Barely … Minister Nevaty: Complete the project in 2 years and 15 years

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The highlights of Minister Nabati’s remarks are:

“December 20, seriously damaged through the exchange”

Economy accustomed to negative inflation faces the serious problem of double-digit inflation. Today, the countries of the world are so familiar with the traumatic attitude of the post-crisis of 1973 that they cannot take drastic measures. They go beyond neutrality. Inflation is likely to be a problem not only in Turkey but around the world in 2022. Due to the increase in draws last year, there was a behavioral impediment to pricing. With the rhetoric of betrayal, they exaggerated and pushed up the points of depreciation of the Turkish lira.

Forex buyers suffered a serious loss on December 20th. Do not see contradictory statements that contradict the reality of Turkey. The social media account did the same for sunflower oil. Unfortunately, many people today have enough stock in their homes for a year. Shape your actions according to the reality of the country’s economy and our discourse.

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“We will complete the project in 2 years and 15 years.”

We want to solve the food-related problems that the world is facing earlier in self-sufficient Turkey. This will not break the discipline. I will not compromise.

253 projects will irrigate 830,000 hectares of land and immediately bring water to the land. It costs 90 billion lira and ends in two years. The area to be irrigated is 8 million 300,000 acres. This area is located all over Turkey. We provide agricultural irrigation that covers the whole of Turkey. As I said earlier, we will complete a project that will be completed in 15 or 2 years at present.

The total revenue is 1,103 million lira. Protocols are prepared, transactions are made, and there is a Ziraat Bank like a lion. I can’t stand still. As a farmer, I am excited. As a citizen, I am excited. TOK0054 uses Ziraat Bank as a lender and funding is at the expense of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Construction costs belong to DSI. The loan period is a two-year grace period, for a total of seven years.

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While doing this, we have completed the dam, built the pond and the water is ready. Water has accumulated in this state. A pond was created. It will be land use now. It’s a very important area and we share details with each MP.

I put the water back in the soil. I need energy. Our source is the sun. Hopefully we will realize the solar energy system sooner.

Barely ... Minister Nevaty: Complete the project in 2 years and 15 years

“The investment in GES and irrigation channel projects is 94 billion TL.”

Japan has a high potential for solar energy, but it is clear that this potential cannot be fully utilized at present. The share of solar energy in electricity production will increase from 4 percent to 4.5 percent. The weight of our farmers’ energy costs is taken from them. You can see that there is mass that benefits from solar energy. Our Ministry of Energy has made very good preparations.

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The investment in GES and irrigation canal projects is 94 billion TL. Our farmers use the electricity they need and sell their surplus to earn income.

The cost of 1,000 MW of installation is $ 500 million. TL equivalent to 7 billion TL. Now, with the amount we subsidized in two years, our farmers will produce their own electricity and sell the surplus. It will save our farmers 70 percent on their electricity bill.

Barely ... Minister Nevaty: Complete the project in 2 years and 15 years

To KILIÇDAROĞLU: It doesn’t make sense to say “I will distribute electricity for free”

This is the time when all kinds of tools are used to get the highest efficiency from agriculture. Our farming room needs to take the lead in this regard. How did the two-year epidemic and crisis affect commodity prices? The government is aggressive and comes with a package of 94 billion lira. Use water and the sun. The SPP installation will provide an eight-year loan with a one-year grace period through Ziraat Bank. Even if you say “I will distribute electricity for free”, this does not happen. You bring a solution. This is the number.

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Shows the source of 94 billion lira. It’s not suitable for us to sell our dreams, it’s suitable for us to sell the truth. If there is another way, please come and let me know. They go back and forth between these halls and say, “I do it for free, I do it like this …”. There is no such world. Explain this to the municipality you own. I will explain in Ankara and Izmir.

Barely ... Minister Nevaty: Complete the project in 2 years and 15 years

The maximum credit limit has been doubled

I consulted with Ziraat Bank. Doubled the credit limit for animal, crop production and other agricultural issues. What happens next is up to you. You will want it, we will do it. 94 billion lira is a serious figure and 1000 MW of SPP is an important amount. In a very short time, these reflections can be seen together. It is us who are willing to meet it. In the fall, these reflections can be seen. GES investors have special needs. Minimize prices and make these prices available to farmers. I have something to say to Ziraat Bank. Make things easy. Our farmers will adapt soon.