Barely … new health regulations … President Erdogan has released good news one after another

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The highlights of President Erdogan’s statement are:
Congratulations on March 14th Medical Day for our doctors and all medical professionals. We would like to thank all healthcare professionals for their efforts to maintain the healthcare system during the epidemic.

There are thousands of doctors and doctor-themed folk songs and idioms in our country. It is probably not in vain that Suleiman the Magnificent, the greatest conqueror of his time, described the world’s greatest happiness as a breath of health. The health sector is becoming stronger and stronger when information and data are at their greatest value. We want to take our country to the best place in the world’s healthcare system. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to health is the doctor. The concept of doctors and judges comes from the same roots. Its common feature is that it represents such people who specialize in scientific wisdom. Today, medicine covering the fields of medicine and pharmacies has also been used to protect against illnesses caused by false information. The word doctor, on the other hand, describes a state of competence. In our culture, medicine is considered to be within the highest level of knowledge.

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Hayrullah Efendi, from the family of the Ottoman’s most famous doctor, says, “The doctor will not lie to his own actions, and he should not have a relationship with such people.” It is possible to come across the story of our noble doctors described in this way throughout our country. From Feriha Öz to Murat Dilmener, all doctors have brought these common features to the fore.

This country has pledged allegiance to the doctor

This country has both loyalty and the need for a doctor. The country’s best sons are educated in medical schools, training and research hospitals and work primarily in the public sector. This is our point. We want the world to send patients to our country so that they can be healed here. Our country is also becoming a center of attraction, as Turkey’s potential is sufficient to increase the power of the doctors it needs.

We have proved that we are in a position to provide the highest level of service to people with hospitals and doctors during the epidemic. The strong infrastructure built behind it has a large market share. Instead of tedious and inefficient health activities, we have succeeded in building a system that provides the services people need. The medical system, which has strengthened human resources with about 1 million human resources, is one of our greatest pride.

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(Doctor going abroad) I have no doubt that they will return to their country in a lesser future.

Of course, as in all areas, we still have health problems. We have endeavored to facilitate the work of doctors by improving the infrastructure of their work environment. We believe that our country should make the most of each doctor trained at great cost. In the medical system, there may be people whose eyes and heart go abroad, not just in their own country. There is no doubt that those who act with this understanding will return their direction to their own country in the not too distant future.

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We would like to thank all our doctors for using their preferences for private and public services. Despite our efforts, we recognize the expectations of physicians for problems that have not yet been resolved.

Minor injuries medical professional crimes are included in the catalog

Our first gospel is about regulation that ensures that problems related to attacks on health care workers are resolved. The crime of intentional injury is included in the catalog within the scope of CMK. With regard to medical services, there are increasing penalties for blocking the right to benefit from public services.

Expert Responsibility Committee was established

The second good news is that we have set up a specialized responsibility committee for healthcare professionals to fundamentally solve another important issue. Initiating a criminal investigation for examination, diagnosis and treatment-related medical procedures and practices performed by all medical professionals within the practice of the profession relies on the permission of this Commission. The Professional Responsibility Board is not responsible for administrative and financial decisions. The committee also decides whether to revoke government compensation for health care workers working in public institutions and states.

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Goodwill paid to health care workers

Our third gospel concerns wage regulation for healthcare professionals. Significantly improve payroll system and financial benefits. Fixed additional payments for health workers are included in the central government budget and their salary is paid as a single salary. This application will also be implemented in university hospitals. The Ministry of Health’s revolving fund distribution system will be activated, and hospitals without revolving funds will no longer exist. Increases the additional payments healthcare professionals receive from revolving funds.

Price improvements will be reflected in the pension

The fourth good news is that improved wages for health care workers are reflected in severance. Doctors’ salary wages are adjusted to cover post-retirement salary losses. The salary of retired doctors will be reviewed. Medical professionals with an undergraduate degree, especially nurses, are reminded that they are within the range of 3600 additional indicators.

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The basic fee for our family doctor will increase

Our fifth good news is for our family doctors … The base salary of our family doctors will also be raised.

I hope these regulations are beneficial to our physicians and all healthcare professionals who serve humanity with their knowledge, actions and efforts.

The Canakkale Bridge will open on Friday. Cross this bridge from Asia to Europe in 6 minutes. At this bridge we will leave a legacy for the future. Together with the country, we have shattered scenarios aimed at political and economic independence. We have made Turkey a regional and global power. Our country has now been promoted to the top league in the world. You, the white shirt, are the leaders in this.