Barely … Minister Akar: Deteriorating Montreux’s status does not benefit anyone

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Defense Minister Hulusi Akar met with journalists after NATO’s extraordinary defense ministers’ meeting, answered questions on the agenda, and issued a statement.

Turkey has continued to work on the development of Ukraine in a very consistent and principled manner, and Minister Akar reminded Turkey that it has good relations with both Russia and Ukraine.

Regarding the meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Minister Akar said: Without collision. spent. ” He said.

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“As NATO, we think very much about what we should do in the short, medium and long term to maintain deterrence,” said Akar, saying that the events in Ukraine have brought about a fundamental change in regional security. Need to defend, and to maintain the opportunities and capabilities we have. The answer to these is bilateral and he is sought in general talks by all countries and NATO. . ”We made that evaluation.

There is no benefit to destroying Montoro’s status

Turkey has expressed its support for Ukraine’s independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty, and Minister Akar said a ceasefire should be urgently declared. President Erdogan has always expressed this situation at the highest level, and when talking to Russian and Ukrainian interlocutors, Minister Akar said, “The humanitarian situation is deteriorating and must be prevented. Needs a cessation. We propose, express and provide this. ”Shared his knowledge.

Mentioning the need to find a solution to the problems experienced by Ukrainian citizens, Minister Akar said, “There are older people, women, children, and innocent people. I used the phrase.

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Recognizing that one of the most important efforts to restore peace and stability in the region is compliance with the Montreux Convention, Minister Akar said:

“By discussing and negotiating with all parties on this issue, we hope that the Montreux Convention will be implemented in the most serious, honest, open and transparent way it has ever been. In, we strive to maintain peace and stability. We always say that Montreux is beneficial to all parties. The decline in Montreux’s status is not beneficial to anyone. We have reiterated our follow-up and compliance. It is an important step on the road to peace and stability and we provide important support. We will continue. “

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We want to know the value of our work

Turkey has said it is fighting many terrorist organizations, not just PKK / YPG, DAESH and FETO, and Minister Akar needs to cooperate in this regard, has steps to take and expects NATO members to do this. He said he was doing it.

Minister Akar emphasized the need to know what Turkey did in the war on terror, “protecting the southeastern border of the European Union, Europe and NATO. If you don’t fight terrorism there, you have to fight. For these illegal and unwanted migrations, we will be in Europe. “What will happen? Our work is not only for the interests and rights of our country, but also for Europe. You should know that it is very informative. We need this awareness. We want you to know the value of our efforts and efforts. “Give your message.

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Mentioning the meetings he held within the scope of the NATO extraordinary meeting of Defense Ministers, Minister Akar said: He met with counterparts in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Greece and Latvia and stated that their meetings were positive and constructive.

He pointed out that the main issue of the talks was the movement of Ukraine, and Minister Akar said:

“We have added our views, thoughts and policies to the agenda. We have informed our friends that there is nothing negative about our relationship with Russia. On the contrary, it has been resolved. From the perspective of solving this problem, and from the perspective of our role as facilitator, discussion and negotiation, we have been a member of NATO for 70 years and have been given to us since 70 years. We have done all the tasks we have done, so we have a truly distinguished and respected place in the NATO army, especially by tackling military issues, and the best to maintain it. The mission is given to us. We expect NATO and other NATO member states to do what everyone should do to us as well. “

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Ceasefire must be given as soon as possible

In response to a journalist’s question, when asked about the evacuation of Turkish citizens evacuated to the Mariupol mosque in Ukraine, Minister Akar said, “There are individual clashes in the field, on land and on the road. Therefore, individual attacks during evacuation by vehicle. “Let’s wait for this,” he said. “We are still in contact with the parties on this issue. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is also in touch on this issue. He can as much as possible. We will do our best to speed up our work as soon as possible. This case has not been off the agenda of our president. “

Asked for being criticized for not imposing sufficient sanctions on Turkey and Russia, Minister Akar said, “I do not disagree with the sanctions. Whatever sanctions the United Nations proposes, The Republic of Turkey plays that role, “he said.

Emphasizing the importance of carefully planning the goals of sanctions and the consequences they hope to achieve, Minister Akar said:

“The situation should not be expanded, but it should be limited. The ceasefire should be established as soon as possible. With the ceasefire and the start of political and diplomatic negotiations, stability and peace should come there as soon as possible. Must, of course, some very tough, if anything, could it be a ceasefire diplomatic forum? Well, if there was no ceasefire diplomatic forum, could such a softening be possible? Now we need to evaluate the balance between profit and loss. In a sense, there is no “do not do it in any way” attitude, but there is no “do not do it in any way” attitude. Both Russia and the region. In this sense, we believe that the work we have done has made an important contribution to the solution. The work done is highly valued by all biased and impartial countries. “

Balanced and warm relationship

Ukraine has had certain demands, especially from NATO countries since the start of the process, and Turkey was said to have focused on humanitarian aid, saying, “Will we take steps towards Ukraine’s demands?” In response to the question, Minister Akar said Turkey is acting very carefully and sensitively on this issue because of its relationship with Russia.

Emphasizing that Turkey has supported both political processes and humanitarian efforts since the beginning of Ukraine’s development, Minister Akar said, “We keep our relationship very balanced and warm. I used an expression.

When asked about the latest developments in Greek-Turkey relations, Minister Akar said, “We are discussing in a sincere, candid, honest and transparent manner.” She replied.

Recalling that the first and third Confidence-Building Measures Meetings between the two Departments of Defense were held in Athens and the second in Turkey, Minister Akar said, “This time in Turkey’s fourth meeting. It’s your turn. ” He said.

Minister Akar said he was waiting for a Greek delegation to Ankara for confidence-building measures, and said the issue was highlighted in a meeting with Greek Defense Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopros.

“This is important in terms of the prosperity of the people of both countries and the sharing of beauty and wealth in the Aegean Sea. There are tourism, fishing and many other wealth. We are in favor of using them together, In this sense, there was a positive reaction from the interlocutors. We expect them to move in this direction. We are constructive and positive. This is our approach. am.”

Two Ukrainian “BIG YUSUF”

When asked about the status of the two A400M aircraft remaining in Ukraine, Minister Akar said:

“The two transport planes we sent for humanitarian aid landed in Ukraine on February 23. They delivered humanitarian aid materials to the Ukrainian counterpart. The tower turned right and The airspace will be closed. Russia and Ukraine on this issue. Both countries are interested in this issue. “They are trying to drive the plane out of it before any damage or damage occurs. We keep in touch. I hope we can get good results from it in the next few days. “

When asked about ships, including oil-laden ships stored in Russian ports, Minister Akar said, “We talked with Russian authorities, those ships left and were moved to Turkey. Discussions with the ship are ongoing. ” I gave the answer.