Barely: Jordi Alba threatens referee Daniele Orsato and rests in Galatasaray-Barcelona match! I guess, I don’t play This is what happened and the opinion of the sports writer …


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Galatasaray faced Barcelona in the final 16-round rematch of the UEFA Europa League, which was sometimes a tense moment, but at the end of the match the tension increased. After tension, Jordi Alba’s threat to the referee was the most striking point.

The first tensions in the fight were experienced when Gerard Piqué left the game. The experienced defender was replaced by Clement Rengre in the 81st minute, first heading to the bench to finish the match. Pique was warned by referee Daniele Orsato and left the match from the nearest location.

Slow steps of picket react

After leaving the game, Pique took a slow step to the hut, showing the referee the item thrown from the stand along the way. This movement of Pique gathered the reaction of Galatasaray fans.

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The main tension is for Aruba!

Five minutes after this tension, Jordi Alba appeared on stage. Angered by the slow movement of the Spaniard’s left back as he tried to throw in, Galatasaray’s supporters responded to the protest and threw a foreign object into the field.

When throwing a ball at a tribune …

Furious at this reaction on the stand, Aruba threw the ball at the stand in this case. After the relocation of Aruba, the tension on the stand increased. Galatasaray soccer players also responded to this move by experienced soccer players, increasing tensions between the two teams.

He threatened the referee and said, “I can’t play”!

Jordi Alba went to Italian referee Daniele Orsato in this case and said, “If another item is thrown on the field, I won’t play! I’ll get off the field.” Orsato, on the other hand, didn’t respond to Aruba and wanted to start the game as soon as possible.

After more than three minutes of tension, Barcelona finally got a throw-in and Aruba continued to play. Tercübeli’s left back was punished with a yellow card no matter what happened.

What did the creator of the sport say?

Hürriyet newspaper writers Güntekin Onay and Uğur Meleke took x-rays of all the events and struggles.

GÜNTEK dry NONAY: Can’t meet the quality of Barcelona

Galatasaray showed a very high level of character in the first half with great support from 50,000 fans. Except for two positions, he didn’t give Barcelona the chance he wanted, and after the corner he managed to score in Marcao. It was very valuable for our representatives to take the initiative, but more importantly it was to maintain the score. Unfortunately, despite disciplined and systematic defense, Pedri’s goal could not be thwarted.

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High technology

Barcelona is a team of very high technical quality, but when compared to its rivals Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, it can’t reveal a powerful game character. They have a fragile structure. With aggressive play, Galatasaray managed to beat Barcelona. We must admit that there is a big difference in quality. Galatasaray was able to pass 135 minutes evenly in this match due to its excellent fighting power. I’m grateful for this. All the players who participated yesterday 11th showed their heart, energy and everything.

Penalties for defensive purchases

At the beginning of the second half, when we lost 10 players on the field, we suffered from being overly defensive. Faced with such a strong opponent, you must admit that you have to keep the ball as far away from your goal as possible. Barcelona offered a serious continuity of the attack when the opponent was unable to catch the ball on the half-court. Our downside was that we couldn’t carry the ball and keep it in half of our opponents.

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Thank you G.SARAY

Control was in Barcelona throughout the second half and unfortunately we couldn’t get over this situation. The truth is that Galatasaray reflected all its strength in the field, but he couldn’t cope with the quality of Barcelona. In the second half I played a game of fate, but unfortunately it was unavoidable. Despite all, G. It is our duty to thank Saray. For showing great resistance to such strong enemies.

UĞURMELEKE: European climate character actor

Liverpool defeated Arsenal at Emirates two days ago to win nine straight games. “Can we join the championship with this momentum?” They asked Klopp at a press conference. Klopp’s answer was philosophical:

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“The most fragile flower on earth that you call momentum. It only dies in one step.”

9 minutes of excitement

The words came to my mind yesterday when Marcos jumped into the corner from the right at 28:00 and hit his head. And there was a lot of excitement for 9 minutes until Pedri’s goal. Barcelona had a really extraordinary momentum in 2022.

But when they scored a goal yesterday at 28 after a quiet night at Camp Nou, their momentum turned out to be really fragile for a few minutes. At that moment, the blue jersey became more angry and personal mistakes became more frequent.

Pedri takes the stage

Even Xavi seemed depressed for a few minutes as a bystander. However, at the age of 37, Pedri, a young man who marked international star football in the 2020s, went on stage. He scored a solo goal. And at that moment he unplugged the match.

One size bigger

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It’s clear that Barcelona is one size larger than the Europa League. They were a season away from the main stage, the Giants Treeg, and then paired with Galatasaray.

Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester and Barcelona are the protagonists of European football films. Getting them off stage on these tours is very difficult.

In addition, Barcelona had the best January transfer window in the club’s history, so you can put Memphis on the bench at 140m Dembele. The fact that they don’t even need De John and Bracewait in an environment where Haril and Maltan can change the game is a summary of the standard differences.

But let’s congratulate Galatasaray. They really boosted Barcelona. Although they are not the protagonists of European football films, they reminded the world that they are one of the character actors.

XAVi as a winner

Xavi was the lead player of the greatest club national team ever in Barcelona, ​​Spain. There is no other four-year match for the EuRO 2008, Champions League 2009, World Cup 2010, Champions League 2011 and EuRO 2012 trophy in the history of this sport. It’s just him and his few teammates. His coaching can also feel different as he is accustomed to playing and winning the finals in his football career.

Which Barcelona came to Istanbul?

“If you want to know what kind of team we are playing, watch the Osasuna match,” Torren T said at a press conference two days ago. In fact, Barcelona’s defeat of Osasuna 4-0 in LaLiga may seem unreportable, but I would have liked to note the fact that Osasuna is a very good defensive team at the moment. .. Rapids …


Osasuna belongs to the last four teams of LaLiga’s goal predictions made so far (xGA data). Only Barcelona, ​​Sevilla, Real Madrid and Osasuna have allowed less than 30 goals this season. Barcelona scored four goals against Osasuna. This was very defensively successful … of course, if you look at Barcelona’s 2022 performance at Xavi, you can get a better picture.

Up to 43 percent

In the 15 official games they played in 2022, they didn’t lose a 90-minute period. Of these 15 games, only two have played less than 65% of the balls (57% against Atletico Madrid and 59% against Sevilla). Therefore, no team has more than 43% of the ball against Barcelona in 2022.

It does a lot of work for a year

In the process, they scored four goals each against Serie A runner-up Naples, Champions League quarter-finals Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao. Maybe they haven’t participated in the Champions League this year. But this is a quality Barcelona that will work well in the Champions League next year.

Galatasaray Carnet for the Disabled

It must have caught your attention: Galatasaray has been in a fierce match for some time. He fights to the last minute, sometimes coming from behind. But the team isn’t as injured as it used to be. Barcelona-Besiktas-Barcelona and Antep will travel in 11 days. And Yellow Red is preparing a complete team for almost every match.