Barely: Kasum Pasha Storm! (Kasimpasha-Sivaspor)

Kasimpasha’s Storm in the Super League … After defeating Sivaspor 3-1 in the 17th week, Pasha broke up with Hakan Kutur and is performing a show under the control of Sami Ugururu.

The Istanbul representative has recorded eight wins, three draws and two losses in the last 13 games played in the league. Kasımpasa, who is 20th with 11 goals in the 17th week of the league, has scored 27 out of 39 points in the last 13 weeks and has risen to 13th place with 38 points on the scoreboard. Pasha, who had only two wins in 18 weeks, got off to a great start, averaging 2.08 points per game.

On the other hand, Navy Blue White broke new ground during this period. Kasımpasa set a new record by winning six games (5 leagues, 1 cup) in a row for the first time in history. Navy White recorded five and three games in 13 weeks, but his successful performance was reflected in the league stats. In fact, it is true that there is teamwork behind this success of Kasımpasa. Serkan Reçber and sporting director Emir Saraç also contributed significantly to the team’s exit.

As is known, Kasimpaş CEO Serkan Reçber drew attention in the TRT commentary, especially after a successful football career in Fenerbahce. After his commentator career, Reçber made his own name by finding a talented player in Kasımpaşa where he worked.

27 points in 13 games

Kasimpasha-Altai: 2-0
Kasimpasha-Hatayspor: 3-1
Giresunspor-Kasimpasha: 0-2
Galatasaray-Kasumpasha: 1-3
Kasimpasha-Kayserispor: 3-1
Trabzonspor-Kasimpasha: 1-0
Kasimpasha-Alanyaspor: 2-2
Konyaspor-Kasimpasha: 4-4
Kasimpasha-Fenerbahce: 1-2
Goztepe-Kasimpasha: 2-3
Kasimpasha-Chaikle Rize Spor: 3-1
Yeni Malatya-Kasimpasha: 0-2

(13 games, 8 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses, 27 points)

The second team to collect the most points in the second half of the league

Kasımpasa scored 23 points with 7 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in 11 games played in the second half of Süper Lig. In the second half, he averaged 2.09 points, and Navy White came in second on the scoretable in the second half of the league, following leader Trabzonspor (24). Meanwhile, the Istanbul national team, along with Alanyaspor, became the team with the most goals scored in the second half of the league, scoring 26 goals.

Second half score table in the Super League

Top 5

Trabzonspor-24 points
Kasumpasha-23 points
Alanyaspor-21 points
Fenerbahce-21 points
Antalyaspor-19 points

Leaders in many regions

Kasimpasha is at the top of the league in the number of long-distance and sprint runs. The league average is 8,226 meters at high speeds, while Kasimpasya is number one in the field at 9,134 meters.

The league average was 1,716 meters in sprint distance, while Kasimpasha averaged 2,180 meters and won the summit in this area as well.

In addition, as of the 30th week, Pasha was one of the teams in the team press and the most positions. Having found 405 positions in the last few weeks, Dark Blue White has risen to 6th place in the field.

Time break transfer made a difference

Players Kasumpasha added to the team during half-time also left a mark in the league. Mamadou Fall, Jackson Muleka, Awer Mabil. He contributed 12 of the 26 goals scored by the Istanbul team in the second half of the league and became the architect of the exit captured by Pasha.


Jackson Mureka was able to draw attention with the goals scored. The 22-year-old soccer player aired his opponent’s net five times in six games and gave his teammates two goal passes. Congolese players played for a total of 346 minutes and contributed directly to one goal every 49 minutes.

Another half-time transfer from Istanbul’s Awer Mabil adapted to the team in a short amount of time. The Kenyan star provided two goals and one assist in the five games he played.

Mamadou Fall, who transferred from Charleroi in half-time with his testimony, is playing very effective football with his wings. Senegalese players have scored twice and stand out for their fast playing style.

Hope is a blessing, shooting

Umut Bozok is drawing attention for his goals scored in Kasimpasa. The 25-year-old soccer player scored 14 goals and 7 assists in 30 Super League games. He contributed directly to 21 of Kasımpasa’s 45 goals this season.

Umt Bozok, who was second in the Super League’s top scorer race, was invited by the national team for his successful performance.

Meanwhile, Umt Bozok, along with Trabzonspor’s Nuwakaeme, has become one of the two players who contributed to the most goals in the league.