Barely: PSG confused the locker room! The players were split into two … Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Pochettino and the possibility of compensation of 20 million euros …

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At Paris Saint-Germain, who lost sensationally to Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League, fans continued to react to all players except Kylian Mbappe, deepening the crisis for the capital.

In RMC Sports news; the players were divided into two groups, alleged that things went wrong in the dressing room of Paris Saint-Germain. Allegedly, players are starting to group together and communication between them is weakening day by day.

It started to reflect in the field

It was noted that the players, especially the South Americans and the French speakers, were polarized, especially after losing to Monaco 3-0 in the league. Emphasizing that this grouping is also reflected in the field, “If Neymar is fouled, there are five players who oppose the referee, but the same thing happens if Hakimi is fouled. do not have”. I was told.

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What happened?

PSG fans who said goodbye to the tournament won after losing 3-1 to Real Madrid in the last 16 rounds of the Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain, who hosted Bordeaux at the home ground of League One in France, was repulsed after Lionel Messi and Neymar were removed from the Champions League.

Whistle and curse

In the 28th week of French League 1, PSG hosted Bordeaux and fans whistled Lionel Messi and Neymar. Fans responded with whistles and abusive chanting every time the ball came to the feet of a star soccer player.

PSG supporters also praised Kylian Mbappe, calling on management to resign.

Immediately before: PSG's locker room confused players were split into two ... Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Pochettino and possible compensation of 20 million euros ...

Messi’s wife can’t control their tears

His wife Antonella couldn’t hold her tears on the stand after Lionel Messi whistled in a Bordeaux match.

Why didn’t Messi play in Monaco?

Lionel Messi, who did not attend the training the day before the match against Monaco due to an injury, was not included in the match team and did not take the time to lose 3-0.

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The injury of an Argentine soccer player was an excuse, and it was alleged that he did not want to play because of the reaction of the fans. Behind these allegations, star players were recorded as wanting to return to Barcelona, ​​but the Spanish press denied the rumor.

Would you like to return to Barcelona?

In Marca news, contrary to Argentine and Spanish media news, Lionel Messi has no plans to return to Barcelona and will be the team leader after Kylian Mbappe leaves.

The news pointed out that Mauricio Pochettino will leave the team, but Messi will be at the center of the team with the new coach, and unlike this season, the game plan will follow Messi. , Not Mbappe.

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Immediately before: PSG's locker room confused players were split into two ... Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Pochettino and possible compensation of 20 million euros ...

Did his father see Barcelona’s management after the Real Madrid match?

According to another claim by the Spanish press, the father of world-famous star Jorge Messi contacted Barcelona’s management to seek the return of his son. It was noted that Lionel Messi, who whistled his supporters in his last Bordeaux match, also began preparing for his departure.

Greenlight from Xavi to Messi

Xavi Hernandez, the coach of the Spanish giant, has issued a statement to Lionel Messi. Xavi gave a green light to Lionel Messi’s comeback.

At a press conference, Xavi said: “Messi is the greatest player ever and the door to Barcelona is always open to him. He can always return to this team. He deserves great praise and his contribution to this team is very high. It’s valuable. I’m a Paris Saint-Germain player at the moment, so I can’t talk anymore. “

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Immediately before: PSG's locker room confused players were split into two ... Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Pochettino and possible compensation of 20 million euros ...

Offer from Premier League to Neymar

Under the leadership of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, Newcastle United, acquired by a consortium led by the Saudi Arabian Investment Fund at the beginning of the season, became active in the Premier League and brought Neymar to the world as a staff member.

Appointments in Manchester City and Barcelona

There was also news that his former club Barcelona was very enthusiastic about Neymar. Neymar wanted to go to Barcelona two years ago, but the two clubs couldn’t agree on the terms of the transfer.

Meanwhile, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said he would like to have Neymar on the team if Arling Blaut’s transfer fails.

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Criticism from MBAPPE to its teammates

PSG star Kylian Mbappe, who lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League and lost 3-0 in the match of Monaco who played in League 1, implicitly criticized his teammates.

