t be afraid. This is a natural process because I’ve already spent my entire life competing. I think Galatasaray needs at least four forwards. Previously. Falcao was there, Haril was there, Mohamed was here. Galatasaray’s contract player. I have another year’s contract here. As a head, mentally so far, “I’m working hard on Galatasaray. I’ve been making sacrifices over the last few years. I’ve been back and forth. But my contract is still underway and I’m in Galatasaray. “

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“I will win everything I need to earn in Turkey. I want to win again.”

“I came here in the middle of the season and the goals at that time were championships and cups. Obviously I did what I had to do to score goals and win trophies. Frankly, two That’s very important. I want my coach to trust me and give my coach time. Definitely keep it in your mind. Looking at the past, of course, I’m the highest scorer I have won everything. I have to win here in Turkey. I have won the League Cup, I have won the Turkish Cup. I have also won the title of top foreign scorer. And now the new ” The season is about to begin. I’m preparing. And I have the same desire to win again. I also have a thirst for the championship. With support and trust, I will continue to do my best. “

“I have to play, I’m a player I wear as I play”

“When we saw it, our forward line was changing weekly. It was changing not only in the league, but in the Europa League as well. Haril was playing and Mohammed was playing. But you don’t have to. Frankly, I’m talking too much. I think I’ve done my best. I’m positive when I’m sitting in the club. I tried to stay, but as I said before. I have to play. I open when I play. I think I’m the best striker in Turkey. If you look at it, you can see these from my achievements. Everyone scores my score. I know the quality of the goals and what they can achieve if they want to know. “

“We are a good step forward and we don’t have to get anyone else.”

“I’m not a coach, so I don’t say anything about whether part of the team is missing. I’m not in a position to evaluate this, but scoring goals in Galatasaray has never been easier. The ball didn’t arrive as I expected, and I and others were blamed whenever I couldn’t score a goal at the end of the day, but last year the whole team failed. It’s a mistake. We need to fix this together as a team this year. We can take a good midfield. Forward lines, whether Mohamed or Gomis, are good strikers and others. I don’t think we need to hire anyone. Looking at Gomis’ past, he’s a great step forward. His success is clear here. Mohammed is no different. We need a player who can pass the ball. “

“I’m not afraid of anything, I know how to get to the goal in Turkey”

“Of course, I can’t answer the question of how many goals I’m scoring right now, because the number of goals here depends entirely on the number of games I play. I say 20 goals. I play 10 games. Of course, as a striker, I have to spend time on the field, but don’t be afraid of anything. I know how to score goals in Turkey. I need to keep studying. There is also a chance to score a quality wing like Kerem or Yunus. Why not score 10 or 12 goals in 20 games? “

“Galatasaray fans were greatly supported by me during my difficult times.”

“Fans love me and I love them very much. They have supported me a lot during my difficult times. I think Galatasaray fans deserve the best. They are Galatasaray. They dedicate their lives because they dedicate everything to them. Their interest. We are very happy here. Good luck to them. “I wish for a vacation and they are us in the new season. I want you to continue to support. “

“I love taking care of young people, we are like a family here.”

“I think Mortan is a good person. Frankly, I like to be natural and behave like myself. I also like to take care of young people. They have someone who is a brother. I think it’s necessary. Whether it’s Hamza or not The age difference is 8-10 years, but it’s not a big deal, but it’s like brothers and family here. Of course, football will end someday. To collect good memories. And soccer is over. That’s it. “