Mbappe, who spoke after the match, said everyone on the team should respect each other. After whistling the last whistle of the Monaco match, talking to Amazon Prime Video, Mbappe said his teammates should be more professional.

“Monaco is a great team to play to go to Europe. They were very determined throughout the match and reflected the game plan on the field. I wish they could go to Europe. For us. The goal is the title of the 10 leagues, the rest are not. It doesn’t matter. 8-0 or 9-“Even if we win 0, people would think we were eliminated in the Champions League. Despite all, we must remain professional and respect each other. That is what we have to do. Our fans and family. What we do. If we respect ourselves, we need to respect ourselves. “

Immediately before: PSG's locker room confused players were split into two ... Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Pochettino and possible compensation of 20 million euros ...

Simeone’s claim instead of Pochettino

Paris Saint-Germain lost to Real Madrid 3-1 in a rematch that won 1-0 in the last 16 rounds of the Champions League.

After the defeat, French press news said that many names, especially the team coach Mauricio Pochettino, will leave the team.

There are 8 coaches on the list

The news said that along with Diego Simeone, 10 coaches are on the list of Paris Saint-Germain. These names include Massimiliano Allegri, Erik Ten Hag, Christopher Gartier, Mikel Arteta, Simone Inzaghi, Lucien Favre and Zinedine Zidane.

Potential € 20 million compensation

PSG could face the possibility of paying damages in excess of € 20 million if Mauricio Pochettino and his team broke up before the contract expired.

Pochettino’s PSG carrier

Mauricio Pochettino, who took over the team in January 2021, won the French Cup and the French Super Cup with his capital team. The Argentine coach, who played 74 games against Paris Saint-Germain, had 50 wins, 10 draws and 14 losses. Pochettino scored an average of 2.16 points in these matches.

Immediately before: PSG's locker room confused players were split into two ... Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Pochettino and possible compensation of 20 million euros ...

Real Madrid admire the referee room after the match

Paris Saint-Germain President Nasser Al-Kelaifi allegedly attacked the referee’s room after the Real Madrid match was defeated 3-1 at Santiago Bernabeu. Here are the details of the scandalous moments provided by the Spanish press …

In the final 16 rounds of the UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid defeated Paris Saint-Germain in 17 minutes with Karim Benzema’s historic hat-trick, winning quarter-final tickets and disrupting the dressing room corridor. did.

Disappointed with Real Madrid’s defeat and angry with the referee’s performance, PSG President Nasser Al-Kelaifi and sporting director Leonardo attacked the locker room refereeing room, according to Marca news.

Nasser al-Kelaifi leaves the field set up for visitors to Santiago Bernabeu, shows offensive behavior, shouts in the hallway, forces him into the referee’s room, discusses with the referee, and then the assistant referee. Danny Makkelie reportedly broke one of the flags.

“I will kill you”

Meanwhile, Al Kelaifi allegedly shouted to Real Madrid employees, “I will kill you,” and recorded the referee’s actions in the changing room over the phone.

The issue was reported to the UEFA by observers, but it is stated that Kelaifi will be punished in the face of serious sanctions by the UEFA.

What understands his aggression?

Under the aggressiveness of PSG President Nasser Al-Kelaifi, it was pointed out that he could not win this year’s UEFA Champions League Championship, which he had long sought with great aspirations.

Despite having played at least the quarterfinals for 10 seasons after the acquisition of Nasser Al-Kelaifi, the capital representative was unable to reach the cup. Losing in the 2019-20 final, PSG threw a towel in the 2020-21 semi-finals.

UEFA Champions League performance since the acquisition of PSG by Nasser Al-Khelaifi

12-13: Quarterfinals
13-14: Quarterfinals
14-15: Quarterfinals
15-16: Quarterfinals
16-17: Round 16
17-18: Last 16
18-19: Round 16
19-20: 2nd place
20-21: Semifinal
21-22: Round 16